winnerchicken dinner!  we usually stick to tide, but i am seriously going to go out and try some of these detergents–you make them sound wonderful.  lavendar, apple blossoms, i love it!  our randomly chosen winners are…


I try to use very soft detergents… with a jasmine perfume… and it’s so nice when I put them wetting to pass by and they smell so good… :-) PS: sorry for my bad english….it’s not my language! But I really love your necklaces! All of them! xoxo

and becky

I use tide mostly, but will break away from the mold if i find a good sale ;0) Love the necklace!

congratulations winners-email me your address and details!  and the rest of you can use code ‘laundryline’ for 10% off.  happy monday!!