today was serve day with our church. there were many projects to participate in, but made cookies and took them to the local fire station. right after breakfast we go to work.

the boys were very helpful rolling the dough and ‘painting’ the egg whites on top. matty is counting the cookies in this picture.

david made sure to slam a few cupbaords just to keep things lively!

then we packaged them up and attached a thank you note.

we met friends at the fire station. when we knocked, nobody answered, so we had to wait a bit. we thought maybe they were out fighting a fire!? I love how lily is *carefully* holding her plate of brownies 🙂

matty fully expected the firemen to be in full gear with red hats and everything. he was very disappointed to hand the cookies over to some guy in navy chinos and a tee shirt. oh well! david had fun exploring the fire station. this is the back end of a very old fire truck. now I am ready to put the boys to bed early and watch a movie!