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September 6th | older posts

This is a tiny baby bracelet and it is sooo sweet. The front has the first and middle names and the back has the birthdate. I used a very sturdy, adjustable chain so it will fit for years. I made one for Matty that has our cell phone # on the back, so it functions as an ID tag. I think every baby/toddler/preschooler NEEDS one of these :) $42

Thank you for all your wonderful stories about your grandmas. I loved reading them! The winner is Jeanette Gibson. Congratulations! Email me with your order.

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  1. Joy says:

    that is too precious! i think you’re right–all kids NEED one!

  2. Kristen Borland says:

    yea for jeannett! it’s actually some one i know this time! maybe that means i’m getting closer to winning! 😉

  3. Becky says:

    super cute, I love it:-) Congrats Jeannett!

  4. Jeannett Gibson says:

    Yay for me! Loved hanging out last night!

  5. beth says:

    oh my word…that is so cute!

  6. Danielle says:

    okay that’s way cute and highly functional. no way they could take it off and eat it though, right?

  7. Lisa Leonard says:

    it’s adjustable, so with a baby, it should fit snugly. then there wouldn’t ba any concern about it coming off. I didn’t add any pearls to avoid a choking hazard.

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