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December 4th | older posts

i really want to learn more about photography and my camera. i’ve been wanting to take a class at a local camera shop, but time is tight!! lightbulb! my camera came with a few DVDs that have tons of tips and tricks. So fun, so inspiring. I’ll probably have to rewatch them a few times to make sense of it all, but the process is so fun. And David is practicing his keyboard A LOT!! What do you want to learn more about??

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  1. Southern Gal says:

    Same as you. Photography and photo editing. I don’t have a great camera, but it’s decent.

  2. jennifer says:

    i want to learn how YOU make the great photo collages with clip art & words floating on top! so cool. (and then, how to post them?) and i’d have to agree about the photo thing too! :) i’m lovin’ visiting your blog lisa! it’s delightful!

  3. Lisa says:

    OK Jennifer–here you go! Just play and experiment.

    Then I save them to my desktop and retreive them for my blog.


  4. Jennifer M. says:

    I have been sewing as long as I can remember (I’m 26) and I’m recently a self taught quilter, as of the last few years. I would love to learn more about machine quilting so I can do fancier, nicer, work instead of just straight lines.

  5. Jenny Maddox says:

    I’m with you – my camera. My husband gave me a tutorial DVD for Mother’s Day last year, but I have yet to set aside the time to watch it.

    I would also love to take the time to learn to sew.

  6. Rosalind says:

    I’m getting a new camera for Christmas… can’t wait to learn all about it!
    i would also like to start eating more healthy meals (want to try vegetarian, although i do eat meat…i could do without it). i just want to make sure i’m still eating and feeding everyone a balanced meal…i have more to learn about vegetarian protiens.

  7. Teri says:

    So glad to see the boys seem to be feeling better. It is cold here! Miss you guys. Oh yeah, I want to learn more about photography, dog training, real estate, and many other things if I could just fit them in!

  8. Linda says:

    I think you take great photos. It’s always good to learn – that should never stop. I want to learn Dutch and French, and more about illustration and graphic design.

  9. Becca says:

    Right there with you on learning more about my camera. I have a nice camera but have soooo much to learn! Ever since I read about picnik on your site I’m having so much fun playing around with it. Such a great, easy tool.

  10. erica says:

    I want to learn how to sew. I know only VERY basic skills. If we lived closer perhaps we could trade…you teach me some sewing and I’ll tell you everything you need to know (well that I know) about photography :)

  11. Dawn says:

    Blogs are such a great venue for photography. So fun to play around with pictures and stories! I also went to picnik to play a bit. Thanks for the tip!
    My Chistmas gift came early in the form of a new Canon so my free time has been eaten up with all things photo! So much to learn!
    In my other free time I want to pick up the guitar again… As you know with your little man kids just love the music live and up close!

  12. sheila says:

    love the comments – i agree – eating healthier would be something great to learn – AND STICK to! :) (i’m a diet dew junkie) . . . i’d also like to learn more about photography – considering purchasing some photo editing software for my 14.5 year old who is a “shutter-bug” – she takes GREAT photos! any ideas on good programs to purchase? ALSO, i’d love to learn how to make beautiful jewelry like you do!! :)

  13. I really need to learn more about my Canon Rebel. I know it has more potential than I am giving and I have the talent, just not the time!

    <3 coming here everyday. And I absolutely LOVE your jewelry!

  14. Bunny says:

    I would like to learn to speak French better than I can now. And I would like to learn how to love life unconditionally, like my son does.

  15. Ellen says:

    Great post! I would like to learn how to speak French someday, a beautiful language (mother convinced me to take Spanish in high school because she said it’s “practical”). I’d also love to learn to play the violin.

  16. Destiny Doremus says:

    Hey Lisa:

    I bought a Cricut Expression back in July so that I could make quick, easy and special invitations for my baby’s sister’s fall wedding. After I made the most precious invitations, I packed the Cricut away and haven’t used it again … not even once … since. The other night, in a fit of insomnia, I saw an informercial, at 3:00 a.m, about the neat things you can do if you have an Expression and thought, “I can so do that!” Now … if I could just take.make time to do it.

    I would also like to learn how to better use my camera. My fifteen year old son is making money selling his prints, and he’s using an old camera of mine to do the most incredible things… What’s up with that?


  17. Robbin says:

    Well, I just ordered a camera for myself, just for fun. I want to be able to post more on my Facebook page and my blog. I wish I was better at scrapbooking, too. I have a few projects sitting, but at the moment I’m not in my own place, so I will have to wait to pull everything out – all in storage right now, except a couple of things I could do now. And I have never liked to cook – growing up, the only thing I did in the kitchen was wash/dry the dishes. My mom never taught me how to cook, although I did get a recipe for her spaghetti sauce that I loved (had to watch and write since she didn’t have it written down–it was in her head and different every time). So I would like to learn more about cooking so I can enjoy it.

  18. Jessica says:

    Sewing and knitting.

  19. Take a look at and I recently attended one of Me Ra’s workshops. She just keeps things simple with the camera, had an amazing story, and is an amazing photographer. Love that.

    I would like to learn more about photoshop and lightroom.

  20. jen Decker says:

    Violin. I have always wanted to play and now at 34 I am. I decided this year that in 10 years I could be at least a 44 year old decent violin player. So I started private lessons this fall and love it!

  21. Jen Decker says:

    i have always wanted to play the violin. this year i decided that in 10 years i will be a 44 year old decent violin player (at the least). so i began taking private lessons this fall. and i love it.

  22. Hi Lisa,

    Photography was something I really wanted to learn more about. A few years ago I started taking weekend classes at my local community college. These were non-credit classes and they only lasted six weeks at a time. You may want to check some out in your area if you can get hubby to watch the kids for a few hours, it would be worth it. I also suggest watching podcasts (i.e. Photography 101). You can download them on your Ipod and watch them at your convenience and the best thing is that they are free. If you don’t have an Ipod then you can download them onto your computer via itunes. Hope this helps.

  23. L. Stone says:

    I LOVE that you ask a question here and there! Such fun! I, too, am a jewelry designer and I would so love to learn more metalsmithing techniques. I work heavily with wire and beads and adore what I do, but I am always wanting to feel confident with soldering and the like.

    Maybe you can send me some ideas!

  24. Karen says:

    I’d like to learn how to play the piano well enough to be able to keep up with Isaac’s lessons.

  25. Samantha Sibbet says:

    Love your designs, still deciding which one I have to have first! Congrats on being in Dec. American Baby magazine!

  26. Brianne says:

    There are a ton of things I want to learn how to do. Here are a few ~

    knit, sew by hand and with a machine, make jewelry (glass especially), make my own glass beads, photography, being a good eater, staying in a good exercise regimine (the last two take more determination than learning!), and relearn how to play the piano because after years and years of no lessons, everything I learned has gone away! There are tons more things I’d like to learn, but I’d say those are at the top of my list :o)

  27. Barbara Walsh says:

    I would like to learn more about glass fusing. I have made some beautiful pieces – bowls, small plates, jewelry-would anyone who makes metal (or other types of jewelry like to swap?Like to figure out what else to do with my collection of sea glass- I love the stuff, especially the multicolored pieces

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