we had a playdate with some friends today. anyone who is local (or willing to drive) should join us!! matty worked very hard piling wood chips on this curb and when he was finished he said, “I made it for you, mommy”. I couldn’t love any gift more!!

i think this photo should be called, ‘we rule the playground’. don’t they look intimidating! i think i’ll go play on the swings…

then we picked david up from school and headed to firestone grill for some BBQ. yum. this picture is for susan and ellen, because david has a camo thermal tied around his waist and know they’ll appreciate how CUTE he is!!

After that they boys and I dropped by one of my shops to deliver some orders. Then we walked through the mission plaza and played by the fountain. It was such a great, mellow day!!

tomorrow i am going to post answers to the questions you asked!