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look mom, no hands!

January 9th | older posts

So when I picked David up from preschool today, his teachers had some exciting news! He took several steps all by himself!! He has been getting really good at walking while holding just one hand for support. He is really an independent kid and I know he wants to do it without any help. Steve and I joke that one of these days we’ll be sitting on the couch watching a movie and David will casually walk by, like it’s no big deal. Last week in occupational therapy he was feeding himself cheetos. If you know anything about David’s history with learning to eat, you know what a huge deal that is! Yay, David!

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  1. Brianna Heldt says:

    This is so exciting! David has made so many huge strides in the last year and a half! He is such a precious little boy. (All your family pictures are beautiful by the way.)

  2. Ellen says:

    David! I’m super proud of you. Keep working on walking. I can’t wait until you casually walk by while we’re sitting on the couch.

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