we’re taking in fall, even if it is in the high 70’s.  the days are getting shorter and the mornings are sprinkled with dew.   i’ve been wearing boots and skirts, we’re crunching fallen leaves, and yesterday we made the yummiest (and easiest) apple crisp.  the days are getting shorter, but they’re still full.


the boys are doing great in school.  yesterday david climbed three steps on the playground.  there was a teacher spotting him, but he climbed independently.  amazing.  and matthias was the ‘special helper’ in his class monday.  which means he is the line leader, helps with morning activities, etc.  it’s a big, big honor.


a couple goals for today…fold all clean laundry and put it away (this is a very lofty goal) and capture some beauty and inspiration in a short photo shoot.  there is more on my list, but these are the must-do’s.

. . .

i’m loving your comments-each one puts a smile on my face.

so, share with us one or two of your goals for today.