* to wake up a little early so i’m not rushed (and i hopefully don’t yell, like i did yesterday :))

* for a second cup of coffee (everyday’s a good day for that!!)


*to draw lots of superheros

*to get a new washer and dryer (yep, they are being delivered today!) our old set just died.  the washer and dryer.  on the same day. i didn’t cry too many tears since they were 15 years old and purchased with my ex-boyfriend.  long story.


*to add an extra breathing treatment in for good measure.  david has a nasty cough.

*for a second cup of coffee.  wait, i already said that–darn!


*to take some self portraits.  seriously inspired by this post.

*to enjoy the extra evening hours before it starts getting darker.


*for playing a few minutes of backyard baseball before dinner.

*to go to the dentist.  ugh.


*to go to back to school night.  matthias is in kindergarten and david is in second grade.  and we love love both of their teachers!!

*what does your day look like?