thank you, my sweet friends for your words of encouragement.  yesterday i was downtown with david, just running errands and we crossed paths with a woman who had cerebral palsy.  we smiled at each other–but inside i wanted to grab her, hug her, and know her.  please understand, i didn’t pity her, i resonated with her.  life is hard and every one of us is broken and needy.  we have friends going through marriage difficulties, job loss and other hardship.  and i know you, my blog friends, struggle, too.  real life is a struggle.  and in the midst of that we find hope and beauty. i feel this tension every day–and yesterday i felt a little overwhelmed by the tension.

* * *

last night was spent with chrissie in santa barbara.  it was impromptu sister getaway.  we talked and talked and it fed my soul.  the red case pictured above is my christmas gift from her.  love it!  sending big hugs to you today!