i’m so excited about the photo challenge toni is heading up.

it’s called one hundred photos

pick your own theme

take a couple photos a week

and get inspired and grow in your photography skills over the year.

my theme is ‘finding love in ordinary places’.

ordinary places–like doing dishes.  or looking out the window.

want to join in?  what will your theme be?

you can find out more here. have fun and get inspired!



and speaking of love (nice transition, right?)

little gracie was definitely loving her frozen yogurt.

there is a ton of personality packed into her little body.



we met max and gracie at the park monday afternoon.

a half hour of awesomeness.

the way matthias is sitting in that pic (top, right) makes him look so.dang.big.

it kills me.  and it’s wonderful.  does every mom love/hate seeing her kids grow??




and a couple more sweet pictures to inspire you today.

please tell me about your day!