since david was born i’ve had a babysitter come for an afternoon or two each week, so i could get out have some ‘me’ time. i am totally the kind of mom who needs time to myself. to get a pedicure, read a magazine, have coffee with a friend, watch a jane austin, shoe shop or eat a slice of chocolate chip cheesecake. the last couple of months i haven’t had a babysitter except for the occasional weekend date night (which i also love and it’s so WONDERFUL to connect but that’s ‘us’ time not ‘me’ time.

this morning trying to get two raincoat clad kids to church in the wind and rain with david’s reflux acting up, i was screaming inside my head ‘i need a break!’. i felt fragile, like i might cry. so this week i’ve got to make time for me. i need to unwind a little, let myself think and process life and come back a fresher more energetic mom.

how do you take time for you?