on thursday nights for last couple months we’ve been going to a mexican restaurant in baywood for dinner called maya. it’s hilarious–they get a table ready for us with chips and salsa and a highchair when they see us parking. i get the “lisa special”–an asada burrito with no tortilla, so it’s like platter of yummy goodness (and south beach friendly). then after dinner we run around down by the water. well, matty runs and the rest of us freeze our patooties off! guess i was in a ‘slanted’ mood because almost all the pics i took are topsy turvy!!

thanks to all of you who have placed orders. i really appreciate it! i’ve been busy making fun necklaces for each of you and i feel connected to you in some small way as i create a special piece with your kiddos names. i also really appreciate the feedback on my blog and our family. thanks for taking the time to read about us!! almost all my business comes from word of mouth–so thanks, too for telling your friends aout my blog. so sweet! xxxx