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hand holder. dream soother. love giver…


my amazing, and creative friend SARAH is the genius behind the wording of the mama necklace.  it was such a hit last year–so we changed it up a bit and brought it back.  there are a limited number available, and mother’s day is rapidly approaching!!


and we are giving TWO away, so leave a comment and tell us how you want to be pampered this mother’s day (cause you know you need it!).  and if you want to secure one (or two) right away, you’ll find them HERE.

369 Responses

  1. alison says:

    We usually go pick strawberries by the beach on Mother’s Day and get a yummy lunch wherever I want afterwards. I think a nap is in order too as I am now pregnant with my third baby!

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. elismsue says:

    We always visited the grandparents, great grandparents and then went to dinner. Now, I relish instead watching my daughter enjoy her mother’s day.
    Happy Mother’s day!

  3. amykate says:

    A walk in the woods and a nap after. Perfect.

  4. jodi says:

    It will be my first Mother’s Day, so I’m looking forward to new traditions that are about to begin! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  5. I would love an afternoon to myself. Maybe a movie and margaritas with a girlfriend. A pedicure for sure.

  6. erin says:

    hugs and kisses but no dishes!

  7. C. Beth says:

    Mmm, pampering. We can finally get Cinnabons in my city; they are now sold at Schlotzky’s. So, bring on the Cinnabon. And a long, hot bath. Or even better, a Cinnabon DURING a long, hot bath. And a decaf latte. Now, that would be a happy Mother’s Day!

  8. Kimberli says:

    I want a road trip with my hubs and kids…it’s been too long!!

  9. Judy says:

    how do I want to be pampered this Mothers day….wow…no cooking, hugs and kisses from my babies, it’s also my 18th wedding anniversary…don’t I deserve extra pampers…like the ability to go on a girls weekend with friends I haven’t seen in years….stupid economy

  10. Jenna says:

    i would love for the house to be cleaned, while i take a bubble bath. out to a picnic at the park for lunch with my family, stop by a coffee shop for some caffeine and journal time and go home to create in my studio for hours with NO distractions or interruptions while dinner is made by my personal chef husband :), a glass of wine is brought to me in my studio and dinner is enjoyed with no whining. no meltdowns at bed time, and then snuggle up and watch a movie with my wonderful husband. that sounds like heaven to me. :)

  11. Jan says:

    My Mother’s Day life is different, now that I’m a grandma. Mostly, I just want time: time with my grown (busy) children and time with my precious, precious grandchildren. Hugs and time. That’s the best gifts for me.

  12. Mother’s Day is usually our first trip to the local community pool for the season. It is the start of many
    Sunday afternoons at the pool. This year I will be attending Donna Downey’s Inspired Artist Workshop weekend with my Mother! I’m so excited!

  13. Tonya says:

    My Mother’s Day’s are usually awesome! We go to church then head out to my parents home in the country for the day. It’s not always all that relaxing, but it’s awesome to spend the day w/my kiddos
    AND my mom. I can sure dream up some pampering though…the guys make dinner AND clean up the kitchen while my mom and I sit back and visit or nap or sit outside in the sunshine. Awe…I’m envisioning it now! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  14. Jamie says:

    i would love for all four of my kids to just get along for one day. i have twindaughters that are 19. a 13-year-old daughter, and a 5-year-old boy. perhaps we could go out to eat at a place of my choice, of course! and just a day that centers (selfishly) around me. i just want to have fun.

  15. Carolyn Dempsey says:

    I would love to have some quiet time to sit at the kitchen table, eat a danish, drink my coffee and read a magazine. ALL BY MYSELF!

  16. ann says:

    All I need this year, all I ever need ANY year, is to be surrounded by my hand-holding, dream- soothing, love-giving, family :)

  17. Emily says:

    This is my first mothers day and I’m excited to see how my guys (husband and son!) decide to celebrate.. I’m hoping for breakfast in bed (or at least a bit of a sleep-in!) and a clean house but won’t hold my breath!

  18. Julie Engel says:

    Sometimes our Mother’s Day weather can be fickle… but I would love to spend the day planting up containers of colorful goodies with my kids! There’s nothing sweeter than toddlers following you around digging up what you just planted, with a very proud and mischievious grin on their faces. Hope you have a wonderful day planned as well!

  19. Patricia says:

    This necklace is adorable! I have someone in mind for that necklace! A friend who just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. As far as I go, for Mother’s day I will be happy if my children (3 grown 23,22,17) are here with me. l enjoy the day, no matter what we do – actually I’d love to go on a hike with the family ~ dogs included!! Creating memories ~ and of course take lots of pics…I

  20. Eve says:

    I just want a nice, slow day with my husband and daughter. I want to ditch church and my mom’s house (sorry, mom!) and play and laugh and have a yummy dinner and a big fat piece of cheesecake.

  21. Alana says:

    A morning walk as a family, church, buttermilk pancakes with my girls, a nap, a visit with my mom and a lazy evening snuggled on the couch watching a movie with my husband. Doesn’t get much better than that!

  22. Lou says:

    Nothing more than lots of time with my precious two, and of course a handmade card! x

  23. kristen hebert says:

    All I want is a day at the local botanical gardens with my sweet husband and all three kids – running and laughing in the blooms!

  24. Kelly says:

    I just want dinner with my family… :) Now that they’re all grown up it’s quite a treat to get them all here at one time for a meal. The necklace is beautiful… but aren’t they all?!??! :)

  25. Trina Walker says:

    I would love to go to just get a massage and facial and then have dinner with my family. Simple and sweet.

  26. Donna Thomas says:

    Time with my family..Calling my mom and mother-in-law, two very important people in my life. Lunch outside in the warm sun (or maybe on the patio if it snows) with the most special people in my life…my husband and children…flowers in the garden, sunshine and family.. What more could I ask for…

  27. Deanna says:

    A pedicure would be great… but now that I think about it, I’d love to have a few hours to just read a book instead!

  28. Beth Allen says:

    I simply would want to sleep in, have all the house chores done for me, and get to relax with my little family. I love the necklace!!

  29. Alicia S says:

    I would love a yummy bbq outside and a nice piece of jewelry.

  30. belinda says:

    I would love breakfast in bed and just to hang out with my kids, and hug and kiss my hubby. I love family time. Would love to win the necklace. What a perfect way to make a day of a mother even more special.

  31. Jessa says:

    I’m considering requesting a “babymoon.” Our second son is due this summer and a kiddo free weekend of pampering might be just the ticket this Mother’s Day.

    Your work is stunning. Well done Mama.

  32. Marina says:

    My 14month old son’s father is living in a different country to us right now, so there won’t be much pampering on Mother’s Day. Hopefully my son will nod off at an early hour, leaving me plenty of time to enjoy a lovely long soak in the tub with some luxurious salts and good music.

  33. What a gorgeous necklace!

    I would like to spend my mother’s day with my kids, celebrating being their mama. I’d also love to get a run in by myself at the beach. And maybe a latte on my way home to get a pedicure from my 4 year old

  34. Jami says:

    I just want to enjoy the day with my hubby and the little ones. That is what Mother’s Day is all about anyway. I fell like I get the most awesome gift every day, the gift of Motherhood. A new necklace wouldn’t be bad though! :) Thanks for the giveaway, so generous!

  35. Liz Cogswell says:

    I’m looking forward to a quiet, relaxing day at home with nothing planned but time with my family.

  36. Amanda says:

    Oh that is a gorgeous necklace! We haven’t started any real traditions or anything on Mother’s Day, and we’re going to be moving on Mother’s Day this year, but it would be nice just to be able to take a nap.

  37. Kristin says:

    Hmmm…..just relaxing with the family, not having to cook or clean. This necklace certainly wouldn’t hurt either! It’s simply gorgeous!

  38. Teresa says:

    The arrival of our happy & healthy sweet princess a few weeks ago is way more than I could ever ask for on a 1st Mother’s Day, but I did ask my hubby for one of your necklaces for my birthday this year…I haven’t told him which one yet and now I know why- this one is the absolute perfect choice!! :) An early arrival for Mother’s Day would be the sweetest! :)

  39. Gale says:

    An afternoon sitting on our deck. With some sunshine would be nice.

  40. Gina says:

    Being able to spend Mother’s day with my Mom is the best way to spend Mother’s day – by the lake , soaking up some sun . Enjoying each other’s company – simple and sweet – can’t get any better than that !!!!

  41. Jenny says:

    A spa day on Saturday would be amazing! I’m pregnant with our 3rd, so any type of pampering would be wonderful!

  42. Lisa says:

    My hubbie and my boys will make me breakfast in bed – Pillsbury cinnamon rolls (always a little underdone but made with lots of love!) and coffee served with their lovely – and sometimes homemade – cards on the tray with breakfast. Then we will take my mom and my mother-in-law and the grandpas to brunch and spend the rest of the day relaxing and playing outside………can’t wait! My six-year-old won’t let me look under his bed because he already made me a gift and it is under there – so no peeking! My eight-year-old’s special-needs class always has a Mother’s Day Tea the Friday before and he will make me a lovely pin with his picture on it to wear for the day……adorable!

  43. Sallie says:

    Just watching my daughter each day is more than enough! (But if my hubby were to get me a massage gift certificate, that would be very nice too!)

  44. Helen says:

    Massage or pedicure would do the trick!

  45. Elizabeth Bear says:

    Lisa, my mothers day wish isn’t for me it’s for my friend Lisa. She is the true meaning of motherhood. What she has endured with her son Aiden has taught me to be a better person and mother. She inspires MANY everyday and I would love for her to recieve one of your necklaces. This one is truly fitting for her. You can take a peek at Lisa’s journey with Aiden here…

  46. Heather M. says:

    Oh, it’s gorgeous! What a beautiful necklace! I’d love a day to scrapbook – no cooking, cleaning or child-rearing. 😉

  47. Jeanette says:

    I’d be happy to spend time with my family not have to cook any food or do the dishes. :-)

  48. Karen says:

    I would love that necklace! I love being a mama! It is the best thing in the world. How awesome to have a necklace to say all those great things! Thanks for giveaways. And Mother’s Day ideas!!

  49. Amber says:

    Enjoying a day with my two boys. Family time is the best gift. Not having to do dishes or any cleaning would be a wonderful treat as well :) This necklace is so sweet…I love the chain.

  50. Heidi @ ggip says:

    I would like a bubble bath, a glass of wine and being able to read. :)

    Lovely necklace!

  51. i love it!! so sweet, lisa (and sarah)!

    mother’s day… hmm… sleep in, go out to eat, snuggles, be lazy, snuggles, get lots of hugs, snuggles… sounds perfect to me.

  52. Chris P says:

    Just a simple lunch or dinner out and maybe a movie of my choice-cooking and cleaning free day!!!. This necklace is truly gorgeous!!

