david and matty spent a lot of time playing at a little park across the street from the church where steve performed the wedding. david must have walked at least a couple miles this weekend–he just kept going and going!

i think this was the only moment matty sat still all weekend. he had so much fun running, playing and exploring.

the wedding cake was made up of lots of cupcakes–so cute and sooo yummy. i cheated a little and shared one with david.

the new mr. and mrs. SUCH a sweet couple.

we stopped at a huge target near san francisco for a break, and the gilroy outlets for another break. a little retail therapy sure makes traveling fun 🙂

the boys were so easy-going and fun. i loved focusing on them and playing all day. matty had a major melt-down today from being exhasted. both boys are asleep and i’m going to catch a little nap, too!