Well it was a crazy, chaotic, fun weekend. We had our own little bedroom but shared a bathroom with 20 girls. There were 40 college kids in one (fairly large, but still!!) cabin. The boys had a ball getting tons of attention and love from the students. This was an amazing group of kids–no cliques, very genuine! On Saturday night we danced and they taught me the waltz. So fun! There was tons of junk food (notice the bag of skittles in Matty’s hand). Steve taught a few great lessons (of which I heard only snippets, this photo of Matty captures the only two seconds he sat still during Steve’s talks!). It rained and rained all weekend and finally on Sundy it snowed. It was beautiful! Steve took Matty out to play in it. We stayed in Fresno on Sunday night and got a great night’s sleep. Steve’s parents watched the boys in the AM and we slept until 9:30. Wow, what a treat! We’re back home and the house is a disaster! Better go clean… Have a great day!