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Sarah has done it again! She wrote the poetry behind this new design.

Known. Understood. Loved.

Doesn’t that perfectly describe the connection between sisters? The smaller disc can also be customized to read ‘friend’ or soulmate’. Thank you Sarah!!A hammered, open circle (1 1/2″) is layered with a smaller disc (3/4″) and a cream freshwater pearl. Each sterling piece is hand-stamped, antiqued, polished and drilled. Strung on 18″ fine link chain. $58

These will be up on the site in the next couple days. In the meantime…gIveAwaY! Leave a comment and tell us about one friend who has blessed your life!

***They’re up!!! Yay!!

213 Responses

  1. Denise ~ Paper Ponderings says:

    My friend, and sister Terri, has been such a blessing in my life. We were NOT at all close as children…seemed as though it was my goal to tease her (she’s older), but now we are so incredibly close and I adore her.

  2. Beth and Jared says:

    I would love to give this to my best friend and dear cousin, Brittney. She has been there for me so much these past few years, I am so blessed to have her in my life. I feel like she can really relate to my life as a mother.

  3. Amanda says:

    I have an internet friend, Kimberly. She has been SUCH an inspiration to a close group of us. She found out that she has leukemia when she was 7 months pregnant. She has been SO strong and just an amazing woman as she battled with having chemo while pregnant, giving birth early, moving out of state for treatment. She’s currently at day 10 of her bone marrow transplant. She can’t go home until day 100. We tell her that she’s going to KICK CANCER’S ASS! I’d love to send HER something inspiring with as much as she’s inspired me.

  4. Abbey says:

    My sister is my amazing best friend too. We don’t always agree, but are OK saying so. Though we’re separated a bit in age and by distance she is always there for me. She even stayed with me for two weeks when my son was born and puts up with all my nonsense. We are truly blessed.

  5. Amy says:

    I’ve never had a sister. But I have been lucky enough to find one true friend in my life and she’s the one who’s been there with me for the past 20 years. It all started when we walked home from school together and it continued when we walked down the aisles at our weddings. Now we are walking together through the bumpy roads of motherhood and our story still continues. I love this necklace. It is a testament to a long, memory-filled friendship!

  6. Kate says:

    Hmm, this necklace would be so fitting for my sister and best friend, Erinn. We’ve been best friends since we were young and there is no one on earth (besides my hubby) who knows me through and through and loves me still. She always has my back and is faithful and true to the end. She is my biggest fan, always rooting for me and tells me how proud she is of me…even though she is my hero! We’ve gone through alot together, good and bad and I know that she is always there for me no matter what. God has blessed me with a true treasure of a friend and sister in Erinn! I just love her to pieces and love to be with her and make her laugh outloud!! 😀

  7. Renee says:

    I have so many great friends but my best friend from college is my absolute favorite person I know. She drops every thing she is doing to come ‘save’ me when I need her. She was here for a week with me after my daughter died and took 3 seperate vacations to be with me on Sophie’s anniversaries that year. She lives 3 states away so getting to see her is a gift. Her heart is huge and I am blessed to know her.

  8. Jenny says:

    My best friend, Shannon, is like a sister to me. My mother was sick 2 years ago and spent 3+ months in ICU 1-1/2 hours away from my home. Shannon took care of my 2-1/2 year old anytime I needed her.She’s so wonderful!

  9. Jan says:

    It would have to be my sister, Val. She is funny, bright, and constantly loving and supportive to me even though we have never lived near each other since we were children. I grew up in Canada but married a US citizen while she married a Canadian — so we will never be neighbors. But I love her dearly and this is a such a perfect, fitting gift for her. I love her dearly.

  10. selah says:

    My friend Melanie has blessed my life in so many ways! She has supported and encouraged me in my Christian walk and always inspires me to find the joy in life!

  11. Mandy says:

    I would give it to my soulmate friend Jeni, we were roommates in college and inseperable. We could read each other like a book. Unfortunately we live a few states away but I would love to live by her and her family someday.

  12. Donielle says:

    Lisa, I’ve been reading your blog for a while but never comment. I just enjoy reading it. But I felt compelled to comment about this necklace. As someone else said, my sister and I were never close growing up, but somehow having kids seems to change people. Ever since my first child seven years ago, we have grown closer and closer. She is one of my very best friends next to my husband. This past Nov. she was flown to the hospital and had emergency brain surgery to remove a benign tumor. Through all of this I was really scared, yet she was so at peace knowing God was in control. I grew a lot in my faith watching her during this time, and together we became even closer. Because her short term memory was greatly affected right after this, she joked a lot about me being her brain. If she had a question and her husband was at work or just didn’t know, she would call me and I would tell her again about her surgery, how it happened, and so forth. I would joke and tell her to call me if she couldn’t remeber whether or not she had showered that day! :0) I would love to give her this necklace to let her know how much I love her and how blessed I am to still have her in my life. Thanks!

  13. Sarah says:

    My oldest and dearest friend, Heather, has been a blessing to me for the almost 20 years we have known each other. Who would have thought that two girls who met in eighth grade would still be so close? We talk every week (with her almost five kids and my three kids in the background!) … and our love for Christ and our families and our similar values has truly connected us for all these years. Even after high school when we went to different colleges, we still stayed close. We have lived thousands of miles apart since graduation from high school, but we are still so close in our hearts.

  14. hannah lane says:

    my sweet friend april continues to be a blessing. the Lord has placed us both in a season of waiting. she is waiting on a referral from vietnam for a sweet child and i’m working through some infertility issues. she has been a wonderful friend of strength and compassion during all of this. and i know our friendship will only grow stronger.

  15. cort says:

    Both of my sisters are my best friends. They always have been.

  16. Mary says:

    This describes my best friend Beth. We’ve known each other since we’ve been 13. (We’re know 34). Have kids who are 3 months apart in age almost to the day and are as close as can be without being sisters. I’d be lost in this world without her.

  17. Tisha says:

    Lisa – This is a beautiful necklace. I am incredibly blessed to have 4 really wonderful “best friends”, the only sisters I have. They have been with me through thick and thin, good times and bad. Right now we are holding up one friend who is going through a really hard time, and I can honestly say that we couldn’t do it without all of us there. If you aren’t blessed with a sister, friends become them!

  18. Earen says:

    That’s a darling necklace! I would love that….

    I prayed for a best friend for 18 years. Someone who had the same likes as me and we just connected at the very heart of everything. Finally, when I was a Senior in highschool, the Lord answered my prayer and sent me the most precious and dear friend & one in which far exceeded my expectations…you know her, Sharalee. There’s no one like her…She was an answer to 18 years of prayer and she was SO worth the wait. She’s like a sister to me and I love her dearly.

  19. Angie G says:

    My mom is my best friend. I can tell her anything and she loves me unconditionally. I became pregnant at 19 and she stood by my side the entire time. Now that baby will be 20 this July. She is my best friend and I love her deeply. I am truly blessed

  20. Andrea* says:

    My sister has been such a great aunt to my boys b/c she looks at them as if they are her own. She is only 25, and facing a possible hysterectomy. Would I carry a child for her? Absolutely… all she has to do is ask. Because she is my sister. She is known, and she is loved.

  21. Cristi says:

    My daughter is my friend who has inspired my life. She lost her first child at 5 1/2 months and then delivered her second child at 31 weeks weighing 2 pounds. Casey has stayed so positive and is an incredible mother. I am so proud of my daughter, my friend.

