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pleated poppy giveaway!

April 23rd | older posts


lindsey is giving away a crayon roll and three posie pins.  yippee!  i wear posie pins all the time and have them pinned to my purse. they sweeten up any outfit.  and matty loves his his crayon roll.  it’s great for keeping him happy if we eat out.  and it’s easier for him to clean up–since each crayon has a spot.  she was also the creator of matty’s cape the he wears  so leave a commment and tell us what you love about the pleated poppy designs. and happy thursday!

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  1. Sylvia says:

    The pleated poppies are adorable! That’s a great idea to pin them to you purse. The crayon roll is brilliant!

    Happy Thursday to you, also!

  2. Mandi says:

    I love these pleated poppies. I liked them when I saw them in the photo on your purse. Its funny how such a small thing can add life to something.
    I also love the crayon roll. I have a 2 year old and it would be great for her!
    Very cute stuff and what a great giveaway!

  3. Andrea says:

    I love the crayon roll I bought one for my daughter and now Im really wanting a cape for her third Birthday. I love visiting the pleated poppy and Lindsey’s blog she has a lot of fantastic ideas.

  4. Gina says:

    I love the whimsical design’s of pleated poppy , I have many purse’s that these would look great on !!!!

  5. Belinda says:

    Well I love anything she makes. I own some of the pretty headbands already…..I wanna win!!!!!
    PS-love you too lisa

  6. Madeline says:

    Everything she makes is so creative and special. Her ponytail holders are to cute!

  7. Amanda says:

    I love all of her designs and would love to win anything she makes! The pins are adorable and the crayon roll would be perfect for my 3 year old!

  8. Pam says:

    I love the fabrics – so soft and pretty!

  9. aimee says:

    So fun! I ordered a cape for my son after seeing Matty wear his on your blog. It is adorable! I’d love a pin (for me!) or crayon roll (for him!)

  10. Amanda says:

    Love them! The pink and black ones are my fave. The crayon roll is a genius idea!!

  11. Canela says:

    Beautiful fabrics and colors ~ so creative!

  12. Kirsten says:

    I love the pleated poppy! So fun & so fresh! Would love to have one…and the crayon rolls? SO clever. I have a 4 year old nephew that would love it!

  13. Jennifer from WI says:

    Wow, the crayon roll is a fantastic idea. I have a 3 year old and could think of about 100 places that would be useful – waiting for Dr’s appointments, church, in the car…we usually end up with the pencil case empty and crayons rolling along the floor. I need one :-)
    I love the brooches. The brown ones remind me of chocolate curls..yum!

  14. Leah says:

    I Love the crayon rolls! And I’ve never worn a poppy pin, but I’d love to start the trend here in Michigan! :)

  15. Susan D. says:

    I adore the fabrics Lindsey uses in all her creations. She is a very gifted gal. Her blog is absolutely wonderful.

  16. Adella says:

    Hmmm. Which reasons should I pick? Different. Made by hand. Colorful. A garden wherever you want it. I want one!


  17. Amanda says:

    I”ve been lusting after some of her posy pins for some time now…and just the other day I saw her adorable applique’d tea towels…they’re on my wish list in a big way!

    i heart it :)

  19. Nicolle says:

    Everything on her website is so adorable. I love all of the fun colors!!!

  20. Christine says:

    I love the poppies!!! And the crayon roll looks great. I have a little guy who will soon be getting to the age of crayons, and it looks really nice to have!

  21. Michelle says:

    The crayon rolls are fabulous, but I really dig those headbands! Looks like they’d stay put no matter what. Thanks for the introduction, and a chance to win.

  22. What adorable fabrics! I would love one of those crayon rolls for my sons. Those poppies are adorable, I would love one for myself!

  23. kristine hanson says:

    I like all the posie pins, very cute, the more the merrier!

  24. Faith Sheehan says:

    I love the fabric choices. I live in a home full of men (husband and 2 boys), I’m outnumbered…so any pretty fabric makes me good. The crayon roll is a must for any Mom with toddlers. Just throw it in a tote and out the door you go. So creative !!


