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October 10th | older posts

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  1. Sallie says:


  2. Amanda says:

    OH. MY. LOVE LOVE LOVE the baby feet and the square one. Seriously, now…I just bought another necklace. Wonderful stuff!

  3. Amanda says:

    Oh. My. Lovely stuff, Lisa! Seriously, I just bought one, but I’m LOVING the sweet baby feet, and the square one. Beautiful.

  4. Linda Z says:

    Oh these are so cute!!
    My favorite is the square one!!
    Beautiful designs, Lisa! :)

  5. so lovely!!! lisa, you always amaze me!

  6. Posey says:

    Very, very cute. I love the heart with the “love” banner.

  7. missy says:

    love love love the new pieces! (especially the layered hearts and star on top)

  8. I want one for Christmas. Good thing I have two months to narrow it down!

  9. Tania says:

    The lastest pieces you’ve done are so pretty! With that golden look :) I really gotta show my Luv your online store… Maybe he’ll get me something! 😛

  10. posey says:

    Very, very cute! I really like the heart withthe “Love” banner.

  11. Wendy Sanchez says:

    Lisa, these necklaces are GREAT! How creative you are. Absolutely love the foot prints necklace. Keep the creativity flowing! You inspire me to be creative as well!

  12. LOU says:

    One day I’ll be visiting the US again, and somehow I’ll tee up a way to purchase a few of your necklaces for myself with my 3 children’s names on them! (My ‘favourites’ keep changing though.) Such a special way to cherish the children, and “wear” a mother’s love.

  13. Laura says:

    Those are so spectacular!!

  14. Oh, my goodness, that little baby foot necklace is quite possibly the most adorable piece of mommy jewelry I’ve seen. If I didn’t already have two mommy necklaces (one of them your awesome family tree necklace), I’d be asking my husband to order it for me. Hope it ends up being on your site long-term instead of limited edition. Beautiful stuff!

  15. Nicole Argo says:

    Your jewelry is absolutely beautiful! You are a very inspiring woman. I love the wonderful photos of your lovely family. Blessings!!!

  16. Nicole Argo says:

    You are such and inspiration and it reflects in your amazing jewelry! I love seeing the lovely pictures of your beautiful family!

  17. Nicole Argo says:

    You are such an inspiring person and it reflects in your beautiful jewelry. You have such a lovely family as well!

  18. Emma says:

    Oh my stars, that little feet necklace made me gasp. My absolute best friend in the world is due any day now and once that baby is here and has a name I foresee me ordering one of those for her. GORGEOUS, just lovely!!

  19. Karen Deal says:

    Really really cute! I love them. You are super talented! I really love my necklace and earrings that I bought but these are great!

  20. lindsey says:

    wow, lis! those are incredible! looks like you’ve been busy since school’s been back in. keep up the beautiful work, friend.

  21. i love the collage!!!

    miss you friend.

  22. Janice Stickles says:

    I.LOVE.ALL.OF.THEM! Especially the little feet. Nice.

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