So Matty started school today. He was screaming when I left him, and I’m not sure who had a harder time–him or me! It is so hard to see your child transition to the next stage and separate from you. I know this is going to be a great thing for Matthias (and for me!). I know he needs time away from me and time with typical peers. Since he has an older brother with a disability, it is important for him to have his own, structured, playful place where he can be himself. I know all that–but it’s still so hard!

David meanwhile is feeling a bit better but not quite himself. He has been pulling to a stand all over the place! Last night he had a bit of a spill and bonked his head on the floor. OUCH! We felt so bad–but I guess that’s all part of the learning and growing process. Lots of painful growing going on in the Leonard home right now! It’s exciting, though!