  25. Anjanette says:

    I love the fabric and colors. And, I love supporting a creative mom!

  26. Theresa says:

    I like all that is on Pleated Poppy. But I have a special place in my heart for anyone who makes Super Hero capes for Children. It is a shame mine are teenagers because I would have gotten them each one.

    I am so not artistic….I love all you Ladies that make beautiful things. :)

  27. what i love? um, everything! particularly the posy pins and posy headbands.

  28. Janelle Eller says:

    I love the flowers with their mix of gorgeous fabrics. Very much my style! Thanks for the opportunity.

  29. Linda Z says:

    I think Lindsey has an eye for choosing very beautiful fabric. And I love her heart for kids. :)

  30. Jeannine says:

    Such fun fabrics – with a vintage chic feel!

  31. vicki says:

    Gosh, what don’t I love about the Pleated Poppy?! Her fabric choices are amazing, and the items are so practical. Wish I lived closer so I could have gone to the open house…love all of it – headbands, rolls, cape. So cool.

  32. erin says:

    I have been reading your blog for a few months now and am alway inspired by your jewelry!
    I love love love today’s post! I love everything about the pleated poppy especially the name {we named our daughter poppy anne :)} and will likely have a new blog to add to my ever-growing list of favourites!

  33. Judy says:

    i love them….her stuff is great. oh i wish I had that talent…both of ya!

  34. Daniela says:

    It is difficult to say what is the thing I love the most in Pleated Poppy!!! There are so many wonderful things: but I think my favourite is the crayon roll: ever think to do something similar to hold knitting needles? :-)

  35. Sarah R says:

    My son also has a cape from Pleated Poppy and Lindsey did a great job! She picked out perfect fabric and I was so happy with it!
    The crayon rolls and pins are so beautiful! So talented!

  36. jodi says:

    Love the gorgeous designs and fabric!!! Fantastic ideas!

  37. sue says:

    I have purchased several things from the PLEATED POPPY & loved everyone of them but the posy pins are my favorite .

  38. Annette says:

    Loving the fabric colors! I want a crayon roll for myself!

  39. Sarah L. says:

    I love the headbands! So fun. And the crayon holders remind me of the one my grandma made me- wish I knew where that is!

  40. Michelle says:

    I LOVE the crayon roll, and the pins and headbands….everything! So pretty and fun!

  41. Bena says:

    I love how it reminds me of spring – my favorite season!

  42. Laura KW says:

    Love the crayon roll idea. Much better than the sandwich bag I currently tote around in my purse!

  43. Michelle says:

    I love everything! I am a mom with three kids ages 3, 18 months and 4 months so I’m desperately seeking style that is cute and child-friendly. I love that the pins can add style to a mom ponytail or a diaper bag and the crayon roll is a cute way to take along something for the kids to do! I love it all and would love to win!

  44. Bettina says:

    The Pleated Poppy has such fun and funky fresh designs! They are playful and unique. Love the idea of adding posies to my purse – think I need some!

  45. wendy says:

    I love everything I saw there… gorgeous fabrics, lovely designs :)

  46. serena says:

    What do I love – everything! Great colors, perfect for spring.

  47. corinne says:

    I love the Pleated Poppy. I love her blog and her shop. I bought 3 of her “Nester” posy pins and wear them all the time. On my shirts, jackets, purse…you name it and I love the little added “pop” to my outfit. I would love the crayon rolls…they are next on my list! What a wonderful giveaway!

  48. Alina says:

    I love the poppies, they are so versatile and I would totally have it on purse like that but then you have it with you if you want tp spruce up an outfit.

  49. Cindi says:

    Beautiful, especially since I am growing my hair out!

  50. kathy eller says:

    I LOVE everything she has created-wow!! I love the vintage yet funky feel.

