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more photos (are you bored yet?!)

July 29th | older posts

the boys play during sunset

oh daddy, you are sooo funny!

self portrait of matty & i, happy accident that steve & david are laughing in the background!

oh mommy, you are sooo funny!

okay, this one cracked me up! it looks like an album cover. like they are trying so hard to be cool and casual :)

i think i’m going to do a giveaway in the next day or so!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m in for a give-away you’ll never believe how badly I’d love to sport to Lisa necklace, I love your work and your blog is inspirational too.
    Karen – Cape Town, South Africa

  2. pennymalley says:

    Which boy are you planning on giving away?

  3. judi says:

    You’re so right!! It does look like an album cover……. so funny! Although in my opinion, they’re pulling it off waaaayyy better than some musicians are able. Perhaps they should have their Mommies take their cover pics rather than pricey photographers!

    Love the angle…. really cool!

  4. michele says:

    How could we ever get tired of seeing photos of the Leonards? I get to virtually experience your daily life! Miss you, friend!

  5. Kristen Borland says:

    never bored of pictures! they are my favorite!

    great pics. i love the sunset one, and the “album” cover one. you crack me up!

  6. Carrie Haughey says:

    you take such beautiful pictures!! Kyle and I were at the beach yesterday and I tried to take some cute pictures… yeah, key word is tried… :0)

  7. Michelle says:

    What an amazing sunset picture! And I LOVE the last one with your two boys, too cute. They are so precious! Great pictures…are you a photographer too??? So artistic!
    Michelle (Kristens friend)

  8. Sarah Markley says:

    Never bored! Keep it comin’

  9. The Girls says:

    Your boys are too cute, and I LOVE your blog!!! Really it is inspirational, you do SO much yet still have time to make amazing jewlery………What is your secret???
    Katie Harrison

  10. Richelle says:

    Definitely not bored. You have a special talent for capturing the joy of the moment.

  11. crafty moi says:

    No way, never bored. I love seeing what your sweet lil’ family is up to! It always brings a smile. Thanks for sharing!

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