  53. Linda w says:

    I would love my entire family here for dinner and also that they would do all the cooking and cleaning up.

    thanks much

  54. Carmen McShane says:

    My perfect Mother’s Day would be hanging out with my mom. Now having children of my own, I realize all the sacrifices she made for me and how lucky I am to be her daughter.

  55. Krista says:

    Wow, those are so pretty!
    Pampering to me means that I don’t have to “do” anything around the house for the whole day. And it doesn’t just get left for me to do the next day!

  56. Janelle Eller says:

    I traditionally spend the day at home with my family, reading and lounging. I get to eat a great steak dinner made by my family. Thanks for the opportunity!

  57. Erika K says:

    I would love to spend the day with my husband and daughter. Nothing fancy, just a day together of fun and laughing and playing. Maybe a picnic at the park would be in order, wearing my new necklace :)

  58. Susan says:

    I am so lucky this year….I will be in New York City visiting a friend….I can’t wait……..I hope I will be wearing a new necklace while I am checking out the sites!


  59. Renee says:

    I’m not sure what I’ll be doing but I’m sure that with a brand new baby in the house I’ll have lots of motherly stuff to do, Lucky for me I have a great hubby who will make the day relaxing and fun!

  60. Jennifer says:

    I would love a day where I don’t have to run anyone anywhere or cook anyone anything. A day I can just be and nothing is expected from me. Do you think my 4 kids will go along with that?
    Great give away! I am crossing everything on me.


  61. Canela says:

    I would love to go out for a leisurely breakfast at a local diner with my family, stopping off at a lavendar farm to buy organic herbs for replanting in the herb garden my then 10 year old son prepared for me for Mother’s Day 11 years ago; then home to play in my garden for the afternoon, and ending with a picnic dinner and dancing to Big Band music at a park along the Appalachian Trail ~ heaven on earth!

  62. Gail S. says:

    I am 48 years old and have never had a massage or a pedicure in my life and I would just once like to try one of them…I have heard they are wonderful. Thank you for a chance to win such a beautiful piece of jewelry. p.s. I am a mother of three!

  63. Amy says:

    This Mother’s Day will be bittersweet for me. I have three beautiful children Jack-age 7, Olivia-age 5, and Morgan-age 3. I also have a beautiful baby boy, Joseph who was only 17 weeks old when I gave birth to him in October. I will spend my Mother’s Day lovin’ on my three precious gifts here and thinking about my baby boy in heaven with God. This year will be my first Mother’s Day with a child in heaven, but what a blessing to have been his mama for even a short time. He taught me much about life and about what being a mama truly means. We have been trying to get pregnant again since his death, so I pray that on this Mother’s Day I will also be growing another precious baby! Being a mama to these children has been my greatest joy!

  64. Staci says:

    Can’t wait—my boys will suprise me with something I am sure….Would like to spend the day with my mom and sister having lunch and then just snuggling with my boys! Great necklace!!

  65. Kim says:

    I just want to spend the day with my kids. As they are getting older, I am not needed so much for a hand holder, dream soother……but I will always be a love giver. This necklace brings back such lovely memories.

  66. julie says:

    Love the necklace

  67. Andrea says:

    I want a pedi/mani and a nice big brunch that I dont have to clean up after.

  68. Carolyn says:

    How fun! We were just talking about last year’s Mother’s Day with our son. (There was a bathroom accident at a restaurant – enough said!) This will be our first Mother’s Day with our daughter who is six months old today. Breakfast in bed with homemade cards and gifts – we’ll have such fun.

  69. Julie says:

    i would like to spend this mom’s day with my two kidlets visiting my mom’s weeping willow tree that was planted in her honour, after her death 25 years ago this month…her tree thrives beside a peaceful pond overflowing with ducks, chirping birds and nature just starting to burst into life after a long winter…soothing & pampering

  70. Michelle says:

    With 2 little ones I know a day off isn’t really practical, but I would love to spend the day doing fun stuff with my family, like going to the beach or park and having a yummy lunch at a restaurant. (can you forward this on to my hubby so he can be prepared?)

    This Mother’s Day is going to be so tough, it will be the first without my Mum who just passed away from breast cancer. So, in reality, I expect much of the day will be spent just trying to keep it together. I’m also trying to think of something really special to do to honour my beautiful Mum that can become a tradition for my family.

  71. Mindy says:

    I always enjoy Mother’s Day spending it with my hubby and the 4 little ones usually a lunch out somewhere and just having fun. I would really love to get a massage — I need one badly — it’s been at least 5 years!

  72. Bonnie says:

    mmmm… Mother’s Day pampering… I always ask for and usually get a good “spring cleaning” done by my boys. They also cook me breakfast and dinner (breakfast is usually later – who needs lunch) and bring me flowers… To me, it’s the perfect day and I wouldn’t change a thing.

  73. Kristi says:

    Just spending the day with my wonderful family is all I need. I just placed an order yesterday, but I would love to win this piece as well…yes, I’m greedy like that:)

  74. Tina says:

    I would love to have some time to myself to get a pedicure, shop and grab a coffee. Then I want to spend time with my wonderful husband and two boys. And a nice lunch out would be nice too

  75. Ann says:

    Well…I’d love to sleep late, drink a Starbucks, and thrift shop all by myself…enjoy a yummy dinner on the town with my family…then end the day with us all looking back at each of our children’s first year scrapbook albums, remembering how I became a mother, three-fold…

  76. Hmmmm….. I guess we all veiw it differently. A day of pampering for me would start off with sleep…. even five straight hours would be lovely. Then a day with out my son having any seizures or having to give him pain meds. Then if he felt up to it a trip all four of us to our favorite duck pond. How would I want to be pampered….. a day of smiles! :)

  77. Christy says:

    This will be my first year to celebrate Mother’s Day as a mama! Honestly, pampering for me would be to actually get some sleep while my husband takes our baby someplace and I have the house to myself! My son is six weeks old and I am a walking zombie :) I have learned as a new mom that you don’t really “sleep” with a baby, you are just closing your eyes and listening for him to cry.. hehe. Thanks for the giveaway.. I LOVE your work!

  78. Joy says:

    A massage, a soak in a hot tub and a nap.

  79. Theresa says:

    For Mother’s Day I would like for my whole family to have a womderful day! I would also like breakfast in bed. :)

    Maybe my father in law will be out of the hospital so I won’t have to spend the day there. He would just be home with us. That is what I want…I want my father in law back home with us where he blongs. That would be the best Mother’s Day present….That is after I win a beautiful necklace. :)

  80. Karen b says:

    Because my husband works EVERY weekend, I would LOVE to just sleep in one morning without the kids. That would be a simple but perfect mothers day present!

  81. Donna says:

    With my husband in Iraq I’m thinking the pampering may not happen :-) However, being with my children is enough for the day. That and quietness would be good too……….

  82. Heidi says:

    I want to sleep in and go for a massage after stopping by Barnes & Noble to browse and drink coffee! LOVE this new necklace!!

  83. Anjanette says:

    delicious coffee, sushi for lunch, a nap, hugs from my kids, a fun mama necklace 😉

  84. Paige says:

    I would really like to sleep in..something my two little alarm clocks don’t let me do very often. Also, a doughnut. I LOVE doughnuts and don’t let myself get them very often. Yum! This mama necklace is so sweet and so true!

  85. Debbie says:

    Sleep in. Got out for lunch. Do something fun with my kids. RELAX!!!
    Love this necklace!

  86. cori Fraser says:

    I want some sweet kisses and some cuddles and some quiet. I don’t need a big gift or event, but a day alone is always special too!
    Beautiful necklace!!

  87. Teresa says:

    I’d like to sleep in, then be joined for a snuggle with my two little sweeties. This is my first mother’s day as a mom of TWO kids. The weather will be warm and sunny and I’ll get nice outdoor time, perhaps at the park. I’d like to see my mom and I’ll be thinking of my grandmother. Ahhh, sounds good to me. I LOVE this necklace! I hope I win!! :)

  88. Kimberly says:

    this might be a little non-traditional but I would love to spend part of the day just snuggling with my two little guys, if only they could stay still for a few hours, that would be a real treat. Then maybe a nice big breakfast in bed made by daddy…The neckace is lovely, that would be a great treat also.

  89. Sylvia says:

    Although a lovely brunch, flowers and a day at the spa would certainly be appealing, I would prefer for Mothers Day to be like most other days where I can relish in how fantastic my babes are – I want to wake up to my almost-two-year saying “I see Mama” and having my almost-four-year crawl into bed with me and hold my hand under the covers. Then, I want to make homemade muffins with my son “I ‘telp'” (help) and my daughter exclaiming “Mama, you make the best muffins in the whole world”. Maybe then we can read “Peepo” and “Mr. Gumpy’s Outing” for the kabillionth time and go for a walk to the bush where we feed the birds and the rabbits. Afterward, a snack of popcorn (with shake) and some time to make crafts would wrap up the best of days!!!

    Happy Mothers Day to all! Enjoy your special day!

  90. Debbie says:

    I would LOVE to sit down to a meal that I didn’t have to cook, and have it all cleaned up afterwards, too. A pedicure and massage would be awesome, too. Most of all, I just love having the four generations together: my grandma, my Mom, me and my son, plus all the other relatives! :o)

  91. Nichole says:

    I would LOVE to not have to cook anything, clean anything, or wash anything! Enjoying a lazy morning snuggling with my two best guys! Being able to just relax, read, or watch a girly movie would be absolute heaven!

  92. I was looking at your website the other day for this necklace and didn’t notice it. I LOVE the changes you made to the necklace. It looks great.

    For Mother’s Day last year we went on a bike ride and out to dinner with our neighbors which was wonderful. I hope we do something like that again. Of course a bit of quiet time in the afternoon is always nice and not having to do dishes or cook for one day is a big treat.

  93. Stephanie says:

    I want to know that I will make a good mom. I want to know that I am worthy of such great blessings and that I am capable, no matter how nervous. With no children yet, I want to know of my potential, so that I can prepare myself and never miss the chance. This Mother’s day I want to recognize what is possible, and pay special thanks to my own mom… who’s given so much.

    Motherhood… what a gift.

  94. Erin says:

    I love your stuff. I’m actually hoping for one of your necklaces for Mother’s Day. Just trying to decide which one to ask for. I’m planning to take my Mom out for a yummy dessert while my Husband, Son, Dad and Brother make the two of us dinner. It’s only my second Mother’s Day. And I was in new baby mode last year and was too sleep deprived to do or want much!

  95. Tiffany T says:

    My family and I are meeting my parents, sister & my brother-in-law at a lake for Mother’s Day weekend! Just the chance to get away from the norm is GREAT for me! Oh and it doesn’t hurt that I will have 4 built-in-babysitters too! 😉

  96. Leann says:

    Beings we are in the midst of a snow storm right now, I would love a nice warm day where we could play at the park and take a nice walk.

  97. Sarah says:

    I just want to sleep in, and have coffee delivered to me in the morning.

