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March 5th | older posts

yesterday was a rough one! matthias was excited to go to church and did fine going to his class. after church we said hi to the college students and played a bit. then i ran to get sandwiches so we could meet our sunday school class at the park for lunch. at this point things went south. matty was upset that i wasn’t around and he definitely didn’t want to go to the park. he was screaming at the top of his lungs and clinging to steve. nothing would calm him down. finally, steve took him home. after a couple minutes, i followed. i was so bummed out and worried about him. he took a good nap, then ate a good dinner. he was happy and playful last night. we all needed to relax. we ordered pizza (enough for tonight, too!) i didn’t do the dishes or straighten up the house. i din’t make jewelry. i just played with the boys and watched a movie. i got the book ‘the out of sync child’ which talks about sensory integration disorder. i went through the checklist. out of the 100 or so questions, only five or so really stuck out as concerning. it seems to focus around social situations–that’s were he gets overwhelmed. i’m sure things will get clearer in the next few months. for now, i need to relax a little and take it easy.

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  1. annie says:

    Don’t stress! I remember with Lily, it wasn’t the terrible 2’s, but definitely the 3’s! Just a thought – how is he handling the preschool situation?? I’m wondering if it is somehow related?? New situations, mom’s not around … freaking out? We will be praying for you (patience) and for Matthias (peace and calm). Love you guys and the pizza looks yummy!!!

  2. chrissie says:

    I love you sis, and I’m praying for our little guy.

  3. Karen says:

    We all have days like that. Pizza and relaxation were great ideas. If it makes you feel any better, our Jonny acts like that on a regular basis, often with very little provocation. I think it’s something that certain 3 year olds do sometimes, and I try not to fret about it. It’s something I think he will outgrow…hopefully soon.

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