Man, I love these boys. David has been a mover and shaker lately! He has been taking a few steps between furniture and is getting braver every day. Matty is such a sweet brother and is so kind and helpful to David. He is loving his new battery operated Thomas with plastic track. I actually think it’s really cool, too!

Loving Sarah McLachlan’s Wintersong CD. It is just so lovely. I have it on repeat, all day long. Favorite song, River. It’s magical.

I watched Elf (with Will Ferrell) the other night while I was up late. I’m sorry, but this movie is laugh out loud funny! He plays such a believable character. Love the coffee shop scene (world’s best cup of coffee) and when he picks up the phone in his dad’s office and answers, “Buddy the Elf, What’s your favorite color?”. Zoe Deschanel has the most amazing voice, too!

OK, coffee, work, coffee, work!