hello friends, and hello monday!

i hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

i have lots of pics to share this week.

and, since i’ve received so many questions about my photography lately,

i thought i would take a post to share some of my tools and techniques.

* * *

{just a disclaimer, these are my opinions and i’m an amateur photographer!}


i started out with a nikon d40 {which i loved}

and my husband surprised me with a nikon d5000 for valentines day.

{and i love it even more!}

if you’re starting out, the nikon d40 takes excellent pictures

and it’s so easy to use.

i highly recommend it.


i have an 18-55 lens–it comes with most nikon d40 and it’s a great basic lens.

i also have a 55-200 which is great for long distance shots. excellent clarity.

the 55-200 is terrible if you are trying to shoot at close range. sometimes i get annoyed with it.

i also have a 50mmf/1.8 that takes great pics, but has no auto-focus. it’s definitely tricky, but fun to use.

my favorite lens is the 55-105.

it’s a great everyday lens. it’s great for close up and allows quite a bit of zoom.

love it.

…speedlight flash…

great investment. allows you to direct the flash away from your subject and diffuse the light.

…other stuff…

tripod. i bought a cheapy at our local camera store and i love it!

remote. again, it was about $20 and totally worth it.


**i take a lot of pictures and i carry my camera everywhere.

practice has helped me improve.

**have fun. play with settings.

i think photography is about figuring out what shots YOU like.

discover your own style, even if it isn’t ‘technically’ correct.

**learn how to use your camera.

i set ISO and white balance with each new shoot.

sometimes i play with f-stop (thank you, kami bigler!)

**i edit my pics with iphoto (for macs) and

* * *

share with us!

do you take pics for fun or professionally?

what kind of camera do you use?

what are YOUR favorite tools + techniques?