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seagulls {+silliness}

December 29th | family, photography, san luis obispo

we played in morro bay yesterday. that’s a lot of rhyming.

it was coooold! someone was feeding the seagulls and they were going crazy!

and the cousins were crazy too! so silly.

they were chasing seagulls, climbing rocks and having a blast.

my dad got a sigma 18-200 lens for christmas.

and he’s having a great time figuring it out.

so many birds, so close!

i love seeing the cousins together. such sweet memories being made!

and last a heart-shaped puddle that my sis-in-law showed me.

i love almost anything heart shaped! so fun!


it’s almost time to take down the tree and decorations. when the decorations come down the house feels more open. i always like to have a few fresh new things to put out in the new year. any ideas for refreshing your home after christmas? i’d love to hear!

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  1. Paige says:

    That puddle almost looks like Mickey Mouse too! :) Great pictures!

  2. Gussy says:

    we haven’t even HAD our christmas yet (me & zack). how crazy is that?!?! so i’m not ready to take down our tree or decorations. i’m loving all the red with the dark woodwork though, so i’ll be keeping little groupings of it throughout the house.

  3. Cilla says:

    Lisa, I wanted you to know that I thought about you a few days ago when I saw a heart shape made from snow on one of my patio chairs! Of course, I took a picture. Looks like you are having a really fun holiday season. Happy new year.

  4. kimberly says:

    flowers. put some fresh flowers out, bouquets of all the same color or kind of flower.

  5. Paige says:

    Looks like so much fun! I like plants and flowers.

  6. Paige says:

    The tree is coming down today and the house is transforming from Christmas to winter with snowflakes and snowmen and other fun things. Happy New Year! Enjoy the family special time. xo

  7. Isn’t it wonderful how family times are so special….even after Christmas Day has passed. What a wonderful season.

  8. Melissa says:

    I love and miss Morro Bay, the rock, the pier, the Restaurant with the belly dancers (the fish bowl?), the marsh… It is all so far from Colorado,

  9. Marcia says:

    What sweet photos of your family. My fil lives in Nipomo.
    I like to put everything away, clean, and then just leave it blank for a few days. I start filling in, little by little.
    I just ordered a couple of your snowflakes…I can’t wait to see them :-)

  10. Kim T. says:

    In January I like to think of icy blues and cream, lavenders and pink. It’s my icy cold month for hot cocoa and icicles….Because when the middle of February comes, I’m ready for spring in the garden and violets and sweet peas and all the precious little bulbs popping out of the ground!

  11. desiree says:

    I am doing spring cleaning now. Re-organizing everything. That way when it is actually spring, I can go outside and enjoy myself!

  12. Jennifer says:

    I like to clean, purge and rearrange furniture!! I love a frest start :)
    Gorgeous photos!!

  13. Lisa says:

    My daughter has that peace sign sweatshirt too… love it :) Also taking down decorations this weekend… and CLEANING… love having them up but then good to put the house back to normal too!

  14. Julie says:

    oh how fun! I feel the same way when we take down the tree, house feels so much more open. I’m planning to make an effort to have more fresh flowers in the house, even though it’s winter, and I’m finally going to buy items to display in the space above our kitchen cabinets…..fresh new look for the kitchen!

  15. How fun! I am hoping to get chairs for my living room now that the tree is down. If I could only decide what I want. =)

  16. Saturday afternoon, the tree is coming down and the rest of the decorations are making their way back to the attic for another year. I love January and the “clean slate” it gives us. The one accent piece I’m looking for? An vintage birdcage. Definitely sense a trip to Homegoods in my future! Happy New Year, everyone!

  17. Meghan Hall says:

    I took down all decorations yesterday and it feels so fresh, and clean and open. Yeah I love it.

  18. Jessica says:

    I have loved reading your blog for several months now. Your creativity and optimism are contagious and keep me looking forward to seeing new pictures and posts. Happy New Year!

  19. Iowamom says:

    CA is just beautiful! It’s my #1 place to move to if I win the lottery. I mean “when”……ha, a girl can dream! Christmas decor is still up at our house but will come down this weekend. Our winters are long and dreary in northern Iowa so keeping things as light and bright as possible is our goal. We usually have snow into late March and sometimes even in April so there’s a long road ahead of us. Some fresh flowers should do the trick!

    Happy New Year!

  20. Anne says:

    My mom always had our tree up for the 12 days of Christmas…and I find myself doing the same thing. There’s nothing sadder than a tree by the curb the day after Christmas…for me anyway…but I have plenty of friends who think otherwise. haha I need another week or two. Love all those smiling faces…it makes me miss all my extended family. Enjoy!

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