  98. Dena says:

    A day at the beach would be perfect. Just some time with my two favorite boys.

  99. Lisa Lewis says:

    I want us to meet our oldest son in Santa Barbara, walk on the beach and pier and remember my mom. It is only the second Mother’s Day without her, and last year we were still reeling from my father’s untimely death so we didn’t really “celebrate” Mother’s Day. We used to meet my mom in SB when she was still working as a principal down in LAUSD. Now that our oldest is away at Biola University, meeting in Santa Barbara and reminiscing as well as making new memories sounds really good to me!

  100. With my 4th baby due 2 weeks after Mother’s Day this year I am looking forward to spending some time with my 5, soon to be 4 and 1 1/2 yr old before their new brother/sister arrives. My husband will have just gotten back from being out of town so maybe having a movie w/ pizza (frozen or carry out!) for dinner one night would be a nice treat. Also, I love going over and spending time with my mom and all my siblings on Mother’s Day, it’s such a special time. :)

  101. Denise says:

    I would like a day at the beach with hubby and kids! Walking, playing, talking, and a yummy picnic!!!

    I was one of the first to purchase this necklace last year…for myself! ; ) I am thinking about getting one for my dear friend, Susan, who just gave birth to an adorable little boy last month. Unfortunately, this little angel was only with us for 2 days. This necklace would be a great reminder of the love that she gives her children every day!

  102. Alisa says:

    Sleep in, yummy breakfast out….play at the ocean….another yummy meal for dinner where the only decesion I have all day is what dessert I want :)

  103. Kim says:

    My husband is a restaurant manager and spends every holiday taking care of everyone elses mothers! I would love for him to be home with us, would love a picnic and a bit of time. I am so blessed that he works so hard to take care of our family!

  104. Liz D says:

    This will be my 2nd Mother’s Day, but I was recovering with a newborn last year, so it will seem like my first. A simple day of having a meal made for me and a nap in the sun with my handsome hubby and sweet little baby girl would be perfect. By the way, I simply love your jewelry. I wish I could own one.

  105. lindsey says:

    my best friend is having her 4th in august and NEEDS this necklace!

    on mother’s day i just want to be with my family, but have no responsibilities.

  106. Angie says:

    We usually try to go out for a special Brunch for Mother’s Day! Many of the years, this Brunch has been held at a building on whatever military base we are stationed at — Mom’s are pretty special people for the Military Men & Women! 😉
    Since we just moved to this new Duty Station in February, I am not sure what the plan is, but it is sure to be a day of doting on Mom…maybe a foot rub from my 9 year old, my hair brushed by my 3 year old, and lots of “MUHA” kisses from my 18 month old! LOL No matter what we end up doing…I go to bed that night knowing how LOVED I am!

  107. Roban says:

    For me, the perfect Mother’s Day will include time with my daughter, who is 13 and still loves me! Maybe a little time at my local bookstore perusing (and buying) the new issue of Artful Blogging…. a mocha frapp with whipped cream… dinner with family on my deck and with my daughter right beside me.

    You have a gazillion folks interested in this necklace for themselves or for friends and family. I have to be honest and tell you that it would hang around my neck… for me as my daughter’s “mama,” and in memory of my mama who passed away a few years ago. I still think about her and miss her. Her birthday is in May, so the month brings a rush of memories to me.


  108. stephanie says:

    I would love to have my kiddos wake me up with laughter and kisses —- then I’d like to have the tv remote all to myself all day!!!!

  109. amy says:

    this mother’s day i would love to sleep in a little, have all my meals fixed for me and of course no dishes, maybe take a nap and a vanilla latte would be nice too. that’s it. really. our lives are so rushed and complicated, but i would love to slow it down and simplify it…if only for one single day!

  110. helen says:

    I would just spend the day with my son & husband all the daily things like….. housework would just wait
    for another day I would be love to wear your art work what a blessing it is to have a gift from you.

  111. Julie says:

    This is really my first “official” mother’s day because our adoption wasn’t final until September. I think we will probably spend it as always, with all of our family.

  112. kristine hanson says:

    Last year my mother in law was dying during Mother’s day…..we did not celebrate Mother’s day for me or my mom, last year it was all about my MIL….she passed a few days after Mother’s Day….It did not bother me that I was not “celebrated” we were in the process of losing my husbands mom so all the attention was on her….I told my mom that we would have a “do over” next year for us…..I was just thinking about Mother’s day today…I am going to treat my mom to a mocha, a pedicure and words of thanks for being my mom and my childrens grandma and my husbands MIL…..

  113. Linda Z says:

    Just a relaxing day with the family would be wonderful!! :)

    If I won a necklace it would go to my sweet friend Samantha who waited a long time for a miracle and to be called “mama.”

  114. Junglewife says:

    To be pampered – I would just love a little bit of time to do something on my own! Isn’t it ironic that as a mother sometimes the thing we need most is just some time away from our kids?!

  115. alison chino says:

    That necklace is so beautiful! I love that it says “mama” because it’s so endearing.

    I would love for my kids to treat each other with extravagant kindness all day long on Mother’s Day.

    And for my husband to cook me dinner of course.

  116. Sarah says:

    I tried to win this last year and I hope I can win it this year!

  117. Kat says:

    I would love to spend the day with all three of my children!

  118. Jessica B says:

    Well, I won’t officially be a mama until the end of May or beginning of June but my husband is taking me on a little getaway on Mother’s Day weekend. It is our last trip as just the two of us. I think he has a spa treatment set up for me as a mother’s day gift. I couldn’t ask for much more.

  119. Michelle says:

    Sleeping in just a tad later than usual, having sushi buffet for lunch. Going to the Rose Bowl Flea Market and just browsing the day away with my three favorite people. Sounds great to me! Thanks for a chance to win!

  120. shannon stinson says:

    i just want to spend the day with my two babies…enjoying who they are and what they mean in my life…and spending the day thanking God that He blessed me with the gift of “motherhood”…for it truly is a blessing.

  121. Marci says:

    Just lots of love, hugs, and kisses from my little ones. Looking and admiring the cute craft projects that will bring home from school for Mother’s Day. Oh, and lots of kind words from DH.

  122. Corinne says:

    A nap by myself, then lots of snuggles and hugs and kisses from the little ones :) Then maybe dinner cooked by the hubby, and a nice big glass of wine after the kiddies go to bed!

  123. Stacy says:

    Getting to sleep in sounds yummy to me!

  124. Kristen Michelle says:

    Since I am not a mom yet, I do everything possible to pamper my Mom. My siblings & I all live far away from her, but this year we will be nearby (for my sister’s graduation) the week after Mother’s Day, so we will be able to celebrate with her (better late than never right?).

    I am going to take her to breakfast, and then we will probably go get our nails done, which gives us an excuse to gossip, catch up, and do girly things together. At some point in the weekend we will probably end up watching a ton of wedding shows on the WE channel, since I’m in the middle of planning my wedding & we’re both caught up in the whirl-wind.

    We will most likely finish the day going to Baskin & Robbins, with a Cappuccino Blast – our favorite snack to get together. I grew up going to B&R with her, and now I’m finally able to return the favor and spoil her. She’s the best Mom a girl could ever have, and I try to show her how much I appreciate her – even though I’m 2,000 miles away! :o)

  125. Sarabeth says:

    Mmmm…someone else fixing the food, a nap, maybe a movie and a glass of wine late at night – sounds about perfect to me!

  126. kara says:

    i think my fave. treats on mom’s day are the homemade cards, trinkets, hand-picked weed-flowers that my 4 kiddos pamper me with. (: would love to share this precious necklace w. my sis- a new mama- as of 3/20/09.

  127. kristen says:

    my favorite part of mother’s day is the sweet notes from my kids and hubby! i always get teary eyed and feel so loved. a nap would make the day over the top! :)

    kristofer312 at gmail dot com

  128. I would love a massage, a bubble bath, and going to bed early! A clean house and all the laundry caught up would be a nice bonus…

  129. DeAnna says:

    I LOVE this necklace! I want to spend the day with my girls, do something we dont do everyday, have peticures, go to the cupcake shop, just enjoy time together with the most wonderful little girls that made me a mother.

  130. Chelle says:

    i am in desperate need of a massage! i am so tense in the shoulders and neck…major headaches daily from it…i need someone to get in there and get rid of that tension…stress is so hard on the body! lovely, lovely necklace!

  131. Angela says:

    I would like a repeat of last years Mother’s day…quiet day with my husband and our sons, planting a vegetable garden, and just enjoying time together.

  132. Maggie says:

    This is my first Mother’s Day. Even though my son grew his wings shortly after his arrival and is in heaven, my husband and I plan on celebrating with a good dinner and time with each of our mothers. Hoping someday to hear “mama”…maybe by next mother’s day :)

  133. Abby says:

    Well, this is my first Mother’s Day and I am so excited! I would love a day at the beach with a massage, facial, mani and pedi… hah but that’s not going to happen. So instead I will snuggle my chubby baby ALL DAY LONG!

  134. vicki says:

    I would love love love a day with my family, with not committments or obligations. I am so blessed with three children that I don’t need anything. Perhaps my daughter can brush my hair while one son cuddles me and the other son shows me his early reading skills. bliss.

  135. Natalie Meyer says:

    My ideal Mother’s day would start with breakfast at IHOP with my hubby & kiddies followed by an afternoon of scrapbooking. I would LOVE to be able to sit down and focus on documenting so many amazing memories with my little ones. My daughter is two and I’ve only completed 5 pages & my little 5 month old doesn’t even have an album =( My evening would conclude with being able to treat my mom & grandma to a nice dinner out!

  136. Patricia says:

    …a lunch date with my two favourite boys and then perhaps an afternoon at the beach exploring would be delightful! :-) Patti

  137. Jan Richards says:

    Time with our two daughters and their families and take-out Chinese with no cooking for any of us
    is my idea of a good time. Thanks for a chance to win one of your beautiful necklaces!

  138. Toril says:

    In Norway mother’s day is the second Sunday in February. Usually I visit my mother and bring a little present and homemade cake. My husband don’t care much about this day. I usually get a phonecall or a nice card and even a little present sent from our daughter and son .They live on the west coast about 1500 kilometers from where we live in the north.

  139. jenn says:

    due to divorce and being laid-off, i have not been able to afford a haircut since october of last year, so that would be the perfect mother’s day gift. also, being able to spend the day with my son and not having to worry about anything else would be a blessing.

  140. Hi Lisa,
    Though I have three kids of my own, which definitely makes me a mama, I would give the necklace to my sister. She just had her very first little baby boy just 3 weeks ago and I would love for her to have something beautiful to celebrate her very first Mother’s Day! Karen

  141. Southern Gal says:

    I would rather have my children around me and spend time with my mama more than anything else on Mother’s Day. My daughter will be getting married the next weekend, so I doubt I’ll have time for pampering. I have a tendancy to leave myself last on the list when busy with other things. The weekend after the wedding I’ll have one free weekend before my middle son graduates from high school. I’m so grateful the Lord blessed us with our last baby who is only 7. He knew I couldn’t handle an empty nest all at once!

