we celebrated david’s 6th birthday today with a few close friends. what’s david’s favorite thing to do?? make NoIsE! so that’s what we did…i made a ‘banging wall’ with pots pans and mixers strung from a clothesline.
i got this idea from soulemama’s new book.

grandma and grandpa were able to stay for the party which was a huge treat. plus, my dad made his delicious potato salad…yum!

i found some simple wood instruments online, then the kids took them home as favors.

cupcakes, which matty helped me make and david thoroughly enjoyed!

lily in the sandbox.

there, he is! the birthday boy!!

all the kids were so ‘helpful’ as david opened his gifts. and he made out like a bandit!
thank you sweet friends for helping us celebrate.
happy birthday david!!