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July 1st | instagram, photography

it’s been a fun busy week and we are ready for a weekend! we don’t have any big plans this weekend-which sounds just about right. matthias is finishing up zoo camp and had a blast. we want to see mr. popper’s penguins. i loved that book as a child! has anyone seen it? i’m linking up with jeannett for instagram fridays {join us!!}

1. make your own sunglasses {not UV protective}

2. david gets kisses from daddy

3. a super delicious pineapple i cut up for our BBQ the other night

4. coffee, again. i know, i’m addicted.

5. black-eyed susans outside target

6.a ladybug in the backyard

7. sweetpeas from my friend amy

8. baylee {friend and babysitter} and david. TLA {true love always}

what do you have planned this weekend?

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  1. Danielle T says:

    we just saw popper’s penguins at the drive in it was super cute and funny! Have a fantastic weekend!

  2. Julie says:

    Great pics, your kiddos are so cute!! This weekend we will be celebrating my grandmothers 90th birthday!!! I’m so happy to be spending time with my family :) Have a great weekend.

  3. Linda J. says:

    We’ve got a 5 day weekend on tap so we’ll be gallivanting. Farmers markets, a picnic or two,small town days, a movie in the park. Gotta love a Summer weekend….

  4. Paige says:

    I’m planning to make red, white and blue strawberries to take to a BBQ.

  5. Whitney says:

    Today is a special Friday since I am turning 30! Last night at midnight I woke up to singing, sparklers and huge signs saying Happy Birthday–my family never ceases to amaze me! Have a great 4th!

  6. Robbin says:

    Got my Hula Praise on Saturday, church on Sunday and we’re going to the Dodgers game on Monday, being a long weekend. :) That’s where we’ll see our fireworks for 4th of July. Love pics of your family best.

  7. We’re leaving for our family/10th anniversary vacation up the East Coast…Providence, Cape Cod, Boston, Maine and New Hampshire. I cant wait for some down time on the beach and some amazing New England cuisine. The girls cant wait for the wave pool & water slides at one of our hotels:)
    Right now instead of packing we’re finishing up the job on our front porch. Its been such a long week out there but the end result will be so worth it. I cant wait to relax on a porch swing when we get home:)

  8. tamara says:

    me too with the coffee. we’re heading down to gaviota to go camping. i think we might of lucked out with the weather!

  9. Mari says:

    Have you read the book, Mr. Popper’s Penguins with your boys? It is so fun. I loved it when I was a kid too. We actually have the same plan, movie and fun with friends for the 4th!

  10. patti says:

    Love the ladybug/fingers shot. Weekend=picking up big kid from camp and packing again for big kid to leave for another camp.

  11. Katie Snow says:

    I just read Mr. Popper’s Penguins with my soon-to-be seven yr. old! She loved it as much as my students used to when I read it every year as a teacher. We saw the movie last weekend and it was cute. Not much like the book, but a modern take on it I suppose. Jim Carrey was hysterical as always and she loved the penguins and all of their antics. Have fun!

  12. tammy says:

    Love the pictures,we live in a tourist town so staying close to home,,the boyscout pancake breakfast monday,,and my daughter is marching in two July 4th parads :) Have a wonderfull holiday weekend !!!!

  13. I love your layout. Just wonderful. I can’t wait to celebrate the 4th! My fav holiday!!
    I am also stopping by from LMM

  14. Philippa says:

    Hi Lisa, I had planned to do loads of gardening this weekend but on Thursday night I broke the base of one of my toes in my left foot (had a contretemp in the dark with an oil coil heater.. OUCH) so I am relegated to sitting a lot and using a crutch to help me walk. Sigh… On the bright side (there always is one if you look hard enough), I get to do some art! Smiles..

  15. Anita Moss says:

    Just bought one of your necklaces (family with mason jar) for my future daughter in law for her birthday next week, she will love it. I bought it at Hands in SLO, after going to Ruby Rose (buying a table and huge frame) and having lunch at Sally Loo’s (and taking coffee’s back for Stephanie). Love the connection all of you have. Just wanted you to know

  16. Sarah-Kate* says:

    We just cut up a pineapple just now! :)

    I read Mr. Popper’s Penguins to my four kids this year. They LOVED it. We haven’t seen the movie, but from all the reviews, besides the title, not much is the same. :( WHY do they have to do that with books?! I think some of the thematic elements are over my kids’ heads– ages 3, 3, 4, and 5.

    My plans for the weekend include going in and getting my hair flat-ironed. (Lisa, do you ever straighten your hair? My hair is even more kinky than yours (I’m Mixed Chick girl), and I love getting it flat-ironed! lol)

    Celebrating my cousin’s 40th b-day at the Grad for Big Chill. Yea!!!! LOL

  17. Lisa says:

    Love following your blog! I’m a coffee addict too. Completely out of coffee so ran out first thing this morning for my Starbucks bag of coffee and a blueberry muffin :) now the weekend can begin. Heading to the pool with my book club book “Men and Dogs”. Have a great weekend.

  18. Sleepover for my son at his cousin’s house tomorrow night and dinner and a movie for The Man and me. Then 4th festivities on Monday. Loooove this holiday weekend.

  19. kathy h says:

    Thanks for turning me on to LMM’s blog. I’m hoping to win one of the $50 gift cards! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

  20. Leslie D says:

    I’m spending the weekend at home recovering from an all nighter with the church youth group. oh, and maybe there will be fireworks to play with on monday. I’m here from LMM.

  21. Love the collage! How cool! I need to learn how to do that! Have a great 4th! :)

  22. Michelle says:

    Your blogging photojournalism is so precious. You totally capture the love in your life. It is such a joy to read. I have an “Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award” waiting for you on my blog.

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