    Your necklaces are beautiful.

  142. Melinda says:

    Honestly I would love to spend the day with my family…breakfast in bed would be appreciated but is not necessary. Also might enjoy an hour or two to go get a mani/pedi. We usually do not go out to eat as I do not enjoy the crowds and prefer to have my husband work his magic on the BBQ.

    That necklace is just darling!

  143. Alison says:

    How much would I adore to have that round my neck – so lovely to be thought of as being all of those things to my 2 girls! We have already had mother’s day here in the UK, but how cool to have a constant reminder of my most fabulous God-given job – to be a mother! A x

  144. Erin says:

    I love the necklace! A great day would be snuggles in bed when I wake up, a walk with my husband, 2 boys and dog, a long naptime to do my own thing and a night out with my husband.

  145. stacey says:

    Depending on our timing, this Mother’s Day could mean a pampering of a different kind. The delivery of our newest little boy! Whether it happens before or after, I am thinking that a good foot massage and a nap is still in order!

  146. Gen says:

    I love homemade gifts from my three kids–they’re the best part of the day (along with LOTS of hugs & kisses). I also love that my husband cooks something wonderful for me every year…thinking about the day makes my heart beat a little faster 😉

  147. Tara says:

    spending a sunny afternoon at the zoo with my 9 month old twins!

  148. Theah says:

    I just had my second child 8 days ago, so I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to sleep for a WHOLE day! I had forgotten that sleep becomes the most precious gift of all when these little ones enter our lives.

  149. Dianne says:

    I would love to have a full night of sleep (we are talking dreams here, right!) My 6 month old hasn’t slept through the night yet…and boy that would be awesome!

  150. Lindsey says:

    I would love to snuggle with my kids on the couch, reading stories or having a popcorn party with a fun movie. Considering I will be nine months pregnant with my third, at that point, not having to exert to much energy sounds wonderful.

  151. Daniela says:

    hello Lisa!
    I am not a mother yet… But I am a mother and I hope to make my mother happy in her day: I would like to do a cake for her, to give her the chance to have free-time (because I am a woman and I know how it is difficult for a mother with work and family to have a “myself-time”).
    I would like to walk in the park with her and let her know that I love her, even if sometimes life set against each other for choices or decisions.

    Happy Mother’s day to every mother in the world.

    PS: your mama necklace is wonderful! 😉

  152. Daniele says:

    I want to spend Mother’s Day surrounded by my family, of course!

  153. Joy D says:

    I would love breakfast in bed while watching my favorite movie…then my crew would be cleaning the house while I take an afternoon nap. Then off to massage, pedicure and yummy cupcakes…

    Love love this necklace!

  154. Mandy Kirk says:

    Having a six week old baby, I would like sometime to read a book and take a nap! And of course shiny things wouldn’t be turned away :)

  155. Lisa says:

    As Mother’s Day approaches…I can smell the bbq…love having a bbq, inviting my mom and just hanging out with my family.

  156. stephanie says:

    A nap would be a treat, and spa here I come!

  157. emily says:

    well, of course i want one of those!! such beautiful words, and i love that chain, too! what does that mean, to be pampered? how about no kitchen duty, no laundry, time in the waves, and time in the sun…and time by MYSELF!

  158. alyssa low says:

    i’m in grad school and have NO free time to deep clean the house…i’d love to wake up late, have a strong cup of coffee, breakfast out with the fam and have someone come and totally clean my house. maybe spend the day up at the huntington library and then dinner at the park…and spend NO time studying, reading or looking at my computer screen!

  159. Lori Guzman says:

    I was born on Mother’s Day so usually I have to share my Mother’s Day celebration with my birthday. This year they are a couple of days apart so maybe I’ll get two celebrations! As a mother to two boys also, it would be great to actually be able to do girly stuff like watch chick flicks and be pampered. I love all your jewelry, each piece is awesome!

  160. What a gorgeous necklace Lisa!

    For Mother’s Day I would love to get to sleep in late (not that it will happen lol) and then maybe go out for a nice lunch with my family and just spend the rest of the day together!

  161. Amy says:

    I’m not a mom and I just lost mine two months ago, but I would love to spend the day with my mother-in-law–shopping, having lunch, talking. This necklace is her style so I would give it to her.

  162. Kelly P says:

    No pampering necessary for me on mother’s day 😉 As long as I can snuggle with my 2 cuties and hubby on the couch, I would be perfectly happy. Of course, a stroll down the bike path would be wonderful too if it’s a nice day. Ahhhh….

  163. jessy15 says:

    I would love to win this 4 my aunt. she deserves to b pampered! She has 2 kids of her own and also took me and my brother in a year and a half ago. She sold the house she loves for a bigger one so all of us kids would have our own “space” Then she quit her full time career so she could “hold our hands, sooth our dreams, and give us LOVE!” She has been my personal salvation and she refuses to let me get a job so that I can concentrate completeley on my schoolwork so it would b nice to b able to surprise her with an awesome gift from “ME”!

  164. Maria says:

    please, please, please pick me! I want this necklace for my cousin. She is due May 15th with her first baby. She would LOVE this.

    I’m not a mom (yet) so this mother’s day I will be pampering my mom with breakfast and shopping :)

    Thank you for the opportunity :)

  165. Amanda says:

    Each year we tend to sleep in then curl up on the couch w/ a great cup of coffee w/ cream and just veg out in our jammies with the kids. If I’m lucky my husband throws in a massage :) and we just take it easy for the day. :)

  166. Jennifer says:

    Two boys who would get along all day-no fighting or whining!

  167. Jen McRae says:

    I would love a day at home by myself. I would love to enjoy my home in complete quiet. I’d grab a book, or watch a DVD. Add and ice cold diet pepsi and I’m in heaven!

  168. Tanesa says:

    I’d just like a day to spend at home–a good breakfast of scrambled eggs, turkey sausage, biscuits, and coffee; and some time to work in the garden. Later in the evening we could just get cozy and watch a movie together.

  169. Juanita says:

    I just wish for a quiet, relaxing day with my husband and daughter, maybe a nice brunch and afternoon outdoors. I’m easy to please, as long as I’m getting love and cuddles. And your necklace is beautiful, I would love it so. :)

  170. Katie says:

    I’m most looking forward to just sleeping in on Mother’s Day. My boys wake up between 5:30-6:00am so it’s my one day to just lay in bed and sleeeeeeep while my hubby hangs out with the boys. Can’t wait!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  171. Charlotte says:

    A quiet afternoon with family.

  172. teresa says:

    i’m probably pampered everyday in many people’s eyes. i am so grateful to be a mother to 3 amazing boys. but if i had to say something….if someone made me some moist carrot muffins piled high with cream cheese frosting, i would be in heaven.

  173. Whitney says:

    Waking up with cuddles from all three of my boys, a day with family, and maybe a special dinner.

    Thanks for asking everyone to share. i love seeing the traditions and ideas.

  174. karen says:

    my gals are so fun and crafty. i’d love a day of crafting with them … and if the weather is nice some hiking with my daughters.

  175. ali says:

    we have a great little asian massage place near us, so that’s what i’m hoping for!

  176. Oh how I would love to be pampered this Mother’s Day…instead we’ll be singing 2 masses that day, then a concert for everyone else’s mothers and then probably taking my mother-in-law out to an early dinner. Maybe I can at least take a bath while my husband does our toddler’s bedtime routine. Sigh…

  177. kaley smith says:

    this mothers day will be even more special because i just came home today after having our second daughter, paige. it will be exciting to have two little names on a mothers day card! id love to spend the day with my husband and our girls and THAT would be my “dream” pampering.

  178. Sarah R says:

    I would love to take lunch to the park with my husband and boys. Then I would love to have them make me a simple dinner. That would be special.

  179. Chris Bush says:

    Snuggling on the porch swing with my 3 boys. Well, realistically I will snuggle with my two autistic boys, while my 3rd “normal” boy is jumping like a wild man on the trampoline. It’s all about being outside together…the snow should be gone by then! :)

  180. sarah c. says:

    a day with my hubby and kids… no dishes to wash… no worries about keeping things clean… just good, relaxing, fun.

  181. Molly says:

    I have a two week old and a two year old so if I had to choose my dream pampering today – it would be SLEEP! :-) Hopefully by Mother’s Day I’ll be ready for brunch with my husband and beautiful children. We always enjoy brunch with my mom and dad, too. My mom and I will escape for an hour and get a pedicure!

  182. deezie says:

    Love love love that necklace, its so pretty, but all your work is beautiful :)
    How do I want to be pampered this Mothers day??? well I actually don’t want to be pampered what I want is just one more day with my momma, which is not possible since she passed away last year. She lived here with my husband and girls. I was the one who found her:( if I can have just one more day, that is what I would want for Mothers day. One more day to tell her the things I never did tell her….

  183. I want my 5yo son, adopted from Ethiopia 16 months ago, to fall asleep in my arms. He rarely feels safe enough to do so, and it’s a treasure when he does!

  184. Andrea Case says:

    My husband is starting a job tomorrow in Boston. We live in New Jersey. His office closed last month. Many people lost their jobs, his was relocated. We have 2 kids, 8 and 12. I will be a single mom during the week. He’ll come home on the weekends. We’re trying to sell the house we love. This is sad. I can’t describe how I feel about the economy on this lovely blog.

  185. Debbie says:

    I would love a low key day with my whole little family—the 5 of us—-with yummy food! Your work is gorgeous and thank you for all you do.

    Love your blog!

  186. Heather says:

    This mothers day I would love to spend time with my guys outside sitting in the sun, watching one play while cuddling the newest member of our family.

  187. Leslie says:


    This is gorgeous and although our darling boys call me mom or mommy our precious little diva calls me mama??? I love it!!! My idea of a perfect Mother’s day is having my family at church and afterward a picnic with PB & J sandwiches at the park……..with kites of course! Love the new site!!!


  188. Marilyn says:

    Just a quiet afternoon at home would suit me fine. A new necklace around my neck would be even better.

  189. Kristy V says:

    What a beautiful necklace! As far as Mother’s Day…..sleeping in would be wonderful, followed by eating something that I don’t have to cook, next a massage would be nice, but really I would like to go visit my best friend who is 16 hours away who is pregnant with twins and celebrate the day with teaching her some of the things I have learned over the years!

  190. Mickey says:

    This will be my first Mother’s Day without my mom. She passed away on March 19th. I have no baggage…….I loved her, she knew it and I held her hand when she passed away. I am at peace. I imagine her in heaven drinking martinis :-) My sister and I will celebrate Mother’s day with dinners from our families and flowers from our husbands but our hearts will be with our mom. She was a really great mom.

