first things first!  our new hope necklace {finally!} in honor of breast cancer awareness month.  1″x1/2″ sterling pendant is hand-stamped with the word hope and strung with a hand-crafted, sterling ribbon from sterling chain.  simple, beautiful and meaningful.  so many of us have friends or family who have been touched by cancer.  10% of the proceeds go to the national breast cancer foundation during the month of october!  you’ll find it here (and it’s on sale this weekend!!).



second, mr. pumpkin head is my idea of pumpkin carving.  the boys loved it and it was mess free!  we’ll probably carve some pumpkins closer to halloween–but this definitely gets us in the spirit!



and one more thing.  matthias’ latest superhero drawing.  name? super bat!  super powers? he can make tornados come out of his chest, through his hands and he throws them at bad guys and they break into tiny pieces (his words).  if i could pick a super power?  the ability to do mounds of laundry with the snap of my finger…or maybe the power to maintain a positive attitude and not get grumpy (especially during the 4:30 lull when i think, ‘how much longer until daddy gets home?!’.


what super power would you choose??