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lookin’ for lizards…

June 9th | older posts

We went to the elfin forest again this morning. it was beautiful with the fog rolling off the water, but sun overhead. We really need to plan a mommy hike there! Matty was all about looking for lizards (which are plentiful) but would get a little spooked when he saw one. David hung out in the back pack.

Steve is performing a wedding tonight at the Cliffs and I am going to join him. Should be fun!

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  1. Ellen says:

    Lizards are cool but can run really fast and that’s a little scary. Tonight I’m having dinner with Mom, Dad, Susan, Chrissie, and hopefully Matt. I can’t wait for our Palms Springs trip! Can you buy some really cute swim diapers for the boys?

  2. Karen says:

    The lizard in the photo was scary-looking…don’t know if I would like to see one like that in real life!
    I have a questions: your backpack-kid-carrier for David looks pretty cool. Mark wants to take the boys on some hikes this summer and we need one of those for Ben. What brand is yours? Do you like it?

  3. Danielle says:

    Thanks for telling me about! I just spent entirely too long browsing through there and plan to blame you if I fail my OB final exam. JUST KIDDING! 😉

  4. michele says:

    It is so cool how you guys are out in nature almost every day! Did I tell you that we are coming to Cambria in mid July with my parents? We are going to stay at the same house. Hopefully we can hang out!

  5. pennymalley says:

    Wow, Lisa… Rebecca Sower is a bit of a rock star in my world- she’s a big name in the land of scrapbooking! Let me know when you sell a piece of jewelry to Amy Grant! :)

  6. chrissie says:

    Beautiful family, beautiful place. Cool looking lizard! Love love love, kiss kiss, hug

  7. Jeannett Gibson says:

    Penny-Isn’t it exciting that we’ll be able to say “Oh yea, I knew Lisa back before she was a big time designer!” :)

  8. Penn Family says:

    I am loving all of the jewelry on your site. I have you bookmarked and hope to place an order soon! We had a son, Miles, pass away a little over two years ago & I think a necklace with his name would be a great way to carry him with me!

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