  51. Susan says:

    Ohhh! Count me in! I love her fabrics & the whole third row!! The blue pins, the reversible head band & the pouch plus the rocket ship crayon roll! How fun. Thanks, Susan at:

  52. Joelle says:

    I love the pouches Lindsey had for sale. I have two fo them, and would love more. Everything she makes is gold to me. I would love th pins and crayon roll. Joelle from Winnipeg, Manitoba Hi Lindsey!

  53. Jennifer says:

    I couldn’t pick just one thing I love-everything is too die for! I love the hair posies too!

  54. Mim Owen says:

    I think they’re utterly charming! Understated but really funky and sweet.

  55. Cristy says:

    i’ve admired her work for quite a while! she has such beautiful and at the same time simple ideas. i wish i had time for more crafting/sewing to come up with stuff like that. what a generous giveaway!

    …here’s hoping

  56. Anne says:

    I love her fabric choices!

  57. Laura says:

    I love love love the posie pins!!

  58. katey says:

    love posie pins and super hero cape!

  59. megan habetz says:

    I love the poppies because in the current economy I am not going to be able to buy a new purse for a while and I think that they would be a great addition to spice up any bag! Also, the crayon organizer sounds great- I had one when I was a kid that my mom got from a craft show, but have not seen one in a long time, it would be great for my little Lexi.
    megan from Louisiana

  60. Anna G says:

    It adds that extra little something to everything!

  61. Whitney says:

    I love the fabrics she uses and the pins are super cute….the crayon roll really is great for a child. Thanks!

  62. Vicki says:

    So sweet and girlie…love it all!!

  63. Julie Long says:

    I just placed my first order w/the PP and LOVE what I got…. a tea towel and a cosmetic bag. The next 3 things on my list from there were the posie pins/hair ties, crayon roll and cape. Love it all! Sweet & Beautiful!

  64. Rebecca says:

    What I love about them??? Everything! The design, the fabrics, the colors – so cute!

  65. Charlotte says:

    I love the tea towels and the posy pins that add a little piece to joy to an outfit.

  66. Daniele says:

    Love the shabby chic look of the flower pins. I purchased some from the site in March and have worn them lots! I saw them on your blog from last summer. Right now I wear them on a spring jacket. I can’t wait until summer to brighten up some tank tops! Love the pleated poppy!

  67. Jill says:

    I am new to pleated poppy, but everything looks fabulous!!

  68. Dee says:

    I love the posy pins…they are so bright and colorful! I’d love to have anything from her site!

  69. Heidi @ ggip says:

    I love the unique fabrics. Very nice! This is not a shop I had heard of before. :)

  70. Chris P says:

    What a great site! I love the flower pins-and the crayon roll is fantastic!!!!

  71. Stephanie Fox says:

    Pleated Poppy has some nice items, but the super hero capes take the cake. My superhero really needs a cape.

  72. Jamie says:

    I love the poppies, they are adorable. I teach 2nd grade and think those crayon rolls are awesome!

  73. Deb says:

    i love everything on the site especially the capes and crowns! love the poppies and crayon rolls too of course

  74. shannon stinson says:

    well…well….well….since you ask! lindsey just made a cape for my daughter…a patchwork cape! one i had invisioned but couldn’t do since i can’t sew! she created it….FAB.U.LOUS! a can’t wait! and she is in the process of making one for my son! i also got some of her posie clips…beautiful! she is so talented! i look forward to ordering more from her in the future…and i also enjoy her blog! good stuff!

  75. jennie says:

    Oh So cute!! I love that the flowers are “shabby” but still polished looking. And the crayon roll would be awesome for my little people:) Not to mention that its also very chic:)

  76. Charity says:

    These are so sweet – happy and pretty and simple, all at once! :o)

  77. Sara Cook says:

    I love the pink baby shower! So cute! The posie clips are cute too!

  78. Rebecca says:

    I love all the bright colors and sweet fabrics! The posy pins look especially adorable :) Thanks!!!

