this is my favorite picture i’ve taken lately.

love the simplicity and that cupcake was sooo yummy.

{taken at urban standard in birmingham)




i’m not sure how many ‘birds on a wire’ pictures one girl needs,

but i love them. i stop often to take a pic of all those little birdies

perched up there.




do you see the little heart-shaped hole in the petal of that flower above.

i didn’t even see it until after i took the picture.

{ i love hearts}

and we took our family tree necklace and turned into a keychain.

what a great gift. love this one.




i know spiders are spooky, but it’s almost halloween

and i love the way the sunlight is hitting the web.

so beautiful!



porch is one of my absolute favorite stores

it’s located just outside santa barbara in one of my fave towns


* * *

what’s inspiring you today? please share!