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summer is winding down…

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all of your comments about fall are making me so excited!  pumpkins, carmel apples, cool evening, piles of leaves–yum!  we are so enjoying summer, but we are getting ready for the new school year with backpacks, lunch bags and a new jeans.  matthias is starting kindergarten and david will be in 2nd grade–crazy!  what will i do with my mornings??  in the meantime, we’ll be soaking up the last couple weeks of summer.  maybe one more campfire?  what do you need to squeeze in before summer ends and the schoolyear (with a more structured routine) starts?

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  1. Carolyn says:

    Some lazy mornings! School starts for us on the 17th (Monday!!). So, this week’s the last one for extra pajama time before the rush to school begins!

  2. Carol says:

    What I love about being a part of an unschooling family, where my kids and I learn naturally through following our passions, is that there is never a need to “squeeze something in” before a season comes to an end and life takes a more structured turn. We can have summer hearts every day of the year. Learning takes place for us every day, all the time…and it is infused with joy. I remember a day, years aho, reading “Harry Potter” to my son. Mid-afternoon, Colton was still in his pajamas, lying under the dining room table eating salad right out of the plastic bag it came in, and I had been reading aloud to him for nearly three house because we *had* to find out what happened in the book. I stopped reading for a moment as we heard the school bus come rolling down our hill toward its stop just past our house. I looked at Colton, we smiled at each other, and then we just kept on reading. Life doesn’t get any better!

  3. Destiny D says:

    Fresh corn on the cob!

  4. mary anne says:

    Is that flower a foxglove? You take such beautiful photos, very moving, and inspiring…. Before school starts I’m hoping to schedule a long weekend away at the beach. I just don’t think it will happen…. but if it doesn’t there are other ocean beaches close by for day trips, as well as New York City….

  5. Gina says:

    A few more lazy day’s at the pool !!!

  6. Paige says:

    Ah Lisa…your mornings will be filled with second cups of coffee and enjoying your silent thoughts and creativity, I’m sure! Enjoy it.

  7. Joanie says:

    I keep on trying to get to the beach- and it keeps on being too cold. Which I kind of love, but my poor kids – so close yet so far…

  8. Lori Danelle says:

    as many home remodeling projects as we can possibly wrap up!!!! My kids are too young for school, however, my husband was laid off in April & became a stay-at-home daddy until he found a new job. New job was found and he starts on Monday, so it’s almost like everyone is going back to school after a summer break!

  9. Clare Hamilton says:

    We are still waiting for summer to start in England sadly looks like it isn’t going to happen for the 3rd year running…


  10. Kris says:

    School starts on Monday here! We are going to go fishing, swimming in the pond, and have campfires every night until then! Oh how I wish school started after Labor Day!

  11. Jen says:

    Carol’s comment kinda makes me want to gag, hee hee! How perfect her life sounds. I have total respect for families that choose to homeschool, however, it is not realistic for most of us to be able to still be in our pajamas until mid-afternoon, reading books. My family & I cannot wait for fall! The kids are so excited about meeting their new teachers/classmates & I’m already getting excited about picking fall leaves & getting out all my fun decorations…such a beautiful season! Cheers Lisa. :)

  12. Cindy says:

    I need to squeeze out my closets!! All summer I keep saying that I will purge that stuff that no one uses and send it on to someone who can….and still….they are stuffed. I read an article about the 100 thing challenge…to own 100 things….interesting and inspiring to say the least….

  13. Carol says:

    I think my *last* comment anywhere will be to apologize for making anyone want to gag. My life is far from perfect, but I have to say I’m glad we’ve chosen an unconventional life. I didn’t mean to imply it’s better, but for us, it’s certainly fulfilling to live beyond expectations.

  14. Theresa says:

    We need to cut up a few more watermelons, bbq a few more burgers, swimming a lot more in the pool. We need to fortify our family, strengthen our bonds before they head to the influences of High School. :)


  15. erin says:

    Some days at the pool, lazy mornings in the backyard and a trip to the beach!

  16. Tania says:

    Beach, pool, garden days….. a lot of painting and a loooooooooooot more of nature exploring :)
    hope your kids and you guys had a good summer ’til now :)

  17. natasha says:

    Dang, here in New Orleans we have already started – August 7th!

  18. Amber says:

    We definitely need to work on our ice cream consumption around here! We haven’t had nearly enough this summer. :) For some reason my kids ONLY crave ice cream June-August! I guess I’m lucky in a way b/c I never have to keep it in the house the rest of the year! And I have to say I agreed with Jen’s comment…….but I’m glad Carol clarified. I have yet to meet the “perfect family!!”

  19. Lauren Evans says:

    beach time….sun time!

  20. patti says:

    We are taking our last trip to Cayucos. We have been many times, but I am wondering if you have any central coast insider ideas that will “wow” 3 kids.

  21. turnitupmom says:


    Your eye for photography is amazing! Do you sell your photos? I have a passion for gardening and I just love this foxglove picture. Okay, to answer your question- I need to stop and read. I’m spending too much time on the computer (chuckle) and not enough time really relaxing and losing myself in a story. Logging off now :)

  22. J.J. says:

    I commented on your fall question post….and am afraid that I have already moved out of Summer. I am already hooked with the Fall excitement….I jsut lit my pumpkin scented candles and took out my favorite seasonal tablecloth. Ahhhh….I love it. Enjoy the last days of Summer! I have a feeling you will…

  23. karcinomo says:

    Happy Labor Day Weekend!

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