  22. JessicaB says:

    My sister is my friend who has blessed my life. Though I didn’t always feel that way, I now feel so blessed to have such a wonderful sister. Hopefully we will live closer someday and our kids will be able to grow up together. I loved growing up around my mom and her sisters and I would love for our children to have that same feeling.

  23. Meghan says:

    I would love to give this to my friend Candice! She is the best :) Also, I received the riveted flower for mother’s day and love it! I get so many compliments:) I love your blog, I find it very inspiring and uplifting.
    I would love to share a piece of your jewelry with my friend.

  24. Lene says:

    This would be perfect for my sister and best friend. Her name is Janiece, but we all call her Niece. There are 5 children in my family and she is the oldest and I am the youngest. We have always been friends. When my Mom passed away after struggling with heart problems about 14 years ago we became extremely close. About 5 years ago my sister had her first heart attack and we almost lost her. She has struggled with health problems since then, but she has sacrificed to be here for me when I found I had cancer, when my last baby was born and through countless struggles and amazing joys. She has been my pillar of strength and soft safe place to land on. Plus she totally gets my weird sense of humor.

  25. conmanandspinner says:

    I am so lucky to have such an awesome sister. She will do anything for me, our parents, my husband, my children, and anyone she knows. She is a very busy professional, however, always finds time to take care of others. She is the one who has the knack of always knowing what to do for someone in need (even when that person doesn’t know it). And, oh, how she adores my children. It means so much to me to see the love she shares with them. I can’t go a day or two without talking to her. She knows all my secrets and still loves me. She is not only a great sister, she is a great person.

  26. seemommysew says:

    I was very blessed to be able to visit with my dear friend, Amanda, yesterday. We’ve always lived close by, but after she was married, they moved away so her DH could attend college. I don’t get to see her so much now, but we are still close and the kind of friends that can pick up right where we left off. I’m very thankful to have her in my life.

  27. Kristen Borland says:

    so many friends have blessed my life!!! just to name one, one of my friends is cleaning my bathrooms for my entire pregnancy out of the kindness of her heart! how awesome is that!!

  28. Amber says:

    I consider my best friend more of a sister than a friend. We’ve been friends for 22 years and have still managed to remain close living 6 hours away from each other. I am thankful that she is in my life everyday.

    The necklace is BEAUTIFUL! I love it!

  29. Jenny says:

    My best friend, Jody, has inspired me. I’ve known her 20 years now, and I know she’ll be there for me for the rest of my life. She’s been there after having my molars removed in high school and she’s been through my 6 brain surgeries. I wouldn’t trade her for a million bucks.

  30. Pink Lemonade Boutique Bags says:

    When I first saw the necklace, I thought how perfect it would be to give to my sister Elizabeth. We have definitely had our ups and downs when we were younger. But we are growing closer as we get older and I am so lucky to be her sister!


  31. Lisa & Penny says:

    I would say my sister Lisa! I’m so lucky to have a sister. Life would be so different without knowing I always have that one person I can call.

  32. Kristen says:

    My best friend Gretchen is such a great person… She listens to me complain, takes me out for ice cream or drinks after a hard day at school/work, and loves me unconditionally. And the best part is – she’s my big sister too! I love her to death, and am SO grateful to have her in my life. Only recently, within the past 6-7 years, have we grown close (we couldn’t stand each other while growing up!), but I thank God for blessing me with such a great woman to look up to. We even have a nickname for each other – YABBISLY (You’re A Butt But I Still Love You!).

  33. mamaredhead says:

    My sister (younger than me), Katie, is my best friend. And she’s moving out of our town to go to college next month – this would be a perfect gift for her!

  34. Denise says:

    beautiful words, and beautiful piece (i love that you are collaborating).

    for me there are 2 friends that make me feel known, understood, loved.
    they are those friends that the “jesus in me meets with the jesus in them” (henry nowen). and all i have to be is who God has made me, nothing more or less… i always come away from them with renewed strength, spirit, sense of self in Christ.

  35. Tamara says:

    I would have to say my sister is my best friend…because she loves me in spite of me. I am undeserving and her love reminds me of the way Christ loves…without expectation. That, to me, is a best friend…

  36. Christina says:

    This beautiful necklace reminds me of the relationship between my son and daughter. While I could write about many friends that have touched *my* life, I am choosing instead to write this on behalf of my son Jake. My son Jake is so lucky to have his sister Lindsay. My daughter is my oldest, and her brother followed only 13 months later. When my son was born with Down syndrome, we were worried for him, but also for our daughter. We were unsure of what their relationship would be like. If only we knew then what we know now, and that is that we had NO reason to be concerned. I truly believe they have a sibling relationship unlike any other! Lindsay has been the best teacher, friend, and sister Jake could ask for. She is his biggest cheerleader, his defender, his playmate, his shoulder for comfort. Jake is not verbal, so he is not able to tell Lindsay himself (in words) how he feels about her, and how much she means to him. This necklace would be a beautiful physical reminder of how Jake feels about Lindsay being his sister, and their special bond. I would love for him to be able to give this beautiful necklace to his sister, his friend. It is something she would treasure for years to come.

  37. Adriane says:

    melody…we’ve been through our mother’s cancer’s together. it’s nice to have someone who truly empathizes.

  38. Kim B says:

    No question who has been the most influential and special friend of my life – my identical twin sister, Stephanie. We have known one another since the beginning of our lives and have been through the ups and downs of growing up together. She may look just like me, but we are opposites in every other way. We compliment one another and we make up for the others’ weaknesses. We always say how blessed we were to have a “built-in-best-friend” growing up. Now we’re grown up and in two entirely different places in our lives. There were growing pains in all of that, and we are learning to live with the fact that we don’t spend every waking moment together anymore. But I love her more than ever! She needs this necklace!

  39. ania says:

    Oh my god..are you really giving away one of these treasures!?!?!?? It’s so perfect for my beloved sister..I am totally picturing me giving her one..I love her so much….we weren’t tight when we were younger…we did stick together and stuff and had common friends..only 14 months separates us….I am to “blame” for her being born as my mother discovered she was pregnant just as she adopted that story… but it’s the last years which has made our relationship really grow….maybe it’s the distance now that I have moved across the country that makes it? Typical eh? I miss her and I miss her children…she’ll always be my little sister to me even though she’s grown up now!! 😀

  40. SoSoBella Designs says:

    oh how i would love to have a sister. i don’t but i am blessed to have close friends who i love. i am happy to have 2 little girls who i hope grow up to be close friends.

  41. Nichole says:

    My best friend Laurie is someone who I cherish! Our friendship is easy and not complicated! I never doubt that she will always be there when I need her!

  42. Sarah Markley says:

    So gorgeous, Lisa. I love what you do with simplicity. And, my friend, once again, YOU have done it again!

  43. joy says:

    oh, lisa, it’s beautiful! i have so many wonderful friends to choose from. my sister is amazing to me. we’ve had our ups and downs and i think we may be more different than alike, and yet, we have this bond–it’s just amazing and i’m thankful.

  44. kendall. says:

    My best friend, Becca, has been such a great friend to me. We have stuck with each other when my mom had cancer, when her grandfather passed away and countless other family issues and dramas. We were in each other’s weddings and have shed countless tears together. I love her!

  45. Jill says:

    Awesome! I have 3 sisters and they are all my BFF. I would love to wear this necklace. My oldest sis has always been one of my BFF. We are so much alike and I can count on her for anything!!

  46. Stacy says:

    My very bestest friend Heidi is such a blessing to me! We met in college and have been inseperable ever since. She understands me like no one else does.


