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where would i be without you?

April 15th | older posts

i am totally addicted without any desire to stop. it’s just sooo good! yum. *oh* and tomorrow i am going to show you another new riveted design!!

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  1. Mommy to Girls says:

    This is great, I was thinking it would be a picture of your husband or kids….buts its coffee!! I feel the same way :)

  2. Anna Lyons says:

    Boy do I feel you on this one! Addicted and proud! You should make a necklace about that! :-)
    / /
    \ \
    / /
    /| |
    | |coffee|
    \| |

  3. Anna Lyons says:

    oh, it didn’t work! I totally made a cofee cup out of little symbols. It was a cool moment. Bum! Well, there’s the steam…and…the word “coffee” that was once on the mug…you get the idea! :-)

  4. Lisa Leonard says:

    anna you are so funny. i thought it looked like little sad faces–maybe someone who hasn’t had there coffee yet??

  5. hannah m says:

    Oh, I ADORE my morning coffee (1/2 coffee, 1/2 steamed milk or Hazelnut creamer). I go to bed thinking about it. Is that wrong?

    How do you take your coffee?

  6. Lisa Leonard says:

    right now i am loving sugar free vanilla carmel coffeemate (in the refridgerated section). i take a lot of cream. i go to bed thinking about it, too!

  7. Jenn in GA says:

    you are smart to be making your coffee and creamin’ it up at home! saves you soooooo much moola!

    quick question: got my necklace–it’s wonderful!–but i’d like a longer chain than the 14″ one i requested, now that i’ve had a chance to wear it a few days.

    can i purchase a 16″ from you solo?

  8. Misty says:

    i can’t wait to see the design! but i think that i know which one i want… the gold one is soo beautiful!! i cannot WAIT until it is available!! can’t wait to see the new one!

    and i heart coffee too!

  9. Lisa Leonard says:

    i should confess i usually hit one of the local coffee shops at some point during the day…

    jen, email me your request and i’ll send over a paypal link for the chain.

  10. Elizabeth says:

    OH YES!!! I didn’t care for it at all during my pregnancy, but I’m 5 weeks out of it and LOVING it again :)

  11. Beth says:

    Hi, my name is Beth and I live in Austin. I saw your blog from Portabellopixie. Your work is gorgeous and I have sent my husband the link to the piece I would like for Mother’s Day. :)

    Also, thanks for sharing about CdLS. I have never heard of it and am glad to be educated about it.

  12. Laura and the family says:

    Even though I don’t drink coffee, I still am addicted to Chai Blended Cream. I could not live without this, even just now with a cup of Chai Tea in a front of my computer :-)

    Wouldn’t you want to wake up being cranky if coffee or any addicted drinks affect someone we love???

  13. kc says:

    LOVE Coffee!!!! It’s my one addiction. I set the coffee pot before bed, so I can wake up to the smell of it. Yummo! Unfortunately I drink over half of the husband jokes about needing to beat me to the coffee pot, just so he can get a cup! haha
    I like it with the Sugar Free French Vanilla Creamer..I haven’t seen the Sugar Free Vanilla Caramel. I’m missing out! :)

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