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February 3rd | older posts

since david was born i’ve had a babysitter come for an afternoon or two each week, so i could get out have some ‘me’ time. i am totally the kind of mom who needs time to myself. to get a pedicure, read a magazine, have coffee with a friend, watch a jane austin, shoe shop or eat a slice of chocolate chip cheesecake. the last couple of months i haven’t had a babysitter except for the occasional weekend date night (which i also love and it’s so WONDERFUL to connect but that’s ‘us’ time not ‘me’ time.

this morning trying to get two raincoat clad kids to church in the wind and rain with david’s reflux acting up, i was screaming inside my head ‘i need a break!’. i felt fragile, like i might cry. so this week i’ve got to make time for me. i need to unwind a little, let myself think and process life and come back a fresher more energetic mom.

how do you take time for you?

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  1. Michelle B says:

    i hear you! I am the same way! I try to leave my friday lunch hour as my ‘me time’. I enjoy going to old navy and target! By the way – great shoes…are they from old navy? So cute!

  2. Laura and the family says:

    I sympathy you. I’ve been there when my kids do not cooperate with me. One of the examples was when my older son, who was 18 months old, locked our master bedroom’s door that had a bathtub while I had to deal with my younger son, who was 5 months old with me at the same time.

    So when things freaked my mind out.. I usually do for a free get away or spend a little,I sometimes go to the bookstore to unwind myself in the cold weather where I could also get a cup of Hot Chai Tea. When the weather isn’t that bad, I go out for a swim to pretend that I’m a mermaid.

    Or if you have a friend who live nearby you, invite them. Things will settle yourself down if you have a helping hand for a minute.

  3. tammy b says:

    1st, cute shoes.
    i get ‘me’ time 2x a week, 3 hours per. this is when my 4yo twins are in preschool. sometimes i come home and revel in the silence. sometimes i take a looooong hot shower. sometimes i read. sometimes i window shop. it just depends on whether it’s the beginning or the end of the week!

  4. trinawalker says:

    you girls are all SO ON THE SAME page at me. I don’t think we can be good moms or wives unless we take a time out for us. It truly does bring us back fresh, energetic, and excited again. I try to never feel guilty for it. We more than deserve it. I like to do whatever involves silence and just taking my time.

  5. hannah m says:

    I love to wander around in Anthropologie, get a hot chocolate, browse in any bookstore…
    I love me time. It’s very rare these days, though!

  6. Dena says:

    forget the relaxing….WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE SHOES!!!?????

  7. Lisa says:

    I had a day like that today too, so I left the kiddos with my husband and got out of the house. I rolled the windows down, turned the music up and drove to a friend’s house. It was nice to have some time to myself and it made coming home to my sweet boys so nice.

  8. Lisa Leonard says:

    Yes, the shoes are from old navy–online. clearance, of course!

  9. Dori (Aviva's mommy) says:

    I get things done for me when Aviva is in school..makes it easier and less stressful. I am alone alot with her since DH works so much. But she is a great kid and knows when mommy needs her time. We just got Wii so that helps too.

    PS…your boys are just adorable.

  10. Karen says:

    I don’t really have much “me” time…unless you count the time I spend playing video games or blogging after the kids are in bed!
    I don’t really need that much “me” time, but I wish my husband and I had more “us” time. That has really been a challenge for us, and we haven’t really found a good solution for that yet.

  11. Joyful Weddings & Events says:

    This was really encouraging to me! I often have felt that I need me time since having isaiah, but have kind of felt guilty about it. I know that it’s necessary and your post and these responses have encouraged me to take the time to refresh.

  12. Lappesola says:

    I’m very strict with my kids bedtime. They are in bed by 7, which gives me the whole night to myself. It’s also easyer to get a babysitter at night if the boys are already asleep.

  13. Jenn in GA says:

    i go to bed early, slip a heating pad under the covers with me, and read! this phase of your life will pass sooner than you realize, but taking care of yourself while you’re in it is muchisimo importante!

  14. Jboo says:

    I need some me time – especially I fell on the ice this morning and whacked my hip so hard I almost cried. I guess I could call my exercise half hour during my lunch hour my me time — am doing something positive for me. Wish I had a little shopping time without my little helper (6 yrs old). I think I’ll schedule a sitter for the weekend — good idea!

  15. Diane says:

    Time for myself…what a concept! I have a 7 y/o and getting time to myself takes an act of Congress!

  16. Kristen Borland says:

    i usually don’t realize i need the time before it’s too late. girls night out is my big “re-charge”, but i also just joined a gym (don’t tell brianna!), and that’s been a really nice getaway too.

    looooove your shoes!

  17. Katie says:

    I take a bubble bath every night for my “me” time. Just having that 20 minutes of quiet, alone time really energizes me and makes me a better mom/wife/woman.

  18. katarinasmama says:

    Love taking some time off to re-charge…even if its slipping away to my room to read…love Jane Austen…on a Sunday night…when hubby can watch the kids for an hour before bedtime.

  19. PopMom says:

    It helps that my kids both nap for 2 hours or so in the afternoon on the days I’m home with them. I work 3 days per week and I’ve found that when I start wanting to be home more with them that I remember that even days at work are me time b/c I’m not caretaking. Also, I try to get to Yoga on Sunday mornings.

  20. Sarah Markley says:

    I love it. I had a sitter for two afternoons a week for the first year of Naomi’s life…now, just the occasional day with my mom. So, I don’t have much time to eat choc chip cheesecake =). But, when I can, I always workout or run – clears my head, and there’s nothing like a good sweat. Sorry.

  21. Paige says:

    After the kids are in bed I can clean the kitchen in silence, then pull out a book, magazine or watch a netflix. Now that Scott is home I can get out alone for a manicure or just to walk around the mall alone. Oddly, I don’t do alone very well. I think being with the boys for so long has made it so I like it, I really REALLY like it!
    I like someone to talk to so getting ME time still involves a phone call or a girl date w/ my bff Geri…

  22. Meowme says:

    The way I enjoy “time to myself” is to ask my hubby ( who works from home) if he can pick up both kids from school, so I can go to the Antique stores by our house and just spend the whole day shopping,shopping,shopping !!!! Believe me, I can get there when they open and stay till they close.

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