  47. Lomdím says:

    My little sister, Steph, is a great friend. She and I grew up in South America and we are both back here as missionaries now with our own families. We’ll only be close for a year, then she moves to a city 24 hours away. So I’m enjoying this time as much as I can and our kids are loving being with each other. It means so much to have family nearby, even if it’s just for awhile!

  48. Heather says:

    My best friend, Janet, whom I met in college is such an inspiration to me. She has a disability which leaves her 4’4″ tall and with no use of her left hand. She has shown me that you can do anything that you put your mind to. Right now she is having a tough time getting a teaching job because of her disorder. The schools think she is a “liability”. But she is not giving up! I would love to win this necklace for her and show her how much she means to me. Thanks!

  49. thepaperroSe says:

    My friend Myra…… I have been through some very rough times in the past few years, and she has always been there for me. She is sensitive, kind, loving and loyal with out question! I thank God for her every day. Where would we be without our friends?

  50. Britt says:

    My best friend has blessed my life in so many ways. I am a better person because of him and could not imagine my life without him. We have been through a lot together and I look forward to many more years. My best friend is my husband.

  51. Jessica says:

    My friend Ruth: she inspires me in the areas of femininity, humility, service, and a deep love for Christ and for her family. I hope I can “grow up” to be just like her!

  52. 4primms says:

    I love it! Sarah is so talented and I wish her the best!

    I would give to my friend, Shari. She is so dear to me and I love her like she is my sister! We “understand” each other and have each other backs!

    Have a great evening!

  53. Rachel Slagle says:

    my friend is also my sister-in-law, Susan. she is always there for me when i need her: to listen, give advice or even help me clean my house before a party. i am truely blessed to have her im my life (and family)

  54. jtravis747 says:

    My best friend is Stacey. She is so inspiring and such a blessing in my life. She was there for me when my son passed away after living for only 8 days, and I have been there for her through her son being diagnosed with epilepsy. It’s a total give and take relationship and I couldn’t ask for a better friend to go through lifes trials with!

  55. CalicoDaisy says:

    My friend, Deidre, is such a blessing to me and has been since we met in college in 1982. She always thnks I’m great, encourages me, is interested in anything I am interested in, and is great fun — and the feelings are mutual and returned right back to her.

    The necklace is beautiful!

    — Michele
    calicodaisy (at) gmail (dot) com

  56. Phyll says:

    I would love to give this to my sister. It is exactly how I feel about her.

  57. greetingarts says:

    Wow. Your pieces are truly wonderful. I love their elegant simplicity. And the powerful punch of words. The friend I’ve known for the longest has been with me through the early teen years, high school drama, college craziness, post-graduate confusion, was my maid of honor at my wedding, and has helped me through a miscarriage and two births. She’s always there, and always will be. Friends that constant and amazing are few and far between, but I guess you really only need one!

  58. Jennifer says:

    When I saw this poetry, I thought of my best friend – my husband! We will be celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary on the 19th of this month!

  59. kraftykash says:

    Stephanie has taught me to stop and smell the flowers, thats its ok to go off schedule, to laugh and love. But most important of all…I now know how to compete in the laundry olympics and my very own water therapy (doing dishes).

  60. botterdaughter says:

    My best friend and I have known each other for 23 years (that makes me feel old because we are only 35!) I knew from the first time I saw her I liked her and we just clicked! I never had a sister, she has two but we both consider each other our chosen sisters….we have been through parent’s illnesses, getting married, having children, and endless more things…I love Cheyenne, I don’t know what I would have done with out her all these years, I look forward to at least 50 more years together!!

  61. Sheila says:

    Love the words on this one especially the known…one friend who has been extra special to me is Glora… she is my go to girl and loves me when I cannot love myself. I jokingly call her my psychic friend she always knows when I am thinking of her and when I need her…and the greatest part her last name is even Angell!!!

  62. LK says:

    Well, I have more than one sister (4 actually) who have been given me more than my fair share of support over this last year as my youngest child (5 years) was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Each of my sisters were there to keep my little one’s spirits up and to carry me through the toughest year of my life. I’m happy to say now, that we made it through 26 hospitalizations and my daughter is now off-treatment with no signs of cancer in her scans. My sisters definitely deserve special medals for taking “care” of this “caregiver”.

  63. alittlemoore says:

    Wow, that necklace is gorgeous. I don’t have a sister but that is how I feel about my mom.

  64. Rachel says:

    I have three sisters and am always looking for that special gift to describe our connection, this is perfect. I love you jewelry!!

  65. friendbrooke says:

    I would have to say that the friend that I love the most is my mom. I think it kinda sounds cliche, that my mom is my best friend, but it rings so true in my life. She is my biggest fan and encourager. She has been such a tower of strength through my father’s death and other family struggles. She puts everyone above herself and has really taught me what it means to live my life for Christ. What a precious blessing she is in my life.

  66. Sarah says:

    I would love for it to say, “Mother”. My mom is truly my best friend. She knows me beter than anyone and still loves me and has never stopped believing in me. She has been the most amazing example and I am blessed that God chose me to be her daughter.

  67. Paula says:

    My friend Lisa who’s been there thru thick and thin. And she did something probably no one else would have done. When I was 4 months pregnant, our dog died. He bit a dude while he was in rabies watch cuz he bit my husband while he was taking him to be put to sleep. (that make sense?). Anyway, Lisa drove me, my 1 yr old daughter, and my dead dog to Michigan State University School of Vetrinary Medicine. (a 2 hr drive) on a Friday night while she was sick with a horrible cold and fever so my dog wouldn’t have to stay in that rabies watch death row. (The vet was able to put him to sleep, then MSU autospied his brain to make sure he wasn’t rabid ((which he wasn’t).

    We’re far from each other now, but she’s my best friend.

    Her daughter is adopted from China and named Mindy Lu…if I should win :)

  68. Equilateral Mama says:

    I am an only child…but I met my very best friend on the very first day of college…one time we were playing a game and trying to think of what the other one was thinking…I said “ball” she said “catch”…and that in essence is it…she’s always there to catch my ball…always there for me…I am so lucky to have a friend like her.

  69. Lisa says:

    My sister has blessed my life with her friendship and love. She is nine years older than me and we live in different states, but I definitely feel “known, understood and loved” by her!

  70. Jennifer J says:

    jMy best friend and I have known each other for 30 years (seems crazy)…been through thick & thin, the loss of our Dads, marriage, birth of our kids, the diagnosis of her son’s autism…we encourage, listen, laugh, cry, challenge, support and love each other.

  71. Mommy to Girls says:

    My friend Chrissy has blessed my life in so many ways. We met at a time when both of us were broken and scarred, we have seen each other through the roughest of times and now look back in amazment at Gods love and Grace!

  72. Tori Shelton says:

    i have two sweet sisters, both much younger than i am. i never had the up-all-night, talk about boys, sharing clothes experience, but it has been priceless none the less. i love watching them grow into who they will become, and having the outside advantage of being allowed to speak hope into their future. sisters, of all kinds, ages and sorts, are truly a gift.

  73. Alice Wills Gold says:

    I would keep the giveaway and give it to me…my hubby is my best friend, and he wouldn’t have use for a necklace. Maybe I could give it to him and he could regift it to me? he he

  74. lauriewe says:

    I have two older sisters (family of 12) who have both been like a mother to me- my mother died right after my second child was born, if I won the giveaway- I would have to buy one for my other sister.

