look mom, no hands!

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So when I picked David up from preschool today, his teachers had some exciting news! He took several steps all by himself!! He has been getting really good at walking while holding just one hand for support. He is really an independent kid and I know he wants to do it without any help. Steve and I joke that one of these days we’ll be sitting on the couch watching a movie and David will casually walk by, like it’s no big deal. Last week in occupational therapy he was feeding himself cheetos. If you know anything about David’s history with learning to eat, you know what a huge deal that is! Yay, David!


Thanks for the encouragment

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Thanks for all your encouragement on working with Matthias! I had so many opinions on raising kids–before I had them! Now I am much less judgemental! I really think each family has to figure out what works for them (within reasonable guidelines) and just try as best you can not to worry about what others think. My advice to new parents is always, “Don’t listen to anyone’s advice, just figure out what works for you.”

For you jewelry lovers out there–I am having a big sale at the end of the month. Earrings will be as low as $5 and necklaces as low as $20!!! The Open house will be on Wed., Jan 24th from 5:30-9pm. If you can’t make it then, let me know and we’ll set up a private show 🙂 Have a great day!


will work for stickers…

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We had a much better day with Matty. He really loves those stickers! He grasps the chart much better than I expected. We went to Taco Bell for lunch and reviewed the rules in the car before we went in. He was so obedient and listened great! It’s a lot of work being proactive and positive, but I am A LOT less frustrated. And–I know it will pay off!
On a lighter note–DO NOT, I repeat, do not try the new cinnamon melts from McDonald’s unless you want to gain some serious weight. They are delicious and gooey and I’m sure not nutritious at all. Stay away!


operation crackdown

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After a very frustrating visit to Applebee’s this eveing, Steve and I decided it’s time for OPERATION CRACKDOWN. We set up a positive behavior chart for Matthias, wrote a social story about being a good boy, and we are going to try be more consistent with discipline when he is not listening. He has three areas to focus on–saying “okay” or “no, thank you”, using a quiet voice, and obeying mom and dad. It kind of hilarious that in the recent past I was a behavior therapist. This kiddo is tons of fun and also a real challenge at times. We’ll keep you posted on his progress!



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I am so blessed to have awesome sisters, Who can ask for anything better than sisters who are also your closest friends? I have an identical twin and then two younger sisters who are fraternal twins. I also have another younger sister (not pictured) who has a twin brother. We’ve got a lot of twins in our family!! And lots of crazy curley hair. These girls rerally know me and still love and accept me. They love my little family and go out of their way to be with us. I treasure each moment I get to be with them and miss them tons when we’re apart. I love you girls! I am so blessed.


Bubble Gum…

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I’ve got a huge love for bubble gum. My sister and I have taken “sister weekend” trips together since college and one tradition is to buy bubble gum and magazines for the hotel. Each piece of bubble gum is only chewed for a short time-until all the initial goodness is gone. Then it’s discarded and replaced. I know it’s disgusting, but these are the things you can do with sisters! Steve stuffed my stocking full of bubble gum this Christmas and Matthias got into my stash! I found him casually walking through the house with a wad in his mouth. Not only was I concerned about how much of my precious gum he consumed, I also don’t think it’s a good idea for 2 year olds to chew gum! Luckily, he is fine (and he only got into a piece or two!)


new inspiration!

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I am learning how to hand stamp on sterling silver. I just created this ‘love’ pendant and I think it so fun! Now I can customize sterling charms for people with their child’s name, wedding date, anything really! I love a new project.


when he smiles everything is OK

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So this is my oldest son, David. He’s four years old but is very small for his age. He was born with a disability, so he brings something very different to our family. Definitely different than we expected, and honestly so much more blessing and joy than we could have imagined. I know I’m not objective, but I think he has the most awesome smile in the world. It can seriously light up a room! I love this kiddo!


time to de-christmas

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Well we took down most of the Christmas decorations today…kinda of sad, except I found these fun glicee prints at Cost Plus for $7 a peice! Definitely my inspiration for a more simple and clean look. Now the family is gone 🙁 , the house is clean and the kids are almost back to their routine. We had a great holiday!


frequently asked questions…

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. monogram necklace on 18″ chain

Thanks so much for browsing my blog and jewelry! To see the jewelry, click on the upper-left hand corner.

If you would like to place an order…

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*Let me know if you encounter a problem with your jewelry and we’ll try to make it right. I want you to be happy!
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