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March 29th | older posts

matty’s appointment went SO well yesterday! thanks for all your comments, emails and phone calls. i feel so supported, loved and encouraged. it’s funny because, i felt so alone, but its amazing to hear what each of you are facing. life is sometimes scary and unpredictable and we each face challenges every day. but life is also so beautiful and we have to face those challenges head on and just LIVE!

so we were referred by our pediatrician (i initiated the request for a speech evaluation) to see a speech and language pathologist at french hospital. she is such a nurturing and kind person. which is perfect for mattty and for me in my fragile state :) i told matty we were going to go play with a new friend. she had all kinds of fun toys for him to explore. she asked me a lot of questions and was very encouraging. she thought he was adorable (he’s got her fooled, at least for the moment!) and very engaging. He was polite and very responsive to her directions. She did feel that his articulation was a bit behind, so that is what we are going to focus on in our twice weekly therapy sessions. david already has two therapy sessions a week, so, i was nervous about scheduling, but that worked out perfectly as well! She said she feels giving him a boost with speech therapy will help him catch up quickly. she also felt that having an older brother with a disability can sometimes casue a little delay in speech. steve and i have discussed this possbility before.

the photo is of a necklace i just made for a friend. aren’t the names just too darling?! this would be such a great mother’s day gift for a sister, grandma, friend. i know, shameless plug here. but i am just having so much fun with these necklaces and i think they are so personal and precious.

check out lindsey’s new blog-imperfect. there is a link to the right. happy thursday!!

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  1. lindsey says:

    ok – absolutely love those new necklaces! i was actually thinking of getting one for katie – her birthday is coming up. and speaking of her (she rarely goes online – i doubt she’ll see this), we should really celebrate her this year – she’s such a sweet girl. how about a girls’ night out, or just a potluck dinner over here?

  2. lisa says:

    oooh! sounds like fun. name the date!

  3. Kristen Borland says:

    oh, that is so cute! i love all the silver stamping you are doing!!

  4. michele says:

    Lisa, I totally want one of the necklaces! How much are they? How many names can you do at the most on one…3? You are so talented!

  5. lisa says:

    the necklaces are $40 (that includes tax and shipping). i can do at least four names and probably up to 9 characters per line.

  6. Brianna Heldt says:

    SO happy the evaluation went well!

    I’ve considered getting our boys into some sort of speech therapy to help with pronunciation , but for now things are crazy and they seem to be picking stuff up pretty well. We’ll see though.

    Gorgeous necklace!!! Oh and I need to get you my bracelet to have the “K” stamped on.

  7. annie says:

    what do you suggest for like your own mom on a neckalace – widowed, 67 and having a hard time??

    Also, love the names on the necklace, but how do you pronounce the middle name and is
    Asher a boy or girl??

  8. lisa says:

    all three boys, and it’s procounced lock-lan :)

    for your mom–may just ‘mom’ on one of the long skinny pieces of silver. or you could do all the grandkiddos.

  9. Sonya says:

    Hi Lisa :)

    Go David!!! How wonderful to see how far he is progressing and to see his great smiles! Matty is adorable. Our John, III is almost two and John has dubbed him a “moose on the loose”. He is huge!!

    I found your new site and this link to your delightful and beautiful blog. How the heck are ya!!??

    John and I are doing very well, just had another baby, too :) Her name is Josianne Marie and she was born Jan. 12th, so almost 3 months old……we are amazed and so thankful unto the Lord.

    Other big news for us is that John Sr. has re-married a lovely Christian lady named Betty!!!!!! I know!! They are adorable… teenagers, so in love and praising God for this surprise later in life. Their whole “courtship” lasted like 2 months and within 5 months, they married, just this March 3rd.

    Please send me details regarding this name necklace, I want one!!!! Our kiddos are:
    Kristiana, Mattia, John and Josianne….. could you work all that onto it? John had a vasectomy last week :)

    I plan to phone you soon to catch up in a more personal and direct fashion, Lisa.



    ps We miss you all xoxox

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