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more feet photos…

May 16th | older posts

just couldn’t resist matty’s sweet feet while eating lunch on the patio.
these feet (and flip flops) belong to my sister sue who is with us for the weekend. it’s so, so good to catch up and be together.

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  1. chrissie says:

    irresistible toes!
    both matty’s and sues.

  2. Kim B says:

    I love cute feet!

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    My older children think I am nuts… but, do you like to nibble little toes? My baby laughs with delight when I tell him I’m going to gobble his toes… he actually lifts his foot up to my face :) sooo cute!

  5. Terry B. says:

    please respond to my emails regarding my order and the fact that my discount code did not work,..I have had no luck at all using your email or the comment section on my order to get a response. thank you, Terry B. who ordered the always encourage necklace.

  6. Lisa Leonard says:

    sorry terry! i’m sending an email your way!

  7. Soojin says:

    hi lisa, your sister sue introduced me to your blog a while back and although i’m not a mom, i’m hooked. your entries are a source of encouragement and inspiration for life. i also love your artistic perspective and creativity. anyway, hope you have an enjoyable weekend with your sister. please tell her soojin said hi!

  8. Livet i träsket says:

    Oh, how gorgeous jewellery you make, just found you from
    but I can’t find the necklace that she ordered with mama – handholder-dream soother-love giver. Is it possible to order one of those??

  9. Carolina Mama says:

    Lisa love the feet pics. And of course my jewlery. 😉 You’re the best!

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