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out for breakfast.

April 12th | older posts

We often go out for breakfast on the weekend. Dorn’s (Morro Bay) is so yummy, and the coffee is great!Matty got chocolate chip pancakes, with a side of sugar. So, yeah, he was happy!

David fell asleep halfway though his oatmeal. Then he proceeded to sleep most of the day. This cold has really knocked him down. Makes for lots of cuddles but I want my silly David back!

The rest of weekend will be spent working on the yard, polishing up the website, seeing Horton hears a Who and general weekend laziness–oh and the BoUtiQuE at Lindsey’s!!

8 Responses

  1. Crystal y Alejandro says:

    su blog alegra algo hermoso… les mando un saludo y un abrazo desde mexico…

  2. Ellen says:

    David, Get better super quick!

  3. Mrs. Ben Lanier says:

    I hope David gets well soon! Really enjoy reading your blog!

  4. Karen says:

    We don’t go out for breakfast often enough in my opinion…
    My big boys would LOVE a side of sugar with their pancakes!
    I hope David feels better soon.

  5. Carolina Mama says:

    Hope David feels better real soon. Love and Prayers

  6. katarinasmama says:

    Hope David feels better after his restful day…we love going out for bagels on Saturday morning…sometimes its just in our backyard…but we think it counts!

  7. Sarah Markley says:

    The picture of david makes me sigh…


  8. Kim Sue says:

    we love breakfast out – such a treat

    hope you have a great Sunday at Spring Boutique, wish I lived close and could come by and shop

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