I found a fun pair of red heels are Target (thank you, Target, you always know just what I need!) on clearance, for a Christmas party Sunday night. Now what else should I wear?!

I am concerned that the number of calories I am burning while making jewelry is no match for the amount of See’s candy I’m consuming. Why, oh why is it so delicious and why did David’s school have a fundraiser that we HAD to support?!

When I picked up my hammer to get to work today it felt so right. It’s like it’s been glued in my hand lately. I might start sleeping with it at night.

Trying to take moments to reflect on WHY we are celebrating and to remember the significance of Christmas. And how I am so grateful for Christ’s sacrifice!

Just a sneak peek at some fun new stuff I’ll be sharing in the new year. Can’t wait!!!

***Just a note, paypal is down–so I am running behind sending links, etc. Will get them out ASAP!