  75. trinawalker says:

    I don’t have any sisters so my friends are my sisters. I have a friend that I have known since I was a teenager. She can finish my sentences and thoughts before I do, she understands how I am feeling just by hearing my voice and she takes the time to be a friend: i.e: by doing fun things together, etc. She is the closest thing to a sister. I am very blessed to have her. I don’t know where I would be without her. Thank you Julie.

  76. Angela says:

    My best friend Marci…not enough amazing words to say about her. My husband and I welcomed our youngest son Alex (we call him superman) into our lives a little too early…and while he was at a different hospital so he could get the necessary care at the NICU, I remained at our local hospital. For those days that I couldn’t be with my son, Marci was there with him, talking to him, loving him, watching this little bitty baby with tubes and wires, and making sure that he knew she was there for him. She held him first, fed him first, kissed him first. I wouldn’t change any of that for him. Today, 2 years later, she is his “Aunt Mommy”. The most amazing best friend I know.

  77. Sarah N. says:

    growing up, I didn’t not think me and my sister would ever be friends. Now, I can’t imagine my life without her. She is my best friend – I know I can talk to her about anything and she will understand. Whether it is an issue with my kids or our parents, I know she will listen with a loving heart. I feel truly blessed to count her as my sister and my friend.

  78. Yvette says:

    My life has been blessed by my dear friend Gina who I met 10 years ago and watched as she, in her mid-twenties, faced cervical cancer and come out on top. Witnessing her strength and zest for life through it all has given my own life more purpose.

  79. Aunt T says:

    My friend Lisa has always been there for me and this year she is walking with me in the 60 mile Breast Cancer 3-Day. We’ve been through thick and thin together :)


  80. k.smith says:

    my “friend” has been my mom, actually. she has always loved me unconditionally, no matter how much of a jerk i was to her at times! she always remained calm when i pressed her buttons during the teen years, and was a quiet prayer warrior during the college years as she watched me experience life as a college student. she stood as my maid of honor when my husband and i were married, and held my hand in the labor room. she has never judged or looked down on me, even when i gave her good reason to. she taught me to be a godly woman, wife and mother, and for that i am eternally indebted.

  81. rachelle says:

    i have been blessed beyond words with three of the best friends and sisters in the world. each one of them supports me in their own way and are examples to me of how to be a fantastic woman. they are amazing mothers and wives, too. i don’t know what i would do without them.

  82. tossedrice says:

    My friend, would be my husband. Friends for years and through it all. I am blessed to have him beside me.

  83. Heather says:

    Oh this necklace is fabulous.. and I LOVE the poetry. I do not have any sisters but I am blessed with a dear friend named Linda who “GETS” me. She can just tell if something is wrong through emails, messages and intuition and will pick up the phone to make sure I am ok. recently she had brain surgery and I was so scared that I would lose my friend and “sister”, thankfully she pulled through it ok and she said that she “KNEW” I was with her in the surgery room. In the years that we have been friends we have never had an argument and just love each other unconditionally. Obviously I could go on and on :) I appreciate the opportunity to share my love for her.

  84. allie says:

    My 3 sisters! I don’t know what I would do without them. They each bring so much to my life and I am so grateful that we have always been bestr friends.

  85. Rude Family Blog says:

    I met my best friend, Nicole, in first grade and that was 32 years ago! This necklace sums up our amazing friendship. She has truly blessed my life and is a wonderful forever friend.

  86. asnipofgoodness says:

    My niece Hannah is soooo special to me!! I was only 12 when she was born, and it was one of the biggest days of my life. I loved her from the moment I laid eyes on her, and now she is not only my niece, but my friend!!

  87. karen says:

    my friend gerine.

    she was there for me at one of my low points and has always been so supportive.


  88. Mindy says:

    My sister, Keely. We are so alike and so different at the same time. She’s my best friend and someone I enjoy and learn from constantly!

  89. Rachel Shoemaker says:

    Oh my goodness! I love love love this piece! This totally describes my sister Naomi! I would have to say she is my best friend and my amazing sister. She has blessed me in so many ways, cared for me when I was sick, loved me when I was broken hearted, and dances with me during the fun times.

  90. Jennifer says:

    My best friend has been my sister, too – and I would love to give her this necklace.
    Jan’s life has not taken the route that she always hoped it would, while mine has traveled the beaten path. I have watched her deal with one thing after another, growing all the while more mature and lovely. She gives me hope that maybe I can do the same, should I face adversity.

    Jan has longed to be a mother now for 5 years. She had 5 miscarriages, each one more painful than the last, until finally she came to that place where she was able to accept God’s plan for her life without having hope crushed completely. And then she began adoption procedures, and even that was not “normal!” But less than a year later, here she is, finally a mommy, and we could not be happier! She is already a fantastic mom, and her daughter is and will be blessed.

    Despite all of her own pain and struggles she has been nothing less than a good friend to others, a wonderful, loving aunt to her nieces and nephews, and the best sister I could have asked for. She has babysat and listened patiently and helpfully to mommy issues for years from myself and others, without ever complaining or isolating herself.

    She is an inspiration to me, and has always been a blessing in my life – truly a good gift from God!

  91. Stephanie says:

    This is darling! I have to say, I never had close friends until I had my daughter. Now I have so many! I have one though, that lives kind of far away, but she really gets me. She listens, cares, and listens some more. Friends are priceless!

  92. ~amy~ says:

    I am so very fortunate to have a diverse group of friends that I just couldn’t live without…patty is one gal, the rebel of the group, she tells me how she sees it but is a great friend to let me make my own mistakes…kwim?

  93. M says:

    my best friend introduced me to her brother….he’s now my husband! so now we’re friends AND sisters! :)

  94. MillerFam says:

    I have been blessed with 2 sisters my whole life, but when I saw the necklace I immediately thought of someone who I consider my sister. I have known my friend Amy since kindergarten. So going on 27 years now we have been friends . . . and still are very close. I talk to her every day and do not know what I would do without her. She knows me and understands me and loves me. What more could you ask for in a frienship? I feel so lucky to have her in my life.

  95. Wendy says:

    I have two wonderful sisters – like so many, we fought like cats all through our growing-up years, but now that we’ve matured (ha!) we’ve become good friends. They’re always the ones I call, for good times and for bad. I’m so glad we have each other.

  96. Jenni says:

    My sister and I share lots of “you had to be there” stories, which can be recalled with just one word or gesture, often resulting in hysterical laughter. She recently moved from Ohio to California, and I miss her more than I knew I would…

  97. Modest Mousketeer says:

    My best friend Jamie has blessed my life immensely, by challenging me over many years to be the best version of myself and to love, unconditionally. The two of us have been through some really great times and some really challenging times including the loss of her father only a year and half ago which hit her very hard. Together we’ve trudged on in life, growing closer and sometimes further from each other for awhile, but we’ve always come back stronger and honored one another. I consider it a blessing to know each other so intimately. I think that’s the testament to a good relationship, to know, understand and love someone despite their short comings and despite the fact that you may have seen them at their worst. Jamie certainly has that love from me and I’ve been on the receiving end of it from her.

