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of all the chores, laundry is the one that i struggle the most with.  it’s not the washing that’s the problem, it’s the folding and putting away.  that means we have piles of clean laundry everywhere.  lovely!  what’s your least favorite chore and have you figured out a way to overcome it??

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  1. Laundry and dishes are my two biggest problems. Like you, I have no problem doing the laundry, it is putting it away. I will fold all of my laundry, put it in piles on our bed and find it on the floor at night because my husband moves it to go to bed. Nice! Then, it is all unfolded and I am too lazy to fold it again-Ugh!

  2. Karen says:

    unloading the dishwasher! talk about lazy!! I do it first thing every morning on auto-pilot or else I would never do it :)

  3. Jennifer says:

    I am so with you on the laundry! I love the whole process of washing it and the fresh clean smell that comes with it…I just seem to have such a problem getting it all put back where it belongs! My least favorite chore has to be cleaning the bathrooms, though. I’m still trying to find a way to overcome that aversion! I do it, but I don’t love it!!

  4. Lynette says:

    I’m with you on the laundry. In fact, my living room currently looks like my washer threw up!

  5. Beth says:

    emptying the dishwasher, it is a BIG stubmling block fo rme!!

  6. Deanna says:

    Oh, I’m with you on the laundry folding. When I see laundry that needs folded, I tend to go wash some more instead! It’s like I think I’m helping by doing laundry, when really I’m just piling up more that needs folding. When I make myself fold one load before continuing to wash, it goes much better for me. Now if I could only remember that from week to week!

  7. denissa says:

    The only way I keep up w/ the laundry is to put it away as soon as I fold it, otherwise it would take over my house!!
    I struggle with cleaning the bathrooms! I always “get by” with using the cleaning wipes, but that only can clean so good!

  8. Maggie says:

    Dusting!! Although my hardwood floors are beautiful they get soooo dusty!! By the time I finish swiffering the first room is dusty again! The only way to fix it is to sweep almost daily…who wants to do that!

  9. Dawn Suzette says:

    When I first read this post I thought oh, ya… laundry. But then as I was reading other comments I thought oh, dishes. Then the bathrooms… the dusting! They are all running for a close first place!

    Folding laundry right out of the dryer has helped me a lot… and having the kids run around helping me put stuff away… the laundry game! Sometimes I find things like socks in really strange places but it’s worth it!!

  10. Denise says:

    Least favorite would be ironing. I cannot stand it. Honestly I don’t know why either. When I know something has to be ironed, I tell my hubby and he does it.

    Second least would be cleaning bathrooms. Our townhouse has 4 of them. ONE TOO MANY BATHROOMS FOR ME!!! I try and divide and conquer the two upstairs one day, the powder room another, and the basement one last.

  11. Sarah says:

    Mine would be Laundry and dishes…but the winner would be laundry. I wash it and manage to fold it but then I just stack it on the dining room table, we hardly ever eat in that room. So when you walk in my house one of the first things you see is giant piles of laundry. I don’t want them to sit on the floor and we have a dog which means immediate white hairs on everything. The best solution that I have come up with to keeping on top of the house is to have people over. I try and invite people over once a week. I know I would NEVER let someone see my undies hanging out on the table =/

  12. Becca says:

    Cleaning the bathrooms. I hate it but it’s one chore that can’t be “left” for long!

  13. Christie says:

    Do we live at the same house?! Maybe that’s just YOUR laundry laying all over the place, not mine! :-) I have a the greatest girl clean my house every week — my ONLY chore is laundry, and I still can’t seem to make it happen. Isn’t that awful??

  14. KellyM says:

    I’m right there with you on the laundry! But, it’s the dishes that really get to me. How does a family of four dirty that many dishes in one day??

  15. april says:

    I can keep a handle on our laundry. Dishes on the other hand…

  16. thursday says:

    Dishes used to really get me. We were in college – we’d eat dinner, throw the dishes in the sink, and go study. We’d just move aside the dishes until we ran out! Made me NUTS. I finally made it a priority for a couple of months – as soon as the meal is over, wash the dishes (and if I didn’t, I made myself do it before the next meal)! Amazingly, I am still keeping up with it seven years later. Floors are filthy all the time. And I can’t plan and make dinner without much (internal) cursing. BUT my dishes are clean, and put away!

    Currently I’m working on making vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping a priority – my son looks like he’s going to start crawling in the next month or two…

  17. karyn says:

    I have three baskets of clean laundry in my house right now, ugh!

  18. erin says:

    yes! It’s the putting the way that don’t like to do. I also have 3 baskets that are clean and folded and ready to get put away. It always seems like when I go to the task of sorting and putting it away that’s when the kids go wild. By the way, I love your jewelry. I have one necklace but plan on dropping hints for Mother’s Day for another.

  19. deezie says:

    I love doing Laundry, its my favorite chore in the house to do. I am always looking for laundry to do :) really I am not kidding.
    Now if you were talking about taking the dishes out of the dishwasher, than I would understand. I really have a hard time with that. And it has to be done:)
    happy day

  20. Wendy says:

    I’m with you on this one. I usually have at least four baskets of laundry, clean and waiting to be put away. (4 baskets is something like 8 loads.) I always tell myself I’m going to stay on top of it, and I never do. sigh.

  21. cheryl says:

    unloading the dishwasher-it isn’t that difficult, but it seems HUGE to me!

