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sick boys, sad mommy…

February 1st | older posts

both these little guys are sick–argh! (this photo was taken last weekend, not today) this is matty’s first real cold of the winter–where he had a fever and a cough. he didn’t start preschool today because of it. i was praying david wouldn’t get it–but, this morning he is congested and FUSSY! he’s had more colds this winter than any kid should have in their whole childhood! so he’s home from school today, too. i’m feeling sorry for myself. and a little discouraged. boo hoo! hopefully they’ll spring back quickly!

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  1. kristen borland says:

    being sick is the pits. you have my pity. :)

  2. Brianna Heldt says:

    Get well soon Matty and David! (Good luck Lisa, and Steve too, it’s tough taking care of sick little ones!)

  3. michele says:

    Hi Lisa! Wow, you’re a blogger. You’re doing a great job. It’s fun to hear about your life and see pictures of the boys…they’re so cute! Sickness sucks. We’re are coming off 2.5 weeks of straight sickness in our family. First I got a cold, then Katrina, then we all came down with the stomach flu one after the other, then Katrina and Nathaniel got a really bad cold/flu deal, then Katrina got an ear infection. It was horrible so I know what you mean about being down. I hope the boys get better soon. Love you!

  4. chrissie says:

    Hang in there, sis. I’m coming to rescue you!

  5. Karen says:

    Hi Lisa,
    I just found your blog. Hope your boys are feeling better. I have a baby boy with CdLS, and two older sons. Can I add you to my blogroll?
    – Karen.

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