  98. Natalie says:

    I see that I’m not the only one who wants to write about her sister! But really, she and I were just musing about this a few weeks ago. My sister was always the funny, pretty, outgoing one, and I was “the smart” one (according to my dad, anyway). I was so sad when my husband took a job all the way across the country; I miss having the chance to visit with her frequently. She has no children, and adores mine as if they were her own, and it’d be so nice if we were all geographically closer. (sniff)

  99. Jennifer says:

    My best friend, Tiffany is my sister of the soul. We have been through it all. She has stood by me through thick and thin. When I was sick and my daughter was premature..she came. When her 3yr old daughter had heart surgery I went. Even though 500 miles separate us now we are as close as ever and I know all it takes is a phone call and she would be here. She is truly the sister I never had.

  100. Brigitta says:

    I’m very blessed to have found a friend in Jannie. We met about 10 years ago at a meeting for grown-ups with a CHD (congenital heart disease). She’d already gone through a divorce, I still had to go through one (unknown at that time) We’ve grown emotionally and spiritually together, there’s nothing ever left unsaid between us, we advise and critisize, but always with love. We share pleasure and pain and love being silly at times. Even though we don’t live really close to oneanother she’s the best friend I’ve ever met.

  101. rae says:

    I would love to give this to my cousin. When my son was born at 27 weeks, also with Down syndrome, she was able to understand and know the love I felt for him like know one else. Her son, also severely premature passed away after 9 days of fighting a few years prior… he became my son’s guardian angel. The nurses used to say that my son must be talking to angels because there was no medical explanation for him being alive. He was so tiny and so many complications. Today he is a naughty 5 year old little boy who has a very busy guardian angel. I would love to give this to Heidi in her son’s memory. She is also busy kicking some cancer butt right now (thyroid cancer) and I am sure this would brighten her day.

  102. HaddockTeacher says:

    My sister Penni would so love this necklace and I would love to give it to her. We have always been close and she is my best friend. When I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and went through surgeries, treatments, moonface, etc she was always there for me helping me to see the bright side of things. She is a blessing not only to me but to everyone who knows her.

  103. Nyla says:

    I would love to give this to my sister Janelle! I am going to see her give birth to her third child in July. Oh…sisters…they are a wonderful…who can you be so openly honest with…and know that you will not be judged! I love my sister! We are so completley different…yet we love each other so much.

  104. Michelle says:

    My sister and my best friend, Jenni, is an amazing soul. She’s younger than me, so not only does she keep me hip, but she’s my rock. She is ALWAYS there for me, for my family, she is an incredible blessing.

  105. Kira =] says:

    I always adore your work. Only one?! Well then the one I would choose is one of my older sisters, JaNae. She’s 7 years older than me. I would want to give her this necklace to remind her of her family. That she is known as NaeNae because I couldn’t say JaNae and she let the nickname stick. That we do understand her sarcasm as a sign of affection. And despite her many manic phases that she goes through she is loved. Because she’s my sister. =]

  106. ss says:

    So pretty! My best friend and soulmate is definitely my husband. Through mostly good times and bad (cancer, ugh), he’s there with love and tenderness and silliness and flowers and magazines and oh so many things. It’s hard to describe without sounding maudlin, but he really is my other half.

  107. Mel Makes Pretty says:

    my sister jo, who wanted to cancel her trip to japan so she could stay with me when my marraige looked like it was over. luckily things are looking brighter now, for me, and Jo is in Japan having a great second honeymoon. bless.

  108. Lappesola says:

    My best friend and soulmate is my husbond. He’ll stand by me no matter what happends.
    Hugs from Sol

  109. ronda says:

    I love this one and once you get them up on your site I will order one…. I want mine to say Son, how is now in heaven with God….. I have been without him for 5 months and this says it all. I love your work, so inspirational to me…. Especially this one.. God Bless you and your lovely family.. Ronda K Beyer

  110. Laura and the family says:

    It’s definitely my husband, David! Without my lessons from my husband, I would be a SELFISH person because I did not have siblings while I was growing up.

    He was the ones who taught me a WHOLE LOTS: sharing with others,including teaching me to share bubble gums with others, and many more!

    I thanked him for loving me because I was told by my classmates that I have changed for a better person.

  111. Melissa. says:

    Wow! A lot of comments.
    Um, well. I have a friend who has been there for me when I needed it. Earlier in the year a friend was killed by a drunk driver.
    I called my friend to cry and she let me just talk for an hour. I had a final so I couldn’t miss class the next day. After the final, I went to her house and I was okay until about Midnight. At that point, I just sobbed for about 3 hours. She just sat with me and held me and told be it was going to be okay.
    What an amazing gift she gave me, simply by being a friend to lean on (literally) I don’t know where I would be without her to remind me that God is in control even when we disagree with him to the point of Anger. Never once did she allow that, but she encouraged me to seek God in everything.
    I am blessed.

  112. carolyn says:

    This necklace describes my best friend Rebecca perfectly! She has loved me through the best and worst of times, never judging me…no matter how badly I have messed up. Sometimes I think she knows me better than I know myself. She is the one who has shown me I can be loved and I am worth something…she is more than a friend…in the truest sense, she is my sister.

  113. Sandra says:

    OMG, you can’t be asking this today! Yesterday I saw the Sex and teh City – movie and spent half of the night thinking about how blessed I am for always meeting just the right people in life… I don’t have a lot of “friends”, but the ones I have mean more to me than I can say. Especially my best friend Gloria, who I met during highschool. We went through so many ups and downs, had thousands of conversations and discussions, quarrels…but oh so much laughter! :) I actually don’t know who I would be if I didn’t met her… Simply love this girl! *gg*

  114. D@nielle says:

    wow seriously I have a great friend and wanted to share what makes her so special. But these testiments of friendship are so wonderful, they all deserve that fab necklace. Good luck on picking one !

  115. Lazylol says:

    My step-daughter is a very special friend to me. She is so sweet & thoughtful.

  116. Teri says:

    Love the necklace. My two sisters and I were just able to spend 4 days together, just the 3 of us, for the first time ever. So the necklace really speaks to me!

  117. Lisa says:

    This would be perfect for my best friend Kori. We are both military wives, met by chance, and totally clicked. Our paths in life have been so alike it is scary. She is such a part of me, and has helped me through the good and the bad. As is the way of the Navy, come November we will be on different coasts. But she will forever be in my heart.

  118. Monya & Rick says:

    My sister is my strength, I do not know what I would do without her because she listens to me without judgement and she knows everything! I cannot imagine life without her.

  119. kelly says:

    i have to say my best friend from high school – becky. we were from two totally different crowds. actually becky did’nt have a crowd. she was the person that for some reason people loved to take their frustration out on. i knew her since childhood but we went to two different jr. highs. so when we got to the high school, i saw how badly she was treated. which just pissed me off. on the first day of swim practice there was becky and as she dove in to warm up….big old belly flop. i just cracked up at her resilience and tenacity. she was a terrible swimmer, but she never quit. she became part of our crowd. and to this day – we are still sisters.
    she always says that i saved her, but the honest truth is – she has saved me from myself many times, her wise mind, her endless support through stupid decisions and the love that she shows my three kids is endless as well. she has never been able to have kids and as painful at that is for her, she takes on my kids, showing up at sporting events, calling them to encourage them.

    25 years later, still bosom buddies. becky nevers fails to show up when someone needs her, that is why i love and adore her
    and why i would love to surprise her with something so gorgeous and thoughtful

  120. Alaina says:

    I would have to give this to my friend Beth. We don’t talk everyday, but when we do, it seems as if no time has passed.

  121. Southern Gal says:

    It would have to go to my mom. She and my dad got married at a very young age and had me a year later. My mom and I grew up together. She played mud pies with me, taught me to skate, ride my bike, jump rope, swim, water ski…everything I know how to do I remember my mom showing me how the first time.

