silhouettes at sunset



last week when chrissie and i were in santa barbara we hit the beach at sunset to capture some silhouette photos.  i’ve been wanting to try it for a while–but it was way easier than i expected.




the sunset was crazy amazing and the tide was very low–so the setting was unusually dramatic.




i brought my tripod and remote so we could both be in the pics.  the sun had just set–so we had about 10 minutes of twilight before dark.




this last one cracks me up.  by this point we were having way too much fun.  i can’t wait to take the boys out and try more silhouettes at sunset.

* * *


  1. Denise–so glad Emilie loves her necklace. Sisters rock!

    Stacey, I set the iso to 1600 and set ‘no flash’. otherwise, everything was auto. hugs!

  2. Those are so stinking neat……just wondering what you did special to get this because I may be getting a new camera for Christmas and maybe I’ll be so lucky to be able to do this too!

  3. adorable. i LOVE how you LOVE your sister. i can’t wait to see that in my grown up girls (15 years from now). i see glimpses of it now, they have such a sweet friendship, value, and love for each other already!
    your mom must be so blessed by your relationships with each other.

    and EMILIE LOVES HER NECKLACE! (yesterday was our family christmas)

  4. Beautiful pictures! I learned this last year: Winter Solstice is one of the 2 times of year for the most extreme low tides. The other is Summer Solstice. During the winter they happen at night and during the summer they happen during the day. As I recall, There are about 3 days when the tides are at their lowest. So check your tide tables for more fun! 🙂

  5. LOVE THEM!!!! especially the first!…resonates with all of us who have sisters 🙂 Merry Christmas to you & yours!

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