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Matthias is turning 3…

January 11th | older posts

I can’t believe Matty is turning three. I know it’s so cliche, but I swear, tomorrow I’ll turn around and he’ll be 17! We had David and Matthias so close together. I struggled with feelings of guilt at being so relieved that Matthias was “typical” and without any health issues. I worried that I would love him more. Then I became resentful because he took so much time away from David. I think Matthias has added so much balance to our family. I get to experience two completely different worlds (that often aren’t that different at all)-raising a child with special needs and a child who is typical. The funny thing is, sometimes Matthias can be much more of a challenge than David! And both bring so much joy into our lives. The boys really love each other.

So to celebrate this sweet, energetic and silly little boy we are having lunch at the Rock and Roll Diner-a funky little restaurant in Oceano that is made up of two train cars pushed together. It should be fun–more pics to follow!

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  1. Ellen says:

    Matty, you’re growing up! Hopefully you will be out of the terrible 2s soon. I love you. Happy Birthday.

  2. kristen borland says:

    happy b-day to matthias!

    yeah, the rock and roll diner! mike and i lived in oceano for 2+ years. it’s where we bought our first home, a condo just down the street from the rock and roll diner (continue on highway 1 passed the diner and up the hill, to the condos right before the fire station–just walking distance away). enjoy our old stomping grounds. also a favorite was old juan’s cantina, right near the rock and roll diner. no one has better chips and salsa.

  3. chrissie says:

    Precious Matty! We love you, sweet boy. Happy 3rd birthday.
    Now stop growing up so fast.

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