  122. Rebecca says:

    Last May, when we lost our son, my friend Mary did everything she could for us. She made phone calls, came to the hospital, helped shop for his clothes, conducted music at the funeral, etc etc. She came over and helped me go through and put his clothes in the attic. She volunteered for everything and helped us so much. Eventhough she will eventually move back west and we will stay east, we will always be bonded through motherhood, our friendship, and everything that happened last summer. She is a sister to me! (especially since I am an only child)

  123. Livet i träsket says:

    I would like to give this to my colleague Magdalena who at age 30 was diagnosed with lungcancer after 6 months of seeing doctors that failed to diagnose her. After one year of treatment/recovering she came back to work, feeling OK and then the cancer came back. She has two small children and I would love to give her some encouragement

  124. inkstitch says:

    I incredibly blessed to have eight sisters and seven sisters-in-law (who I consider sisters)… they are all my best friends, the ones I always turn to. I found your blog via Beki @ ArtsyCraftsyBabe… your work is lovely!

  125. coffeechris says:

    My Friend, Lu we are soul sisters and have been friends from High School – don’t see each other much as we are 7 states away – but it is always like we just talked and no time as pasted when ever we connect, I am so blessed.

  126. Stephanie M. says:

    My Best Friend Corrine has been there for me for many life changing things. We have been friends since the 5th grade. I’ll be 38 this year. We both have 2 daughters and 1 son and they are similar in ages. Mine 21, 14, 6, Hers 19, 14, 3. She keeps trying to get me to have another one so she can too. I wouldnt know what to do without her. She is like a sister to me.

  127. Cindy Q. says:

    I am one of 7 sisters. Can I keep it for myself? I am the youngest. It is so darling. Actually, I would give it to my sister who is closest to me in age and friendship. Her birthday is on Friday too. This sister of mine Anne, would do anything for anyone. One of my other sisters Debbie had leukemia and Anne donated her bone marrow. (If you have donated marrow you know how horrific this experience is.) When anyone needs a friend she is the first to be there. She has been the maid of honor at several of her sister’s weddings. (I haven’t even been in any weddings, except my own) She would definately win miss congeniality in our family’s pageant of life.

  128. Meg says:

    I always wanted a sister, but never ended up with one (even though I asked Santa for one 3 years in a row). As I got older, I realized that I didn’t need a sister to have that kind of bond and relationship with. Instead, I had my mom. My mom and I have always been very close. In high school, we traded clothes, shopped, and I shared my secrets with her. I am so grateful that I have the relationship I do with her.

  129. Sasha says:

    My blessings are my entire family. I am military wife and always away from them. Yet, they are there to support and would be with me in a minute. God has put them in my life and perfectly matched them with me. My sisters are my best friends, my mother is my own personal cheerleader as well as my brother and father. I could not ask for more.

  130. Juli says:

    My sister died at birth so i have never been able to experience life with a sister…being the mother of two daughter i think that God is showing me through them to pleasures of having a sister. God also has showed me the pleasures of a sister through my friend Val. We are two peas. We know just when each other needs each other and we can even enjoy each others company sitting on the couch with a good magazine. She is a joy just to be around and i am glad to refer to her as my GodSister.

  131. mom23blessings says:

    I am so blessed by my sweet friend Ellie a dear dear friend from college! This necklace would be perfect for her 30th birthday present!

  132. Judy says:

    when my mother hasn’t been my mom a good friend of mine stepped in and became that mom that I needed at some very low time in my life. Kim has been the best. I miss her dearly having moved 1000 miles away from her.

  133. Gen says:

    My best friend, Nancy, is the most amazing woman I know. She is amazingly generous and is willing to make personal sacrifices to bless others. For instance, she gave up a Saturday to come help me landscape my yard in the cold & rain. She helped me pack up my house this past weekend because I was moving & drove and three hours round trip to see where I live & to help me set up my kitchen. She gave up a large part of her personal budget to buy a digital camera for an Iraqi girl who is in the states for hip replacement so that the gal can keep her family updated on her time in America over the next three months. Nancy is the one that made life bearable while my husband was gone most of the week for his job over the last five months. I couldn’t ask for a better friend!

  134. Meg says:

    My sister Katherine. She is one person who just gets me. We’re only 19 months apart and I feel like we’ve been through everything together. Now that we’re married we don’t live near each other but frequent phone calls and e-mails keep us close. Thank heaven for sisters!

  135. Susan Slagle says:

    My friend is my sister-in-law Rachel, who is more like a sister to me! She is always there for me and helps me to cope when things are tough! We are so close, that when we don’t see or talk to each other for awhile , it feels like its been forever! I love her to pieces and am so thankful that she is such a large part of my life!

  136. JenD says:

    I love and sister and twin Kristin for the love she has shown me the last few years. We both had our oldest daughter just a few weeks apart. She then had her second daughter and soon after I became pregnant with my daughter Laine. After Laine was born we learned that she had a rare genetic disorder called VLCAD. My sister wiped my tears as I cried during those first few days. She made dinner, cleaned my house, prayed, hugged and then the best…she looked me in the eyes and said “we are going to get through this”. She helped us accept our new normal…

  137. Jenn in GA says:

    oh my, to try to choose just one woman to highlight who has touched my life would be challenging, but i’ll choose my friend darcie. we have been friends since we were newlyweds, been through pregnancy and labor together (in back to back delivery rooms and shared a recovery room), and have walked through many of life’s ups and downs together. although we live very far apart now–12 hours’ drive–i am still blessed by the stability of our relationship across the miles.

  138. Kim says:

    My dear friend Chantelle has been a blessing to me even in her trails. She lost her dad unexpectedly on December 20th 2007 he was a good man. She’s really struggled with her loss, but she continues to be a postitive, understanding, caring friend. A friend that I call my sister. We don’t have to talk everyday, because we know that are bond is strong. I’m here for her and she is always there for me. Threw think and thin.

  139. Tanya says:

    My dear friend, Liz, has always been there for me. We met in college and she is the one friend I have where we can be apart for years and pick up right where we left off. She’s always understanding and never judgmental. We’ve been doing so much together lately and it has lightened the load of life I have felt for a long time. She is truly my most beloved friend.

  140. jmillen says:

    My one and only sister, Jana is amazing! When I had cancer, she dropped everything to come and help me and my kids (I’m divorced) during my chemo treatments. She loves my kids as much as I do. She once again dropped everything to be with my mom not once, but twice, when she had hip replacement surgery this past year. Jana is always the go-to person when someone is in need.

    In July she is going to have a BIG milestone birthday, and this would be a wonderful gift to her!

  141. Lyndsay says:

    I’d love to give this to my friend Loren. She’s super great and lives really far from me. I miss her.

  142. SECPumpkin says:

    well, my sister has always been my best friend. We are 13 months apart and have been inseperable most our lives. We shared rooms always…even in college and not because we had to, but because we wanted to! She is always my constant, the place I go to to remind me of who I am. We can laugh, cry, fight, and laugh again together in a matter of an hour! I wouldn’t be who I am if it wasn’t for the enduring, joyful, and comforting friendship of my sister, Johnah Dale!

  143. emilymomto3boys says:

    My sister Kimberly has been an amazing inspiration to me – she’s my younger sister, but she’s taught me so much! Now she is living in China and I miss her and her family terribly.