  191. jennifer milam says:

    I would love an afternoon of pampering!!! Massage, manicure and pedicure would certainly do the trick!!!

  192. Karen Hays says:

    I love the new necklace, I have 3 of your necklaces so far and where them all the time. A day of peace and quiet, with the boys not arguing would be wonderful. Just a day together to relax.

  193. Holly says:

    I always plant flowers after church on Mother’s Day and get my flower beds ready for spring. I would love for my house to be clean (and stay clean), but I think I’ll settle for lots of kisses and snuggles!

  194. Kenna says:

    I would love to have breakfast in bed with my 3 kiddos and hubby! Then spend the rest of the day relaxing, playing and bumming around together – no schedules.

  195. Heather says:

    All I want is to be able to have a long, uninterrupted, hot bubble bath with a good book. I’d also love for my husband to be able to keep the house clean for the day. :)

  196. Megan says:

    A clean house, a happy child, and a thankful husband just for one day would be great! Mommy’s need breaks sometimes! :)

  197. kandy says:

    Just a day with two special men, my son and my husband, and maybe another son or daughter arriving one week before. So sleep would be nice, not likely, but I can ask right 😉

  198. Jan R. says:

    I would *love* for my husband to remember Mother’s Day, in advance, and have my boys (11, 9 & 8) do something sweet for me – just like I do them every, single day of the year!

  199. Jen says:

    Breakfast at my fav restaurant, a pedicure and massage, and then a long lovely afternoon nap!

  200. Eva says:

    This will be the first Mothers Day that I get to spend with my Mom in 9 years. Unfortunately my Dad passed away last June so my Mom moved back up north to be closer to her grandchildren. I’m so happy to have her but it’s definitely bittersweet. I also suffered a miscarriage last summer so I really want to stop and take a deep breath and enjoy my children and my Mom this year. I really don’t care what we do as long as we do it together.

    BTW – I wore one of you necklaces to an Easter egg hunt today and all the Moms were admiring it! Your jewelry is beautiful.

  201. Rebecca says:

    This is so sweet! My husband will be at a business meeting this Mother’s Day… only a man would schedule such a thing! Not sure what we’ll do, perhaps mini golf?

  202. pam says:

    All I EVER want on Mother’s Day is to be with our two girls! THAT’S ALL! I don’t care what we do…just to be with them.

  203. Ronda says:

    a handmade card, a kiss on the cheek…An “I Love You Mom”
    The Simple things in life are the ones that mean the most.

  204. Who has time to be pampered? I just want to be with my family! My 17 year old son has to work on Mothers Day so I just want to go to the restaurant that he works at and have lunch with the rest of my family.

  205. Meredith says:

    My ultimate getaway happened this weekend–so I guess I already had my Mother’s Day pampering:) Girlfriends from my single days, lounge chairs by the pool (a few hours away from home), and magazines I’ve been meaning to read but never get too—the oldest was from Oct. 2007! I feel like myself again.

  206. Jen G says:

    I want to be smothered with wet kisses and hugs with sticky fingers. Hanging around the house with the kids (in our jammies!) sounds like the perfect day. :)

  207. Andrea T. :) says:

    I think a Mother’s day spent with my little guy (and husband … because I wouldn’t be a mama without him either :) is the perfect day. Not having to cook or do laundry is icing on the cake and a pedicure would be the sprinkles :).

  208. Again, totally want to jump right into the photos on the blog…they are totally soothing.

    Hmmmm…My wish for Mother’s Day? Would be for a day of Contentment for all of us. A day that holds nothing but gratefulness for every single second I have with the children and my husband. And a handmade card:)


  209. Carlie Beem says:

    Hope to get dirty :O In my garden that is. Every Mothers Day we plant vegetables and flowers. Living in the Midwest it is a joy just to be outside in the sun.

  210. wendy says:

    oooh, an afternoon alone at home, followed by dinner and games with the kids. That would be heavenly for me!

    I love the necklace!

  211. It would be a perfect day if, like last year, my son cooks me dinner and then we venture over to the Curtis Institute for student recitals. What a treat!

  212. megan says:

    our weather has been CRUMMY here….in fact, it is snowing-again-. So my “wish” for mother’s day this year is some decent weather so we can be outside….doing ANYTHING!! chalking,swinging, baseball, walking to the icecream store, grilling…..anything!

  213. lisa says:

    i just love your stuff.i have the wish necklace for my wish for adopting a little orphan girl one just wanted to tell you that I love them..all of them..keep up the good work

  214. Lori says:

    I would love some quiet time with God…to truly reflect on the gift of motherhood.

  215. Stephanie says:

    I think for me, just a couple of hours to myself… to either go window shop a bit (without that feeling of having to rush back home) go to a scrapbooking crop… or to actually just have a couple of uninterrupted hours of scrapping would be wonderful. …. followed by a meal that I didn’t cook would be great!! LOL

  216. Renee says:

    An ideal Mother’s Day is to not only be surrounded by the love of my two little boys and baby on the way but to also spend it in the presence of the other important mother’s in my life…my own mom, grandmother and aunt.

    If the boys could get along ALL DAY with no fighting, crying or screaming that would be an added bonus!

  217. april says:

    Nothing extra special just to know I am loved and apprciated.

  218. Leonie says:

    A cuppa, kisses, with possible dribble, a laugh and some great food. Yep maybe even cake xx

  219. Jen says:

    Waking up to daylight and realizing my husband quietly took the kids downstairs when they woke up to work on some of their famous artwork, which I never get tired of receiving as gifts!

    No dishes….

    All of my kids close by :)

  220. Crystal says:

    My sister and I will take my mom out for a day of greenhouse visiting, girls lunch out, pedicures and memory making! Your work is so, so pretty, Lisa! I am proud to wear my necklace and tell others about you.

  221. dawn says:

    Love the necklace. I have a toddler & am pregnant, so would love a day of relaxing in bed watching movies & eating my favorite snacks. Followed by some fun play time with my daughter & a yummy relaxing dinner.

  222. Kristen says:

    I would love to sleep in, just a bit… enjoy a little quiet, alone time (mani, pedi, massage) and then love on my family for the rest of the day! That would be the PERFECT Mother’s Day! I can’t forget MY MOM though… I would take her with me for the quiet, alone time and pamper her :)

  223. Kristin says:

    I would love to sleep in and then wake up to 3 children who behave themselves ALL day! That might be just a little too much to ask for a 6 year old, a 2 year old and an 8 month old, but a mama sure can dream! :)

  224. Susan says:

    I’d have to say sleeping in, being off diaper duty for the day, a wonderful cup of coffee and a pedicure…..then lots of hugs and kisses from my wee one and hubby – bliss!

  225. Tracey Denholm says:

    I would like a day to forget how hard times are right now, to enjoy a fun day with the family, and for everyone to remember that “nice matters”.

  226. Shannon says:

    I am extremely blessed with 2 little girls, 1 and (almost) 3. I would kill for just a few hours extra of sleep in the morning. Besides that I’d love a day with no whining and just time to enjoy with my husband and little ones as time seems to be the one precious resource there isn’t enough of. By the way, I just love your jewelry!

  227. KellyM says:

    Well, I love to ask for a little “me” time on Mother’s Day and, after a few hours to myself, I can’t think of anything better than hanging out with my wee girls! The necklace is quite lovely!

  228. Lisa says:

    We moved from Colorado to Seoul two months ago. Along with the move came the decision to go car-less for our time here. That has been the biggest change in my relationship with my children (ages 9 1/2, 7 1/2 and on the verge of 5). We have time to talk and catch up on life as we walk. I’ve been a mom for going on 9 years but feel like I’m finally hitting my stride in having a ‘relationship’ with my kids. Now more than ever would I love a “mom” necklace!

  229. Mary K says:

    Hopefully a fun trip somewhere with the husband and kids. Last year we went to the zoo and had a blast. Any type of adventure is good with me.

  230. Michelle B says:

    This mother’s day I am going to participate in the Susan G. Komen race for the cure. So not really getting pampared, but instead I am going to be raising money for breast cancer research! And I really can’t think of a more wonderful thing to do to honor the women in my family who have had breast cancer and to show my little boys what their mamma can do!

  231. Cathy says:

    Breakfast after church at my favorite breakfast place. Laying around reading a book all day — outside if it’s nice!

  232. Danielle says:

    Breakfast that doesn’t require my participation except to eat it and then a nice long family hike. Dinner out so that none of us has to clean up! 😉

  233. Roberta says:

    Anything that involves spending the day with my family. I love my Teeny Tiny Initials necklace and get so many comments whenever I wear it. Thank you for a great necklace Lisa!

  234. Angie says:

    I love spending Mother’s Day with my family…playing games, eating good food and getting those handmade cards from my little ones. But the day before Mother’s Day I dream of being pampered at the SPA! I would love a massage, a facial and a pedicure…some nice quiet time for myself.

  235. rachael s says:

    this mother’s day i just hope that i don’t have to do any of the day to day tasks that normally fill my hours. i want to sit back + relax, soak up some sun, enjoy my time with my family.

  236. ann west says:

    My oldest child will be graduating from college on mother’s day. It will be a day I won’t forget because he has blessed my life in so many ways. God gave me a precious gift and I know He will use him in miraculous ways. I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to be his mom and what better way to celebrate mother’s day than with him.

  237. Amanda H says:

    French toast for breakfast, church with my family and a relaxing afternoon. Maybe a trip to the beach if the weather is nice.

  238. Christi A. says:

    I would love to spend my mother’s day with my mother!!!! Although I am a mother now and enjoy being celebrated on that day….she is the one who helped make me the mom I am today!!!!

  239. Kim J says:

    Just to be able to have time to run and have time with my sweet lil family!

  240. cheryl says:

    brunch with my sweet family and lots of love and kisses from my boys!

  241. Holy cow a giveaway of one of your fabulous pieces?!!!!! Sign me up!!!!!!!! This Mother’s day I would love to go out for lunch with my family and spend the day taking photos of them all over the city, shopping, eating ice cream, just being together. Sounds simple i know, but i am a mother because of them and i love to be with them!

  242. Sarah says:

    On Mother’s Day I would like to celebrate the miracle of the births of my sons by snuggling in bed with them and sharing chocolate pancakes. We always get out the boys’ baby books and reminisce about the special day that made me a mom (the birth of my oldest son) and then about the lovely day that made my baby a big brother with the birth of our youngest son. I look forward to their handmade cards and wet kisses! :) Just a day to relax and enjoy each other with nothing to do and nowhere to run. Truly, just having my boys in my life is the best possible gift!

  243. Susan T says:

    Oh this necklace is just beautiful. Your work is so lovely. I just want to spend the day having fun with my kids and husband. Maybe a picnic too!

  244. Jenny V says:

    I would like for it to be spent snuggling with my boys in the morning. Playing outside in the sunshine with them in the afternoon and meals not cooked by me all day!

