so we went to the tea this morning and the boys did well. matty was a little clingy at first but then he loosened up and had fun. david hung out with the cute girls by the yellow chair. matty ran around the backyard and played in the sandbox. after the tea, we took david to school and matty proceeded to throw the hugest tantrum and pushed me to a point where i thought i might literally loose my mind and do something really horrible. we met steve for lunch and he took over (basically saving matty’s life). finally, we gave matty a lollipop and totally calmed down. he ate great at lunch and then was a happy kid. we took him avila (you see my attempt at a self portrait of the three of us!) we had fun playing on the playground and walking on the beach. i am not in the best place today–so i don’t have a lot of patience for grumpy, difficult kids. (it’s my turn to be grumpy and difficult!!) tomorrow is a new (hopefully less grumpy!) day.