  144. helenw13 says:

    I have always wanted a sister but I don’t have a sister…so God has blessed me with some wonderful girlfriends and for that I feel so richly blessed…my friend Maria is my dearest friend…we have been friends since 1st grade…I will let you do the math…we have been friends for 38 years…we have been cheerleaders together, lived together in college, been in each others weddings, celebrated births of long awaited children…the list goes on…my oldest daughter just graduated from high school on Monday…Maria lives north of Seattle and I live in Portland, Or…she surprised me by saying she was coming to help out at our open house…just days before she left a message to say to give her a call…I just knew the reason and when I called back before she could explain…I told her that I loved that she wanted to come and all the juggling that it would entail but that she didn’t have to come…she just started to cry and said how did you know but yet we both knew and understood…because we get each other and I told her at the end of the chat…that we have been friends too long to let a 3 hour event change that…she sent my daughter a beautiful bouquet and called her on the day…all that to say…I just love the necklace and the words…so if I don’t win…I may have to purchase one myself for her…I love friendships where each person is able to be honest and authentic…to not fear saying no and being free to speak in truth all tied up with love…

  145. UndertheTexasSun says:

    My friend, Rachel, is definitely a blessing from God. She is gentle, forgiving, encouraging, weeps when I weep, laughs when I laugh, and she’s a joyful person! She is a God-fearing woman and is like a fresh bouguet of flowers.

    “Andrea L”

  146. Wendy says:

    My best friend is my sister, Holly – we’re 20 months apart and almost like twins. She is one of my number 1 blessings. She knows me better than just about anyone. (Except maybe my hubby) I can tell her anything! Thank heavens for sisters!

  147. Farm Girl in MD says:

    My best friend also happens to be my sister! Though we did not get along in jr high, she is now my dearest friend. She’s AMAZING.

  148. jessicabusse says:

    My sister and I are 7 years apart and finally at that age where the difference doesn’t matter. Over the last 2 years we have become so close and I’m hoping to move just to be closer to her. If i don’t win… I’m so buying this anyway!

  149. Marilee says:

    I have two awesome best friends. Both sadly have moved to other states, but I know if I need either one of them – they are just a phone call away. I trust both with my deepest fears and secrets. Both have helped me thru 5 miscarriages. Let me cry and complain anytime to them! Such a great necklace to honor friends and sisters!

  150. Alaina says:

    The truth is that my best friend is my husband. He has changed my life more than anyone. He has inspired me to not only be the best wife I can be, but also the best person I can be. His love for people and his truly giving heart has touched my life. I have learned through him to be more patient, driven, and to always depend on God for my strength. He also works amazingly hard so I can finish school and follow my dreams, and for that I am eternally grateful. I see God’s love through him everyday. What a blessing he is!

  151. Nicole Mc says:

    My friend Katrina, she is always there to listen. I love her to pieces!! Today she just told me she found a lump in her breast. HEr mother died from BC. I’m so sad, i’m praying that everything will be ok!

  152. racurac2 says:

    My mom it’s my best friend ever! we live apart from each other bat we try to talk, email or chat whenever we can. From her I’ve learn patience, understanding and a bit of wisdom. I adore her!

  153. Kari says:

    my sista. we are only 13 months a part in age. i’d love to send her a token of my heart.

  154. Meryl says:

    My baby sister. We’re 17 years apart in age, so I’ve had some distance in watching her grow. But I love the person she’s becoming.

  155. DearGina says:

    Hi Lisa, My Sister Kelly has blessed my life so many times in my 50 years, but none so many as the past few months.
    I lost my son James Feb 12th 2008. It has been my sister at every turn who stands strong beside me, no matter what. She doesnt care that I cry, or I am irrational. She understands (or not) and is just THERE, to be a blessing. My life has been turned upside down since that horrific day. I have gone through many changes in the process including finding you,(THRU A FRIEND WHO ALSO IS A GREAT COMFORT TO ME) and moving to Morro from AG. Through it all, I have been blessed with a very strong support system in my loving friends, and my sister, a rock.
    I enjoy your blog, your creations, and even look forward to meeting you one day:)
    Regards, Gina

  156. Susan says:

    I would love to give this to my sister, but then I want one too!!!! My sister and I are four years apart, but she is my best buddy…we have kids the same age, we work together, we talk every night. I am very blessed to have her in my life!

  157. jan says:

    My friend Susan and I met over 40 years ago. Our husbands are best friends. Her husband is dying of melanoma and we are so sad to be losing him. She is a wonderful woman and would love this necklace!

  158. Andrea says:

    My sisters I have four and we are all best friends we usually talk to each other once a day its funny because we could be on the phone and not say anything or say everything and still feel so loved by each other!

  159. Sharn says:

    My best friend and sister, Jeanne, is an inspiration to me. She is so strong and is always there to help. We don’t see each other as often as we would like because she is a caregiver along with having a full time job. I am truly blessed to have a sister who is also my best friend!!

  160. Stephanie says:

    Christy has been my best friend for 22 years. She has never failed to be there for me – and she has never said something that wasn’t the truth. She is someone I can count on no matter what!!! I’d be lost without her!!!

  161. Elizabeth says:

    Well I can’t narrow it to one…Sorry it just wouldn’t be fair or right. When we had our second child a daughter we lived away from my home state, my husband is in the Air Force. Well having sweet M was not at ALL like I planned! I had a c section, spinal headache, and then severe post partum depressiong. Out sweet Lord blessed me with 2 Godly friends that loved me through it all…in fact they still are..several hundred miles away. We all are Air Force wives, homeschool, love the Lord, and our families…I don’t know how I would have made it through those months with out them…I love you Cammy and S!

  162. Dina says:

    my husband, my soulmate. noone else makes me feel so loved and understood.

  163. Michelle says:

    I wasn’t ever blessed to have a sister. But when I was a young mother I met a woman named Diane. She was a little intimidating to me – very knowledgable, nice, pretty, put together – and I thought we would never be friends. Turns out she became one of my very best friends and I discovered we had more in common than I ever thought. She helped me through some tough times and now, 20 some years later, she is still one of my best friends.

  164. BigK says:

    I would love to give this to my friend Emily. I can’t think of a more selfless person. I can only hope to one day be the friend to her as she has been to me. I”ve had a lot of struggles throughout our friendship and she has helped me through each one. Always calling, always sending things, always checking on me and always making sure I”m doing the right thing, and if I’m not, letting me know. How special this would be if I could give her this beautiful necklace.

  165. Jen says:

    June is the month of my sister’s birthday. She is 4 years younger than me, and the “baby” of the family. Over the years we’ve grown closer, as sisters should. She’s always there for me and vice versa, even though we don’t live in the same town anymore. When I moved away with my husband, she wrote me a song about “My sister”, and made a tape of her singing it (she really is good!) She’s been my best friend and confidante for the longest time, and I’ve watched her grow into an awesome woman..getting married, graduating from University (she’s an Interior Designer) and now pregnant with her first child. I am proud to call her my sister, and I miss not being able to see her on a daily basis anymore. I would love to give this to her, as it’s hard to find something for her, she has everything!

  166. Cindi says:

    I already know I must have 3 of these. 3 sisters. Many miles between us.
    Known. Understood. Loved. Despite life and distance and differences.

  167. MotherhoodByters says:

    My best friend Edith. We’ve lived on different continents, thousands of miles apart, and we’ve also been lucky enough to live in the same city. Through our physical distance, she has never been more than a call or thought away.
    She is one of those people who will do anything for anyone in need, friend or stranger. I have been so fortunate to have had an opportunity to spend a lifetime of friendship with her. She is more than a friend to me, she has become my sister.