  245. Kim says:

    I would love a day of fun that I don’t have to plan myself, spent with my family, including a wonderful breakfast out!

  246. Lori says:

    Oooh, I love this year’s version!! I would love to have a nice, relaxing day with the kids where I actually can focus on them and not worry about housework, work, etc. A nice brunch would be a perfect start to the day and then maybe we could have some fun outside! Maybe I could also sneak in a little quiet shopping time where I could find the perfect pair of jeans! And then come home to a clean house courtesy of my hubby!

  247. Drea says:

    My perfect Mother’s Day & Wedding Anniversary (they are on the same day this year) would be to wake up to a waffle breakfast with my boys. Then we would head to the beach tp play and relax. Next I would be dropped off somewhere to get a massage and facial. Finally, I would enjoy an amazing dinner somewhere special with the whole family….including my mom!

  248. Brianna says:

    I just want to not have to cook!!!!

    Miss you guys!

  249. Whitney says:

    I hope I’m not too late to be entered! I love mother’s day….especially now that I’m a mom! :) My first mother’s day, my husband forgot! But, now, he always works extra hard to make up for it, so it does help make me feel better! I think this year, I would love a necklace from you! They are super cute and would really make my day special. Rather than that, I just want a relaxing day with cinnamon swirl french toast and being with my family!

  250. Erin says:

    For the first time in years, my husband is in a job that does not require him to work weekends. It is going to just be so nice to have him around on my day. It will be extra special to all be together.

  251. Joelle says:

    A Starbucks coffee and a wlak in the park with my boys and hubby. Then a visit with my mom and sister.

  252. aimee says:

    I’d love to have a picnic outside somewhere that my son can run around like crazy and I can lounge on the blanket!

  253. Jodi Allen says:

    OH! i just LOVE this beautiful necklace.
    I am a single Mom.
    This past month, i have found the man of my dreams. He is wonderful in every way. More then i could have ever dreamed of.
    My son, is 11. He is going though some ‘growing pains’ with this new relationship in our lives. My children are the light of my life. I have been so very blessed, to be able to be a Mother to such amazing children, even though the times were hard. We will get through this little bump in the road too.
    Life is good.
    Thank you for sharing your talents! BEAUTIFUL!

  254. Linda says:

    Lisa, this necklace is really something. My perfect Mother’s Day would be to have my children (or fairies!) clean my house to sparkling, then I could sleep in and wake up to breakfast in bed.
    After that, I’d open inexpensive (but thoughtful) gifts from my children and husband, and then we’d spend the afternoon doing something together, like a movie. By the way, thanks for the chance to win!

  255. Cristy says:

    So Beautiful!!!! I’m hoping to get a gift certificate for a massage &/or mani/pedi

  256. marcea says:

    Very sweet! Im just hoping hubby will let me sleep in, keep the kids downstairs… and do all of my laundry!! :)

  257. Jenn West says:

    What I would love for Mother’s Day is quite frankly something no one but the Good Man above can grace me with. In any case, I wish that this Mother’s Day I could know that the baby in my belly is going to make it. To live to be whole and healthy. I lost my last baby in the second trimester. It was a complete and utter shock and it has taken me awhile to heal. We are treading lightly this pregnancy and I try not to fill my days with worry and fear for it is not up to me how this story ends. My living children continually allow me the gift of laughter and endless joy to distract me, for that I am ever so thankful. After losing a baby, so many things seem trivial and if I could just be blessed with a peace for the remainder of this journey, I would be happy. Happy Mothers Day to all us hard working, selfless, MaMas who give so much each and every day.

  258. Stacey says:

    I must admit I just kind of like to be given a little more attention on that day so anything (breakfast or a small gift or whatever) is great!

  259. norma says:

    I love that I get to choose to do the things I love on that day and everyone cooperates. So help with planting flowers or making breakfast makes me happy. Walking to the Farmers Market instead of driving makes me happy. It doesn’t matter what we do really as long as I don’t get the usual opposition…that makes my day completely!!!! The simple things in life make me happiest!!!

  260. Jill says:

    Spending the day with the ones who mean the most to me….my family. And being the “only” girl in the house is cause for some extra special wishes on this day.

  261. Melissa says:

    I’m not a mom yet, but this would be a special gift for my mom on Mother’s Day. She raised 7 of us and this year we will all be on vacation together on Mother’s Day for the first time!

  262. bonnie says:

    love your site and jewelry and i read your blog regularly!
    for mother’s day it would be nice to not have to cook and maybe time outdoors and maybe one of your pieces :)

  263. Brooke says:

    A relaxing picnic in the park with my family is always a wonderful way to celebrate!

  264. Emily says:

    Hi Lisa!
    I would like a day of doing absolutely nothing, and eating some chocolate covered strawberries on Mother’s Day which also doubles as my birthday! YAY! I am also pregnant(perhaps that’s why I want the choco strawberries!) with our 3rd child and have to give myself not 1, but 2 daily injections of blood thinner so I am needing lots of pampering! =)

  265. Jaime says:

    I would love to get homemade cards and breakfast made by my hubby and kids!

  266. Kerry Estes says:

    I hope to spend it with my own mom and my two little girls.

  267. erin says:

    Lisa – I love your jewelry and love this necklace. I would love a nap a then a hike with my family.

  268. sherri says:

    wake up to kisses from my boys (hubby & son), breakfast cooked by them, and a day of pampering – especially since I’m preggo with #2! Love the necklace!

  269. Cathy Spock says:

    I’m hoping for a day of laughs and time spent together as a family! My teenage girls always spoil me with love and sweet little “spa treatments” at home (like painting my toenails!) and I love it! Lots of hugs and love notes and loving on me. It’s awesome!

  270. Wendy Sanchez says:

    My Mom’s day starts off with breakfast made by my husband for me and my Mom. The kids usually make me something special (which I love) then in the evening we go to my Dad’s house and have a dinner to celebrate Mom’s day with me, my step-mom and sister. It’s a nice day all around! Thank you for always creating fanastic jewerly!

  271. Susan says:

    Just spending the day with my family is a wonderful way to be pampered but I think a nice casual champagne brunch would be wonderful too… : )
    love your work Lisa!

  272. Amy says:

    To me everyday is Mother’s Day… Nothing could possibly be better than hearing my boys laughter and giggles everyday!! Children remind us all to slow down… Go outside.. Soak up some sunshine… And breath…. It’s amazing how the simple things in life really are the best gifts we could ever ask for… A hand print on paper… A doodle on a book… a sock in the hall… a hand picked flower…. a little message made out of chalk… It all brings little smiles that fill up your heart and make it complete!!

  273. Holly S. says:

    simply. beautiful… I would be so lucky to win this!

    my perfect mothers day: a nice long hot bath, and a nice long nap. and playing with my babies the rest of the day (17mon and newborn).

  274. Ashley says:

    I love your designs…hopefully I can nab one for me…free …and buy two more for my mama and nana!

  275. Karon says:

    Just spending the day with my two kids and my husband is what I want to do on Mother’s Day.

  276. Danielle says:

    Starbucks, no cooking, crayon notes and cards from the kids……and a NAP!

  277. Kimberly Sackett says:

    All three of my boys just love to surprise me with a gift and take me out to eat…I hope I get home made gifts and having all of the boys get along (for the most part) will make for an extra special day….Kim S.

  278. Julie Long says:

    Hmmm…well, I don’t expect much for Mother’s Day, but a girl can dream, right?! A day….a WHOLE day at the spa would just be awesome. Or just not having to do anything “momish”… making beds, doing laundry, picking up after everyone and cooking meals. :)

  279. Kel says:

    Spending time with the family on Mother’s Day will be great. I’m also looking forward to getting some sweet handmade cards and pictures from the kids.

  280. Denise says:

    I would love to spend this Mother’s Day in a cleaned for me house. I would love for my kids and husband to remember that it’s the one thing I have asked for for Mother’s Day, my birthday or any other relevant “treat me” type day. I have yet to get my wish, however, and am hoping my kids, ages 10, 11 and 17, will get dh moving on this! (o:

    Give me a freshly cleaned house, yummy tea and strawberries, and a good new magazine and I am happy as a clam! Of course I will also accept a $1 Coke from McD’s along with some yummy Lays Salt and Vinegar chips if I am feeling “bad”….but the new magazine is a must!

    Though I am not sure that a massage, mani-pedi, facial type of a day would be bad either. Hrm. I have yet to experience all in one day, let alone a massage at all, so perhaps that would be an ideal day.

    Hmmm, so much to choose from! (o:

  281. Emma says:

    We are so hoping to have a baby this year. The road has been kind of long and I would love a talisman like this to help push me forward while we keep trying. Thanks for the chance.

  282. Amy Miller says:

    I love being pampered by watching my husband “parent.” This is in part because while he is fully engaged, I am usually relaxing, but also because he is just so darn good at it. I would absolutely taken care of by my husband packing the diaper bag, nobody having a potty accident, and someone taking care of dinner including the dishes. I would like somewhere there to be starbucks for me and another spot of dessert of some kind for me. Also, the thing that would say “I love you” more than anything is if the whole family would detail my car for me as I am a pretty clean person, yet they all live in that same car too and they are not so tidy!

  283. Cristi says:

    Ok Here goes, Quiet, Good Book, Specialty coffee, Sunshine, a clean house and cheesecake. Sounds good huh?

  284. michal says:

    After a quiet cup of coffee, I want to spend my day playing with my kids and not cleaning house or cooking. A nap works for me too!

  285. Kathy Eller says:

    OOOOH! LOVE LOV E LOVE the necklace. I think Id like it for Mothers’ Day :)

    Honestly, Id just like no dishes or cleaning and a little recognition. Whoa is me :)

  286. Shelly Primm says:

    Beautiful Lisa! I love the new design! I hope I get spend time with my family but not have to plan anything! No dishes, no cooking, no cleaning! Since I already have a “mama” necklace, I would love to win one for my best friend, who has 3 special kiddos!

  287. Angie says:

    No cooking, hugs and kisses from my 4 kids, spending part of the day together as a family and then getting some “me” time either the day before or that evening!! I love the necklace!!

  288. Stacey says:

    I would love nothing more than spending the day relaxing (and getting hugs and kisses) from my two favorite people – my son and husband.

  289. Melissa says:

    The necklace is beautiful! So, if I’m honest, what I’d like is some quiet time – maybe not the best suggestion for Mother’s day, but it’s true! :)

  290. Cynthia says:

    It’s rare that jewelry can evoke emotion, but this truly does. Mothers Day – what better way to start it off than to wake up with my 4 and 6 year olds roughly balancing a plate of kid-made pancakes, juice, coffee, fruit, etc… made especially for me by them. Coffee in bed is one of the best… with the pitter patter of little feet down the hallway. I’ll pick another day to spa, my Mother’s Day wish is for just a little bit more quiet to the chaos!

