my boys got me a nikon D40 this year. wow! i am seriously thrilled. i want to play and experiment and learn and get better at photography. below are some of the first pics on my new camera…

david having fun with daddy. good times!
matty and his pancakes with strawberries and whip cream. i won’t tell you about the tantrum he had right after this photo…

silly david. sometimes breakfast is so funny!

matty tripped while playing and split his lip. ouch! he got some good loving from daddy and then from me. it just looked like he had collagen injections for a couple days!

candy store love. matty was in heaven.

the camera takes great photos with lots of detail. i am focusing on learning about ISO (film speed) now. then i’ll move onto other things! gotta say, i still love my casio exilim. that little guy is easy to throw in my purse and he takes amazing pics. i am not ready to give him up!