  22. erin says:

    I am bad for that as well though I love hanging it out!
    I hate chasing dog hair around our house as it swirls and puffs away from my broom!
    Short of shaving our dogs, I have not found a way to overcome it…suggestions welcome :)

  23. Nicole says:

    My comment will not be on topic, but I have to say this! I just found your site from the feature in Parenting magazine. O M G!!! I love your creations…so so awesome. I sent my husband the link, and said “Here is my Mother’s Day gift” I don’t care if it’s late. I HAVE to have that necklace. WOW. You are amazingly talented. I can’t wait to get my new favorite necklace. I have already told 6 people this morning to check out your site.
    Have a happy Friday!!

  24. Melissa says:

    I HATE laundry also, and your house sounds like mine. Baskets everywhere, seems like most mornings I am pulling the kids clothes for the day out of one! :)
    If only I could hire someone to just do putting it away, I would do all other household chores!
    Have a great wknd, mine will be finishing laundry!! LOL

  25. [sue] says:

    I hate unloading the dishwasher…the only way to avoid that is to wash the dishes, not much better. I love to vacuum though. It’s the quickest way to make your house look clean.

  26. you hit the nail on the head. i have piles everywhere. i hate it, but i can find every excuse in the book to not do a thing about it.

  27. you just described how i do laundry. i dread it!!!

  28. Desiree says:

    Dishes… I envy those of you with a dishwasher.

  29. Ann says:

    You are my laundry soul mate!!! I have the same problem, and I have not found any solution, so let me know if you find one!!!

  30. Annette says:

    I have two: Unloading the dishwasher (I run it after dinner and just unload it as part of my nighly ritual) and cleaning the oven (I put this one off as long as possible and then my husband does it when he gets tired of the smoke alarm going off every time the oven temp reaches 375.)

  31. sarita says:

    and i’m in the m inority – i LOVE to fold clothes!!! soooooo – everyone bring me your CLEAN laundry and i’ll fold it for ya!!!! it’s so relaxing for me……i know – ODD!! :^)

    birthmothers never forget

  32. Michelle says:

    I am the worst with mopping. I hate it!

  33. rebekah says:

    Clean laundry has overtaken our guest bedroom. So sad… I’ll fold it all, and then realize there’s at least two more loads that need to be folded as soon as I wash them… and so I’ll wait to put it all away at the same time. Never seems to happen because there’s always another load… you know what a mean. A friend gave me a good idea, although I’m not sure I could trust myself with it… she has a laundry basket for each member of the family. She folds the stuff directly into those baskets and claims it makes it easier to put away. I guess the biggest relief in my plight is reminding myself that the precious ones making the piles of laundry are worth so much more than any frustration I have in looking at it. : )

  34. Dena says:

    i actually love doing laundry, how sick am i? don’t love scrubbing the shower, normally make the boys do it for me. :o)

  35. Tina says:

    I hate cleaning the bathrooms. I would rather do a pile of laundry any day than clean the bathroom!

  36. Kristi says:

    Laundry is also my downfall. I can wash load after load, but it is putting it away that KILLS me. I would love ideas as well as to how to make this not so painful. I do know that my kids’ drawers are overflowing with clothes, so when I wash, there is no room for all the clean stuff to go so they just get piled on top of the dresser. That should be my project this weekend- sort through the kiddos clothes!

  37. Debbie says:

    My least fav was also laundry. Like you I had piles of clean laundry … until my good friend was diagnosed with Leukemia. A few months later I called to see how she was doing. She said great -today was a great day – she was thrilled that she had enough energy to fold her laundry. I will never view laundry folding the same again. I find it strangely therapeutic. It is one of my only chores that I can accomplish sitting on the couch with Food Network on. I am always reminded of my own good health and strength to fold my family’s laundry. It meant even more that this friend has the means to pay someone to normally fold her laundry even without cancer. Now don’t ask me how I am about ironing! :)

  38. Stacey says:

    My least fav chore is grocery shopping. I hate having to fight the crowds at the store. Also I dread putting everything away. It would be great if they delivered were I live….

  39. Mina says:

    cleaning the shower. seems there is never time to do it and I always get soaked in the process. i wipe down the bathroom while my kids are having fun time in their baths, but don’t get to the shower often enough. that was, until a single mom friend of mine enlightened me!

    spray it with cleaner before you make your coffee in the morning. then, when you take your shower, just wipe it down. you are already in there and want to get wet. no more water dripping down your arms/sleeves or spraying all over your clothes. mission accomplished!

  40. Mina says:

    for all you laundry haters…in our home, i wash, dry and fold and my hubby and kids put away. we are a family of five, so i have five baskets into which the folded clothes go. then, they just take them to their rooms and put away. it works for us.

  41. Mag says:

    I’m with you. I don’t mind laundry at all…love the out of the dryer warmth and fresh smell but folding the clothes could take a week. Emptying the dishwasher is a close second.

  42. cathy says:

    yep, laundry, mostly the put away part. i feel like most of my life is reaching into a basket, folding an item, and finding the proper person’s pile to place it. drawers? rarely.

  43. i just purchased one of your lovely necklaces – I am sooo excited to get it! I came across this blog and feel so less stressed about the literal piles among piles of laundry I am looking at at 1:39 am… thank you

  44. Jenn says:

    LAUNDRY!!! Without a DOUBT and its the folding that gets me every time. I feel inspired by the washing but defeated with the folding. I put on talk radio while I fold. Makes me feel like Im not alone and the political talk keeps my mind occupied.

  45. sarita says:

    i really hate cleaning windows and LOVE folding clothes! so everyone just send all of your clean clothes to me and i’ll gladly fold them for you – hoping that everyone gets the right socks back!!

    thank you for your blog – it’s always lovely to read and think about things…

  46. debbie says:

    I don’t mind laundry, or even folding it for that matter – I don’t like to put it away. thankfully, I married a man who doesn’t mind that chore. AND he grocery shops – can you ask for a better guy??

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