this is seriously FUNNY! I really know very little about photography, but I get a lot of emails asking about my camera and techniques, so here’s the low down…

*I have a Casio Exilim digital camera that I got as a Mother’s day gift last year. We purchased on clearance at Target for around $100.

*I take a lot of pictures and choose the best ones. Most are junk! I also prefer daylight, since I have no idea how to properly use a flash.

*We use a Mac and I use iphoto to edit my pics. Here is the pic before…

*I often shoot on an angle and then rotate the pics. I also try to crop out my pictures in fun, interesting ways. I have no problem cutting off someone’s head. LOL

* I antique my pics and lighten the color a bit. Sometimes I blur the edges. And here is the end result.

Not at all technical, but so fun!