  79. megan says:

    I too love the posy pins….I have some and get tons of complements. Most of all I luuuuv Lindsey’s blog! She is such a creative person and that recent boy quilt she made was super duper cute!

  80. erin says:

    i love the posy pins such a fun way to brighten a day! and I am surethe crayon roll would eliminate the stray crayons in my bag!

    so much fun!

  81. kristen hebert says:

    cute cute cute. happy happy happy.

  82. I love the poppie pins – would look great on my denim jacket to dress it up for the spring! Thanks for the give-away.

  83. teresa says:

    i have a headband and would looove anything else of hers.

  84. Asha Patel says:

    I LOVE the posies! I bought some a few months back and I wear them out in the summer with my colorful tees! SO CUTE!

  85. Love the fabric and would love to learn how to make them too!

  86. Sarah says:

    The Poppy Pins are adorable! I absolutely love them. I’ve gotten into this whole broach-wearing thing and these would look so cute with my outfits!

  87. Trish says:

    I love the reversible headband (and all of her designs)!

  88. Sarah Root says:

    I love the idea of the crayon roll and the fabrics she uses are so cute!!

  89. Junglewife says:

    I love the fabrics and design – gorgeous!

  90. Susanne N. says:

    i absolutely LOVE those tea towels! too cute!

  91. stephanie says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!! There is a special little someone who would adore that crayon roll!!!

  92. april says:

    i love the creativity of it all.

  93. Amy Miller says:

    OHMYGOSH! I am absolutley in love with the hair band!

  94. Jackie Smith says:

    I just have a few words about PP………”JUST TOO DARN CUTE”…..LOVE IT !!!!

  95. Kristen says:

    oh so cute. all of it! thanks, as always, for sharing…

  96. Lisa says:

    I like the posy pins, zippered pouches and crayon rolls.
    I like the fabrics that she uses.
    No more little boys, but those capes are super, haha!
    Very kind give-away, she must be a freind of yours.
    Have a great weekend.

  97. Karen says:

    I love love the crayon rolls!! That would be awesome for my almost 3 year old son. He loves to color. What a wonderful idea. She is very talented!

  98. Kristen says:

    I love both the crayon roll and the posie pins. What I love most is her choice in fabrics… I love them all!

  99. Jan Richards says:

    Would love to win either gift. Thanks. Love the new designs too.

  100. Elise says:

    Adorable – I love the pins – I might have to get some for my very boring t shirts this summer – I just have to figure out a way to keep them out of my 20 month old’s mouth!

  101. Darcie says:

    I adore the posie pins! I teach special ed and the kids love when I wear things that are fun and different. I think a posie pin would add a dose of happy to their day (and mine!)

  102. Kenna says:

    I love the crayon roll and the cape. My son absolutely loves batman right now.

  103. Abbey says:

    Those posie pins are adorable. I would love to dress up my purse with a posie pin or dress up my daughter’s hair :) So cute!

  104. Her work is so whimsical! I just love her work and the fabrics she chooses!

  105. Linda Mills says:

    I would love something new for my hair to add a little pizazz! Thanks for the giveaway!

    Great weekend all,

  106. kimberley says:

    oh wow, talk about vintage charm, hey? those pins are a great idea, easy to add a little fun and color to a boring sweater!! good idea.the crayon roll is perfect for all ages, another great idea!!!

  107. christy says:

    I’ve always had a thing for fabric flowers, and hers are just lovely.

  108. amber says:

    i love all the fabrics and just love the pins! so very cute!!

  109. Elizabeth says:

    the pleated poppy are stunning!!!! what a creative idea!

  110. Kristina says:

    I love the fabric she picks out, so fun. Also, the crayon rolls are awesome!

  111. Stacey says:

    The pleated poppy pins are awesome and my 11 year old daughter is over my shoulder saying they are so Ah-dorable! Needless to say, we’d LOVE to win anything of hers! Thanks for the opportunity!