  291. Darcy says:

    Lisa, I love, love, love your blog…you are the most creative casual photographer/photo editor that I have encountered! This is my 8 and 1/2 Mother’s Day (the half being Mother’s Day 2001 that I was VERY pregnant with my first child…I spent most of that day thinking “come on out already…this would be an awesome day to BECOME a mother! but to no avail…she held out another 11 days). I would love to have a nice warm day where I could sit outside and get some sun on my feet! Maybe even a little alone time to sunbathe on the trampoline with nobody underneath it asking, “whatcha doin’ Mom?”

  292. beca says:

    I’d love to see my husband…he’s been deployed for four months and I haven’t even been able to see him via video. I’d also love to have someone watch my kids for the afternoon so I could just enjoy the silence for a while. :) Thanks!

  293. tina says:

    Breakfast in bed. Lunch cooked by anyone other than me. Dishes washed by anyone other than me. Watching a great movie on the couch with my hubby and three boys. Followed by… A little nap.

    Perfect pampering.

  294. Kathy S says:

    Waking up to the smell of German pancakes and bacon being cooked by my husband and son. Then coming downstairs to a clean kitchen and breakfast waiting. My boys ARE good to me.

  295. Julie says:

    I love family so to spend time with my 2 1/2 year old twins and my mom (the best nana in the world) is my idea of a great mother’s day. I appreciate my mom so much more since becoming a mom myself.

  296. Kay says:

    I don’t get presents for Mother’s Day, never have. But I usually get breakfast in bed, and my own tradition is to buy all of my garden and outside plants for myself for Mother’s Day. I get my plants purchased and my husband and kids don’t have to worry about what to buy me. Absolutely love the necklace!

  297. Wendy says:

    The breakfast in bed tradition was started last year on my first Mother’s day. I also got a great necklace from this really talented artist… Lisa Leonard. With so many new cute things, I am hoping the hubby continues the tradition. I’m also hoping that it will be a beautiful warm day in Upstate NY so we can go on a family picnic. Just a simple day cherishing the moments!

  298. I would love to really sleep in….not woken up by the baby and spend 5 min. trying to get hubby up to go get her and then he brings her to our bed….no, I mean really sleep in. Followed by breakfast-not made by me- with my family-and the temperature to be around 70 degrees so we can spend the day outdoors….I am in San Diego so who knows it could be close to 90 degrees, like it was yesterday!!! Yeah so that’s all, not too much to ask for!!!!!

  299. jeni says:

    I hope to spend time this Mother’s Day with my mom and my mother-in-law and my children… we don’t have yearly traditions, but time spent together on our special day always results in special memories…

  300. Paige says:

    Now this is too cute! I just LOVE all of your creations. So talented. So sweet.


  301. Melissa says:

    I would actually like one for my mother. My dad is actually leaving for Iraq 3 days after mother’s day and will be gone a year. She is handling it pretty well right now, but I am worried about her after. I am 37 and taking it pretty hard but I have my husband and kids for the next year.
    I would really love something great to give her, and your stuff is great. This is beautiful. I am sure there are more deserving, just wanted to throw my hat in the ring too!
    Thanks and blessings to all momma’s!

  302. Melissa says:

    Sorry! I didn’t realize I was supposed to put how I would like to be pampered! I should read the whole thing… LOL
    I would like a morning to sleep in, out for breakfast w/family. Then a fun day playing in the yard. And a bbq made by hubby that night.

  303. i would just love to relax and not have to do any work… and lots of little boy kisses would be nice too!

  304. Lisa says:

    Being pampered to me is a few quiet, stolen moments alone. A nice bath helps me relax too. Mama to five girls….

  305. I just want to relax and have my hubby make all of my meals while I play with our 9 month old daughter Sunny.

  306. Suzy says:

    I would love to just be pampered (and not feel bad about it) on Mother’s Day. Since I made the decision to nurse my little girl, there has been no “here you take her” in the middle of the night-sharing with the husband. She has always slept with us too…He peacefully sleeps through while I get up with her still. She just turned a year old and has YET to sleep through the night b/c she wakes to nurse. I’d love just a few hours at a spa, getting a massage or a pedicure…or even just a few minutes to myself at home for a hot shower…and a nap.I’d love to not feel guilty for taking a little bit of me time….but I do. So I guess..realistically I’d just love to have a quiet day with my husband and my beautiful little girl.

  307. Heidi says:

    I would love to get breakfast in bed. Made by my two daughters. Bread with lots of butter and sprinkels al soaked in the coffee they spilled by bringing the tray up the stairs. And then love, giggels and lots of hugs and kisses al day long!

    X Heidi

  308. Stephanie says:

    Morning at church, followed by a leisurely lunch and a long Sunday nap!!! And if I didn’t have to work the next day then even better.

  309. Eliza says:

    I would love a clean house, spending time with my two beautiful children and husband and not having to decide what’s for dinner.

  310. Analia says:

    I would love to relax with my husband and 2 children. I would love some fresh flowers and a nap with out interruptions.

  311. Becky says:

    I just want my toes done, even if it’s me who does them. I would just love to have that little bit of time to myself. Then, I’ll be ready to give even more to my kiddos.

  312. Kimberly Kight says:

    I would love to sleep in without any guilt…then have breakfast in bed…and then maybe a soccer game and dinner!

  313. Doris says:

    Hi! I have so enjoyed your website. I am looking forward to Mother’s Day–I have a wonderful Son and Daughter-in-law and a gorgeous Daughter and “almost” Son-in-law. Also a mega-precious grandson. My husband of 36 years is great. How could anyone ask for more??? Have a very Blessed Mother’s Day!

  314. Sheila Rye says:

    LOTS of hugs and kisses from my 3 WONDERFUL daughters (& their daddy) and a visit or phone call from my two step-kids & their babies! :) This year, relationships with my step-daughter have improved greatly and I’m proud this mother’s day to be her step-mom, and step-grandma to her beautiful baby boy! :)

  315. Anna says:

    Time to spend in the hammock, with a great book, and then after a quick nap, time to play with my boys outside…and a clean house inside!

  316. Mrs. H says:

    Hmm… how I want to be pampered? Spending time with my hubby and daughter, outside of the house. A park, a museum, somewhere special – just time together. :) I guess it wouldn’t hurt for him to have “bath & bedtime duty” either, while I relax on the couch with a good book! :)
    Pretty necklace – my daughter used to call me “mama” – I treasured that so much more than the “moo-om” I get today 😉

  317. aimee says:

    As a single mom, I would LOVE some quality time with my 3 year old daughter while not having dishes, or cleaning, or laundry, or cooking…just quality time for the two of us. :)

  318. Jill says:

    Mother’s Day! Isn’t that the day I sleep in…(With noisy children clammoring outside my door in anticipation) and my husband destroys the kitchen making a gourmet pancake breakfast? All in the name of love is what I tell myself the next day while I clean pancake batter from the bar drawers, cabinets and cracks in the floor…LOVE IS MESSY…and I am abundantly BLESSED….

  319. kimberly says:

    Starting my day with cuddle time in bed reading with my 2 girls would be enough pampering for me!!!

  320. Toni Morgan says:

    I would give this to my niece – a mother of 4!!! – I don’t have children myself but I know she absolutely love it! For her pampering – I think just spending time with all 4 kids – and maybe sleeping in just a bit? She adores her babies!

  321. Tammy says:

    My hubbie always does a great job helping my kids make sure I have a great Mother’s Day. The one tradition he started and I love are homemade garden pave stones with each of my children’s hand prints and decorated with colorful tiles and stones. Can’t wait to see them this year!

  322. Brianne says:

    The way I want to be pampered this Mother’s Day is to just spend time with my little girl. Finances aren’t great these days, so I have a full time job, two part time jobs, and do anything and everything after school (I am a teacher) that will help earn some extra money…. tutoring, grading tests for Special Education, creating benchmark tests for the grade levels to take…. just anything that will allow us to have some extra money. That obviously takes away time from my munchkin, who is two years old. It kills me to have to leave her, but I know I have to do it for our family, so I suck it up and deal with it, and thank God for the extra opportunities He has provided me with in order to have some extra income. So….. this Mother’s Day, I would love to just have a day to snuggle, hold, play with, have fun with, and enjoy my little girl (and my husband). That sounds like the most amazing thing ever at this point in time! :o)

  323. greta says:

    I would love to just spend the day with my kiddos..sunshine… and relaxation. Oh-hugs and kisses too!

  324. Delicia says:

    Lots of hugs and kisses from my three sweet boys. I would love to spend time cuddling with my boys in bed. Then my husband and boys cook pancakes for breakfast. Followed by a fun day with my family. Maybe go for a picnic in the park.

  325. Bena says:

    Spa days are always nice but I’ve been recently reminded how short and unexpected life can be so I would want to make a great memory for myself which would include sunshine, park, picnic, and lots of cuddles with the 3 loves of my life.

  326. Aimee says:

    I want breakfast in bed with my hubby and two kids, then a whole body spa package topped off with a romantic dinner and overnighter with my husband.

  327. Linda Mills says:

    Love this necklace! My most proud moments are as a mother. Thanks, Lisa!

  328. Maggie Evans says:

    The best pampering I could receive on Mother’s Day would be my husband fixing the underground dog fence! Please! Please!

  329. Jean says:

    Time for a pedicure and then spending the day with my family, hugging my son & husband.

  330. Mama Mary says:

    I would love a venti chai tea latte (full fat) at my bedside, a backrub from hubby, a gift card to Borders with a stipulation to use it on myself only, and a day filled with my girls’ laughter and splashing at the beach, where I don’t have to worry about them falling, drowning, eating sand or being abducted and I can sit quietly and read the wonderful new book I’ve just purchased with my gift card. A glass/bottle of La Crema Chardonnay, some good music and not having to do any dishes or laundry would make the day complete.
    LOVE your work by the way!!!

  331. Melinda says:

    My son is only 8 months so he can’t do anything for me. My only wish is that my husband doesn’t forget about mother’s day all together. I would love for him to get things done around the house that he has been putting off. That would make me so happy.

  332. Maya Nelson says:

    The perfect Mothers day would just be to spend a day with my boys……it wouldn’t matter what we did.

  333. delilah says:

    I’d like to drink half a pot of hot coffee without hearing a single noise from another human being.

    Oh, that would be utterly delicious.

  334. Gabrielle says:

    The best way to be pampered this Mother’s Day would be to win this necklace!! And spend the day snuggling with my daughter!

  335. Kristen says:

    Love the necklace-LOVE all your jewelry. Mother’s day is a day I just want to be with my girls AND my hubby…so special to have family time….usually centered around food!! love looking into the eyes of my girls and thinking that I am so lucky to even celebrate mother’s day. Also, looking at them and thinking of my own mama…celebrating generations of strong woman with big hearts!

