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sweet times in texas.

January 20th | older posts

we flew to texas for the weekend to see my brother, and sweet nieces. matty was enthralled by the plane ride and talked about it for days prior and all weekend. david explored their home and had so much fun. it was wonderful to see the cousins together. more pics later!

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  1. Nance says:

    Hi, just blog hopping … i love your blog and your jewelries. They are one of a kind!

    Can we exchange link? I added yours already. Mine are:

  2. katarinasmama says:

    I love experiencing those first plane rides with the kids…my youngest two have yet to go…so fun…so magical!

  3. Laura and the family says:

    Aren’t they fun to watch how they react riding on a plane?

    Glad you and your family had sweet times especially on a plane. I recall I had evoked myself that they were WILD on a plane to Hawaii for Christmas. It turned out to be the opposite.

    Now, they wanted to go back to Hawaii again. I’m sure Matty wants to go back on a plane again.

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