  112. Cindy Smith says:

    What’s not to love?!?! I love it all. The pleated poppy pins are simply adorable, and the crayon roll….well, dare I say genius!!

  113. Jean Inez says:

    The pleated poppies are the perfect accessory! And the crayon roll is so much fun!

  114. Andrea says:

    Vintage goodness, with handmade details and quality… GORGEOUS!

  115. Marilyn says:

    I am 53 years old, and I can still remember the crayon roll my mother made for me (and lots of other kids in the neighborhood). Thanks for bringing back a great memory.

  116. Cheryl says:

    I think this site is fantastic!! My sister introduced it to me when my nephew fell in love with superman:) I am getting him a cap for his birthday:) I also love the crayon holder and the pins – perfect idea for my daughter !!!

  117. Jessica B says:

    I love the posie pins! I could definitely use a few of them to jazz up my wardrobe.

  118. michelle says:

    such gorgeous fabrics – and the pleated poppy’s are brilliant – so many uses. i wear a lot of black so love things like these to pin on my tops! 😉

  119. Melissa Yost says:

    I am a newbie with Mom Blogs and I love this site. I love the fresh ideas you have for just about anything. I especially liked the baby shower ideas. Wow, how creative. I perused your store and loved everything. The crayon roll is genius – I have 3 children and I would love this for travel. Way to go!!!

  120. Stephanie says:

    Lindsey’s creations at the pleated poppy are awesome. I have bought crayon rolls, posy hair clips, and posy slippers. They look so cute on my daughter and everyone compliments me on them. The thing I love the most about Lindsey’s creations are her fabric choices and pairings!

  121. Bev Rockey says:

    Lindsey is so talented . I just ordered a headband. I will be ordering a crayon roll soon

  122. Anna says:

    Love the cute crayon rolls and the capes!

  123. Deanna says:

    Looks adorable! The fabrics are great.

  124. Kathy Cox says:

    Oh, I think I’m in love…those pins are adorable and the crayon roll is whimsical yet functional! My favorite combination! Also, that headband is calling my name!

  125. Shelly Primm says:

    I think I love everything Lindsey creates! My two daughters wear the headbands I bought from her all the time. I also LOVE my zippered VW pouch. I get compliments on it all the time!

  126. tammy says:

    what’s not to like?!? covered notebook, crayon roll, slippers, zippered pouch…

  127. sarah beasley says:

    i love the shabbiness, the cuteness, and the overall sweetness of her adorable designs! :)

  128. Eliza says:

    How gorgeous and feminine! The perfect touch of whimsy! :)

  129. Ginny says:

    Well I love about everything, but the posy slippers are just too stinkin’ cute!

  130. Amy says:

    I’ve never worn pins like those…so pretty!!! Love the fabric!
    Amy in CA

  131. I love that everything is home made but the pins are adorable even if I hae yet to get one! I think they would make cute bows for little girls and since I keep children the crayon roll is awesome- great idea for traveling!!!!

  132. Kim R. says:

    I love the pins. My husband gave me 3 last year. Time for a color update! But what I’ve really been wanting is the crayon roll for church!! Not for me but for my son. he loves to colors.

  133. cheryl says:

    i love, love, love the crayon rolls! her fabric choices are so fun and fresh!

  134. erin taylor says:

    Such adorable goodies! Just that little touch of happy that we all need these days. Love the fabric and the colors!

  135. I love how bright and happy everything looks!

  136. Toril says:

    That crayon roll was a very good idea, and so were the pins :) Toril A.

  137. Bethann Yeatman says:

    I adore the crayon rolls! Things could never be too neat and organized around here. The poppies would look great anywhere near me or on me. Nice accent piece! I am definitely ordering two of those capes for my Wonder Twins’ second birthday. Thank you for sharing, Lisa!


  138. Jamie says:

    LOVE the crayon roll. Genius! The poppy pins are lovely. What fun. I love when creativity just oozes!

  139. Brooke says:

    I love the crayon rolls! What a great way to transport crayons!

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