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December 28th | older posts

Matty and David received so many wonderful gifts from family. It was Matty’s first Christmas to really appreciate all the goodies. Of course we had to open each item and play with it before moving on to the next gift!

David has been a walking fool! I can’t even count how many steps he is taking!! He walks from room to room. He turns and walks a different direction without holding on. It is the BEST Christmas gift I can imagine! He is pleased with himself, too! From the looks of this pic, you might think he has taken up grocery shopping, too! Should we have chicken pot pie for dinner???

My in-laws have a Target right across the street (I should be so lucky! The closest Target to us is 40 miles–which is probably a good thing!!). So Matty poops in the potty and then the next morning we go over to Target and pick out a treat. 5 nights in row pooping in the potty!!! I think maybe we’ve crossed the threshold into FULL potty training.

I followed David around Barnes and Noble yesterday. He walks right over to strangers and puts his hand on their knee. He’s very friendly! I was trying to read to Matty but kept having to chase David into the next aisle or across the store. I can’t believe I’ve got a little walker on my hands.
It has been so good to catch my breath and slow down. We’ve had some good time with family and lots of time to play and sleep.

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  1. Jeannett Gibson says:

    So proud of you David! Keep your mama on her toes!!! :)

    Matty looks so pleased with his gifts! Looks like a great time!

  2. Sarah Markley says:

    Sounds like amazing fun! I am glad you had a good week. I miss you and I wish I could see David walk!

  3. katarinasmama says:

    What two little amazing dudes…it’s wonderful to see David walk…and a big hooray to Matty for the Potty Training Triumph…we’re still not there with our little one (turned 2.5 this month)…oh well…it will happen one of these days!! Thank you again for my beautiful necklaces…I can hardly wait to put in an order for Valentines Day!!!

  4. lindsey cheney says:

    i bet you never thought david would wear out the soles of his shoes! go david! can we get a little video?

  5. chrissie says:

    I love me them boys!

  6. Laura and the family says:

    It looks like Santa has given you one than one wish, but two: Matty does get better in potty, and David walks a lot more than you had anticipated.

    What’s next destination of yours for each ???

  7. b*babbler says:

    Wow – potty training and walking? What a terrific Christmas gift! Congrats to both amazing little guys…

  8. michele says:

    Yay, David!!!!

  9. Hayley says:

    Merry Christmas. I love your blog and read it often and just wanted to tell you that my husband bought me a beautiful neclace from you for Christmas and I just love it. You are oh-so talented! Now all the women in my family have one. Thankyou.

  10. Mia says:

    Your children are adorable and your blog is amazing! I’ll put a link to your blog on mine. I hope it’s ok with you, if otherwise – please let me know! Happy New Year, hugs Mia

  11. Karen says:

    Hooray for Matty and David!

  12. Laura and the family says:

    (oops, I mean more than one wish, not one wish…)

  13. Natasha says:

    How wonderful that he is walking! What a Christmas gift. Happy New Year!
    (I found you through Kristi. C’s blog)

  14. Spina says:

    Happy New Year! That’s so exciting about David! Congrats!

  15. kris... says:

    What a beautiful Christmas it has been for you!

  16. Solidia says:

    That is so cool! Go Matty and David!! :)

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