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March 15th | older posts

we ended up spending the entire time in carpinteria. and it was sooo wonderful. it’s nothing fancy. just two sisters-together, talking, connecting, knowing each other thru and thru. it was great.

i picked up this vintage oil painting. i fell in love with it.

we ate lunch at a small sidewalk cafe on linden. yummy salads, mmmmm.

if twins take their picture in a mirror, does that make them quadruplets???

then she heads south and i head north. fulfilled but a little sad to see it end…until north and south meet again.

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  1. Tracy Linkous says:

    You are soooo lucky to have siblings! And a twin sister that you can spend time with! I am an only child. Luckily, my Mother and I do get to spend some together.

  2. Carolina Mama says:

    You all are too cute! Thanks for sharing. We love twins here! :) It’s nice to see the female version of what I pray our boys will be doing oneday. Maybe mountain biking get aways. 😉

  3. chrissie says:

    I love the painting on that hutch. So beautiful. Can’t wait to head north again soon.

  4. Angie says:

    Too cute!

  5. Sheila says:

    You both have such great style!! Love, love, love your outfits!! I am ready for a sister getaway…lol…too bad I only have a brother!!!

  6. Hem & Lyckas Mia says:

    You look so alike, so beautiful both of you! Lovely paiting. Hugs, Mia

  7. Carrie Haughey says:

    yay! I got sister time this weekend too, it was much needed!! Soaking in hot tubs, going shopping, giggling about private jokes with many boys around, it is wonderful!!!!!

  8. Misty says:

    you have inspired me to get out and spend some quality time with my sis!! although we aren’t twins, we’re very close and we need some one on one time to reconnect!! It is so nice so see your posts!!

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