  336. Jane says:

    The perfect Mother’s Day for me is when emotions are in check and expectations are realistic!..We often spend the afternoon running from one mom to another, grandmothers etc…Trying to cover the basics…It’s nice when the gifts no matter how very small or meager they may be, are received with gratitude and the love in which they were given..Finances are up and down…Some years the gifts have been significant and pricey, others they have been home-made yet the LOVE is there, if not the luxury!!! A wise mother knows the greatest gift isn’t made of gold, silver or oil, but the people they share their life with!!! Even if he is a thoughtless lump that spends too much time on the couch! Seeing that I am so lucky to get XOXOXO and crayola scribbled papers I consider myself pampered…Not everyone in this life is so fortunate to hold the title “Mama”. It’s a precious word, so for whatever our special or not so special day holds for us, if someone calls you by that name know how very blessed you are!!!

  337. B.J. says:

    The perfect Mother’s Day for me is when emotions are in check and expectations are realistic!..We often spend the afternoon running from one mom to another, grandmothers etc…Trying to cover the basics…It’s nice when the gifts no matter how very small or meager they may be, are received with gratitude and the love in which they were given..Finances are up and down…Some years the gifts have been significant and pricey, others they have been home-made yet the LOVE is there, if not the luxury!!! A wise mother knows the greatest gift isn’t made of gold, silver or oil, but the people they share their life with!!! Even if he is a thoughtless lump that spends too much time on the couch! Seeing that I am so lucky to get XOXOXO and crayola scribbled papers I consider myself pampered…Not everyone in this life is so fortunate to hold the title “Mama”. It’s a precious word, so for whatever our special or not so special day holds for us, if someone calls you by that name know how very blessed you are!!!

  338. Wendy says:

    I would simply like to know I am loved. Nothing more.

  339. Cindy Smith says:

    For my family to be content with where we are in our lives….exactly where God wants us to be!

  340. Erin Waite says:

    This will be my first Mother’s Day!! I have a 4 month old precious boy named Jesse. I was a 34 year old woman, thinking that for some reason life’s most elemental dreams of marriage and motherhood were inexplicably passing me by. Now, 16 hectic months later, I am living out those dreams. Marriage to a man I grew up with (who stayed on the sidelines all that time – can you believe it?), and little Jesse. I don’t know yet our plans for Mother’s Day, but I know what I’ll be doing! – holding onto my son.

  341. Mary says:

    We always sit under the “Mommy” tree in our backyard, which was planted on my first Mother’s Day and have a picnic!

  342. Brittany says:

    church, lunch with my mom, nap with 3 little ones, sit in the backyard with my family:) I love the necklace!

  343. Jennifer says:

    After waiting 12 long years for my precious son, I have to say that it doesn’t really matter how I’m pampered on Mother’s Day. I just feel very blessed to be celebrating it as a mom for the 4th year! :) Lots of hugs and kisses will make my day complete!

  344. Penny Johnson says:

    A perfect Mother’s Day would be like any lazy Sunday but with all my children around. Sitting outside, sun warming our skin, lemonade, and great conversation and laughter. A chance to spend uninterrupted time together a rare gift with adult children.

  345. Deb says:

    that is gorgeous!!

    for mother’s day I would just love to be able to relax and enjoy the day and not be “in charge” of anything. go for a walk, eat as a family, snuggle up with some books on my bed!

  346. Kimberly says:

    This is incredible. I am having a time with the struggle to let go! Gorgeous design and any mother would be happy to adorn this lovely necklace.

  347. Jane says:

    Oh man, I, Jane pancake eater let my friend BJ with a covered fridge use my puter and she put her words on my name!..Does that disqualify us? I personally liked what she wrote better!!!

  348. Cindy says:

    Last year my two older kiddos told me that Mother’s Day was my day, so I could talk as much as I wanted and they wouldn’t complain. 😆 So I guess that is what I wish for this year too…..enjoying my friends and family and chatting the day away. :)

  349. Laura says:

    This year will be special. My younger son, Ryan who will be seven and I will celebrate together on Mother’s Day. The first thing in the morning, I would love to holler and have my two sons ( 7 and 8) to snuggle under the blanket with me. Their giggles are priceless .

    P.S. May 10th is a Mother’s Day in Mexico– so it is a perfect day to CELEBRATE.

  350. MamáChanga says:

    Oooo, Mother’s Day I would love to wake up a little later than usual, have DrillSgt. make breakfast and take care of getting Da’Gorgeouses ready! Then I’d love to spend the day out and about taking pictures of the two GREATEST blessings I have! Of course, we’ll probably still all be in recovery mode from their 3rd birthday party which we’ll be celebrating the day before! LOL! No matter how we spend it, the fact that I’m even a MOM is celebration enough! (Da’Gorgeouses were born 16 weeks early 3 years ago right before Mother’s Day!)

    Hugs & Blessings!

  351. Tina says:

    I would love to start my Mother’s Day by sleeping in and then waking up to xoxo from my two special ones. Then off to an annual Mother’s Day brunch with my mom, sister, sister-in-law, and grandma. We always have such a great time with just the girls (not to mention my dad pays the bill!!!) This year will be extra special to me though since I am pregnant with our 3rd & 4th sprouts…and they are identical girls!!! I guess Mother’s Day will be perfect as usual!!!

  352. Gail lindekugel says:

    Humor me, let me take your sweet picture, sit close to me on the couch, snuggle, listen, check th kitties water the first time I ask or without being asked at all (!) Tell me you’ll always love your dear old mom and maybe a little lunch out and a walk around the neighborhood….

  353. Melissa says:

    Typing 1 handed as i feed on eof my newborns…. LOVE the necklace! Looking forward to a wonderful Mother’s day with my little ones and sewwt husband. We have 5 children ages 3 and under… there’s never a dull moment here!
    Wishing you a happy mama’s day too!

  354. Lori says:

    I was looking for my daughter something for Mother’s Day! WOW! Awesome finds! My Mothers Day, now that I am grandma “GIGI” to two 2 yr old boys, would be to spend it with them both, hunting Easter eggs, chasing rabbits, rolling down hills, climbing back up, exploring for Knomes, chalking the sidewalks, blowing bubbles, running with the dogs, painting and watching their faces, hearing their laughter all while my adult children look on and fill their hearts with joy knowing how happy they have made me over the years yet now with the grandsons, more so than ever! Even though this year won’t be that way due to this being the other side of the family gathering. I will miss it, my heart will be sad but I do know how much I am loved……that is all that matters. Life is too short! Roll down the hills, pick some flowers, paint each other!!!!!! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO YOU ALL!!!

  355. Loyce says:

    My wish would be to enjoy a wonderful day with my little boy and my incredible husband with no interruptions, no committments, no obligations, and remember the love that gave us our sweetest gift, Holden! I am reminded of one of my favorite quotes from Blaise Paschal: “The heart has its reasons for which reason knows noithing”. The love from you mama is always unconditional, never ending, and encompassing! Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  356. Sari says:

    The necklace is beautiful!!

    Having recently had a baby, I’d love a day of pampering at a spa. Pedicure, massage and relaxation! Maybe I could even get a nice long nap in too. LOL A nice dinner with my family would end the day perfectly.

  357. Patricia says:

    Every day, it’s mother’sday!!!

  358. Carrie says:

    On Mohter’s Day I would love for my 5 & 3.5 year old girls to paint my piggies and give me a back rub with their sweet little hands! Although really just spending the day with my family (not being the one to plan the day) or clean would be ideal !

  359. Aik says:

    Hmm…I don’t have kids at the moment, but I’d love to give this necklace to my mum. We used to go out for dinner every Mother’s Day, but we’re celebrating it a bit different this time. My family and I will go to Cameron Highlands for a vacation! That’s surely going to be fun! I seldom buy any presents for my mum on the previous Mother’s Days so I really wish and hope to win this necklace for her this time.

  360. Cheryl Sims says:

    All I would ask for this Mother’s Day would be to get to see my grandchildren and children. We live about 500 miles from them, have sold our home due to DH’s layoff, are living in a campground and could think of nothing better than the chance to take a roadtrip to visit them. I miss them so very much. That would be my pamper and would make all of our difficulties diminish for a time. Thank you. I adore your work.
    Cheryl Sims

  361. Marnie says:

    Hoping my husband chooses this gift for his mother…she is terrific and I couldn’t ask for a better mother in law.

  362. Lisa says:

    Just being with my family is great on Mother’s Day.
    My Valentine’s Day card included the line “good for one L.L. Design”.
    Yes that would be a nice pampering card and I could add to my collection!
    Have a great day and enjoy Spring Break.

  363. Mona says:

    I’d love to have all my Children together at my home having fun together. They are scattered all over and we are rarely all together, especially at my house. That would be the best Mother’s day I could imagine. I love Lisa’s jewelry I’d love to win a piece.
    But I’m dropping the Hint to my hubby, just in case.

  364. Ana Riddell says:

    This past year like for many other people in our country has been very hard for our family. We lost our house and had to move to another state. My four kids had a very hard time with this because we had to move the 25 of December and they had to leave all ther friends. So all I wish for mothers day is just to spend time with my kids and husband and give thanks to God for all the blessings we do have.

  365. Brit Berner says:

    Pampering would be nice, but not what is in order on Mother’s Day…Pampering is for another day of the year. Mother’s Day is celebrating what I cherish most in this world, what I brought into and added to this 3 children…..My idea of a perfect Mother’s Day starts off with cuddling in bed with my kids then Breakfast and coffee cooked be me (it is not a day off, but rather a day to spend being a mother)…..perhaps a walk to the park, ordering in my families favorite take away, Chinese, eat in front of a family movie then end playing a game….we do alot of this anyway in my house just not all on the same day….so for Mother’s Day I want to surround myself with my children and husband…the most important reasons in my life and the reason I am able to celebrate Mother’s Day in the first place. I also want my husband to see this hint….wink…wink…baby!

  366. My idea of a wonderful mother’s day is a warm spring day on the beach eating watermelon watching my kids laughing. I have never met my mother, she was 15 when she had me and could not take care of me. I have spent most of my adult life searching for her. the best mother’s day gift ever would be to find her and get to say “Happy Mother’s Day” to my mom for the first time.

  367. C.C. McQuain says:

    Breakfast in bed, prepared by my Mon, the Chef (and kitchen cleaned by the same Man), Afternoon nap (awakened gently by the hugs of my boys), evening out with my Darling (childcare provided by loving family members, to eliminate the stress of clock-watching). Yeah. ♥

  368. Jamie says:

    If the giveaway is still open…

    I would give the necklace to my friend Katie, mother of two boys. Her son Grady, nicknamed her Mommmmma shortly after the death of her younger boy Taylor. Taylor died 2/17/08. He was 15. I have wanted to gift her one of your necklaces for some time. Maybe for her birthday in August. This Mother’s Day is the second without Taylor.

    When I read the words on the necklace, I thought of Katie immediately. A truly, perfectly worded and designed piece.

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