favorite things…

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It’s always fun to take pics of what the boys are into “right now” because it’s constantly changing! Matty is really into his toots and whistles song book (notice the microphone), big floor puzzles (thanks auntie sissy!), the movie CARS, painting and stickers. David is REALLY into pulling up to a stand, cruising around the table, climbing on daddy, vanilla pudding, swinging, being read to (any book will do) and of course a good snuggle. We’re glad its the weekend. Steve’s day off is Friday–so our weekend starts today! Can’t wait to see gramama and auntie!


Random thoughts for a Thursday!

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Hi there! Just thought I’d post some random thoughts!!
–We had the BEST date last night, Novo (my favorite restaurant. I ordered Thai Green Curry–yum!) then we saw Music and lyrics. Loved it!
–Ellen and my mom (gramama as Matty calls her!) are coming this weekend–Yay!! Can’t wait to catch up and let the boys get some lovin’!
–If you google mcDonald’s cinnamon melt, my blog comes up on the first page! that’s awesome 🙂
–busy day ahead–preschool for the boys, lunch with a friend, and Steve works late
–Any random thoughts to share?! Have a great day!


happy valentine’s day!

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here’s a few pics through the years–dating, the day after we got engaged, our wedding day and just a couple months ago. i am so blessed to be married to my best friend! i got to share with some of the college students some of my insights on dating and marriage last weekend. some of my main points were–don’t worry so much about being “head over heels” in love. those crazy feelings last about 3 months. then its your friendship that takes you through. marry a godly man who will make a great dad. marry someone who lets you be yourself. we’ve been through a lot–job changes, moves to different cities, having a child with a disability, having a typical toddler 🙂 etc. i can honestly say i a love steve more today than the day i married him! happy valentine’s day!


we’re back!

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Well it was a crazy, chaotic, fun weekend. We had our own little bedroom but shared a bathroom with 20 girls. There were 40 college kids in one (fairly large, but still!!) cabin. The boys had a ball getting tons of attention and love from the students. This was an amazing group of kids–no cliques, very genuine! On Saturday night we danced and they taught me the waltz. So fun! There was tons of junk food (notice the bag of skittles in Matty’s hand). Steve taught a few great lessons (of which I heard only snippets, this photo of Matty captures the only two seconds he sat still during Steve’s talks!). It rained and rained all weekend and finally on Sundy it snowed. It was beautiful! Steve took Matty out to play in it. We stayed in Fresno on Sunday night and got a great night’s sleep. Steve’s parents watched the boys in the AM and we slept until 9:30. Wow, what a treat! We’re back home and the house is a disaster! Better go clean… Have a great day!


we’re off…

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We are taking off today to go to Shaver Lake with the Grace SLO college group. We are taking the boys and lots of warm clothes (there is supposed to be a big storm tonight). I got these little boots for David. He needs them like a hole in the head, but they were on sale at the GAP and they are so cute–how could I resist?? Steve and I both have the sniffles and the boys are on the tail end of their colds. Matthias can’t wait to see the snow! I can’t wait to let the college girls play with the boys so maybe I can catch a nap. Have a great weekend. We’ll post pics on Sun or Mon.



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we all dream about things–realistic or unrealistic. it’s so exciting to think about what ‘could’ happen! it’s fun to be impractical and to let your self dream. for a long time i dreamed of owning a business. i had lots of ideas. after david was born i decided to go for it. i had gotten such a good response to my jewelry, i thought ‘why not get a license and make it an offical business?’ i was so nervous when i went to the city office to apply for a license! the night i had my first open house i remeber thinking, ‘this is the craziest thing i have ever done!’ and wondering if it would totally flop! when i started the business i just wanted to make a couple hundred dollars a month as fun money. i am so excited that the business has grown to a point where i could quit my job and be with my boys more. what a blessing! it’s easy to get too busy with the jewelry and i am constantly trying to set boundries and make good decisions about what opportunities to take advantage of. thanks to all of you who support my business and model my creations. you are a blessing to us!


Matthias’ big day…

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So Matty started school today. He was screaming when I left him, and I’m not sure who had a harder time–him or me! It is so hard to see your child transition to the next stage and separate from you. I know this is going to be a great thing for Matthias (and for me!). I know he needs time away from me and time with typical peers. Since he has an older brother with a disability, it is important for him to have his own, structured, playful place where he can be himself. I know all that–but it’s still so hard!

David meanwhile is feeling a bit better but not quite himself. He has been pulling to a stand all over the place! Last night he had a bit of a spill and bonked his head on the floor. OUCH! We felt so bad–but I guess that’s all part of the learning and growing process. Lots of painful growing going on in the Leonard home right now! It’s exciting, though!


So hard to say good-bye…

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This was Matty’s face today when he said good-bye to Chrissie (We were just going out for lunch, but he was bummed!) I felt the same way when she left this evening! We had a great time–sitting around talking, out for lunch, a little shopping, hanging out with sick boys, a lot of laughing and being silly…can’t wait until our next sister time!

Also–CONGRATULATIONS to the Cheneys! Yea!! boys ROCK!


Chrissie is here!

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Chrissie is here-Yeah! Rachel, our sweet, sweet sitter watched the boys last night even though they were still a bit sick. We took Chrissie to a fancy restaurant in Morro Bay (Foster’s Freeze) and then caught a movie. I NEEDED to get out!!! Today we skipped church (toddler room doesn’t welcome sniffly, sneezing, runny-nosed kiddos) and we took a hike around the state park. I brought the backpack for David, unfortunately Matty wanted to be carried, too. He’s pretty big–so Chrissie got a workout! We had fun. Then came home and took a long nap. Hope you are all having a good Sunday!


let’s celebrate!!!

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these are the over-joyed parents of a little boy who just went pee-pee in the potty for the first time! and this is the train the little boy earned when he accomplished this very important task! it took a couple of hours of running around naked and lots of juice, but he did it! it’s all down hill from here, right?! we’ve got pictures of Matty on the potty and the pee-pee, but you probably don’t want to see those!