  168. the girard family says:

    God blessed me with a “built-in” best friend – my twin sister, Tami. She lives miles away now but we talk every single day – usually more than once. What a gift to have such a special sister.

  169. Dana says:

    I have a friend who I met by random chance lat year in a workshop. Jodi and I are like kindred souls who have known each other for years. We cheer each other on and we are always there when we need a boost of support on our latest adventure. Together we are learning to be our truest selves and drinking in all the riches associated with that even from 1500 miles away.

  170. Shan says:

    ohh just one friend?….. I’ve been blessed with sooo many great people in my life! besides my sisters (they are the greatest in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD)I’d have to vote for Cathi – she is ALWAYS there for not only me but my kids. She makes me laugh (so hard I pee my pants – oops TMI) We talk daily and never get tired of it! She’s always positive – glass half full kind of person. I really love her. I don’t think you appreciate friends until you go through something tragic and find out who your true friends are. I thank God daily for her and her cute little family :}

    p.s. I would loooooove one of these sister necklaces – hummmmmm

  171. bravenec says:

    I’ve been blessed by my friend molly…after 13 years and ups and downs..we still connect like no time has passed!

  172. julesttdmom says:

    I have the best sister and friend. I know that I can call her at any time day or night. Even though we are miles apart she is ALWAYS there for me. My little boy has a rare life threatining illness, Trichothiodystrophy. It seems like there are constant fights with the insurance, doctors, or even school. I am so grateful for her support through all of it!! She is the best! I am lucky to call her my sister!!!!
    Julie P., CA

  173. Jodi says:

    My best friend (besides my hubby) has always been my little sister. Of course we had our arguments growing up, but we couldn’t be any closer now. I love her to bits.

  174. Tracie says:

    My sister’s birthday is this month, and that necklace would be perfect for her. She’s my closest friend who is furtherest away from me, but she’s one of the few people I can tell anything to without being judged. We see each other only a couple of times a year, but it’s always a good time with lots of talk and some laughs.

  175. Rachel says:

    i would have to say my sister in law is a friend that truly has blessed me over and over again. she is there for me for the little and the big…she will watch my kids with no notice at all when work pops up (realtor) she will bring homemade ice tea (yummy) to a family cook-out cuz she knows it’s my favorite..and she is always there when I need someone to talk to after a rough day…i thank god i have her!

  176. Amy says:

    aw man, already 175 comments? I’ll never win:( I love reading about you and your sisters, but who can compete with the closeness of twins??:) my sister, Brooke and I are 16 months apart and couldn’t really be closer. We both have never even had our own rooms, right from sharing our room to sharing our rooms with our husbands! In fact, we had to share the bed for a few years, when we were “poor”. But we loved it and never knew it. I love the “known” part, that is profound. I remember that line from Amy tann’s movie about how the daughter felt she was never “seen” or known. your jewlery is soo beautiful! hope your boys are feeling better soon. we’ll be out in the Lake Tahoe/Stockton area in july, any chance of a jewlery show??oh, another reason I love my sister is she is always the leader and I am the follower and that works for us. people think its crazy, but we get it. we get eachother. no explanation needed. sisters are like that. hugs Amy

  177. Maggie says:

    This would be perfect for my sister Julia. She has always been there for me, she even moved in with us while I was in grad school to help with our first born. Now she lives so far away, I miss her terribly.

  178. Jennifer says:

    I have been so blessed with so many friends that I now consider family. My husband is a youth pastor and we are so blessed with so many great friends here when our family is so far. But, my best friends are my two girlfriends from birth and 4th grade-we still talk a few times a week and if it’s longer it’s like we’ve never missed a beat. I love those girls!

  179. Charmayne says:

    OH MY GOSH LISA~I love this design!!! My best friend and I have no sisters just brothers. We are both 35 years old and we have been best friends for 26 years now. Kristina has been there for me thru everything-my parents divorce and I for her parents divorces, deaths, weddings, children~you name it and we’ve walked thru it together. We live 2 miles from each other and I can’t imagine ever moving away from her. She can finish my thought for me and when we show up to drop off at preschool many times we are wearing the same capris or shoes etc. What’s so funny is that we won’t have told the other about buying them and yet they are the same brand, color exactly. My Mom is an identical mirror image twin and she think we are uncanny. I love Kristina ~ I am so blessed to have someone so special in my life along with my hubby that know’s me, understands me & loves me for who I am.

    P.S. ~ I think your art is amazing!

  180. Jennifer says:

    First, I LOVE the new design! I am blessed with wonderful friends, but my best friend, Shell, is just a blessing in my life. She is the one person that I can always count on! She never tells me what I want to hear & is just a great source of strength & encouragement. I love her to pieces & she’s the sister I’ve always wanted!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

    Jennifer :-)

  181. bobbins says:

    My sister is also my friend – she is marvelous and there when I need a shoulder or a “Kick in the rear”. She is so precious to me.

  182. Grace 4 Russia says:

    Donovan Graham is an inspiration to me. He knows Jesus like I’ve only read about in books.

  183. Aly says:

    I’m a new subscriber to your blog/site and I must say, your designs are outstanding. As for the giveaway, my “friend” is a bit unique…

    She is/was my siamese-mix cat, Katie. I had to say goodbye to her this morning, after 19 years together. Katie found me one mild December morning, just before Christmas, in 1989, while I was baking cookies, with the front door open to catch a breeze (I live in GA and it was nearly 70 that day.) This little puff of fur scaled my jeans-clad legs, sat on my shoulder, looked at me with her big blue eyes, and said, “mew!”

    Love at first site.

    I’d graduated from college 6 months earlier, so Katie has been with me throughout the majority of my adult life. She was there through my many moves south, north, and south again. She was there through job changes, boyfriend changes, my husband is my husband because he “passed the cat test.” She was tolerant of both my young sons – and she was a senior citizen by that time. She sat with me all night when my mom died 2 years ago, as I couldn’t go to sleep (much like tonight, as it’s nearly 2:30am as I type this.)

    I miss my furry friend. She was one in a million, blessed my life continuously, and very loved.

  184. traci in virginia says:

    My sister is my best friend and I am blessed to have her in my life!

  185. Erica R says:

    I never had a sister as I was the sister who grew up smack dab between 2 boys. No regrets! I love em. …but I never really knew the love or the connection that a true sister has. I have 3 sister in laws and the closest one 2 me has taught me so much about life, mothering, cooking, serving, you name it. I am so grateful that the Lord brought her into my life. She has truly served a purpose that no other person in this world has fulfilled. I love her deeply. Even if I don’t get the necklace, thank you for this moment in helping me to realize the special people in my life. On the other hand, it would be great to recieve it because her birthday is June 30! My friend Beki has one of your necklaces and all I can say is WOW!

  186. mkschulz says:

    What a great necklace for a sister or best friend. My 3 sisters and I were not close growing up. Now we are all adults and constantly call each other for advice, support and love.

  187. Candace says:

    What a beautiful necklace!

    My sister is one friend who has meant so much to me. Growing up we weren’t always close – she stayed with Mom, I went with Dad. But as adults we have forged a bond that will last forever. She is, and always will be, there for me. And I will always be there for her.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  188. Susanne says:

    That would be my sister, Danielle. We are so close and always have been, even though we’re eight years apart. (Even now, people ask all the time if we’re twins!)We almost never argued growing up and now we are closer than ever, even though we live in different cities. Unless you have a sister, I don’t think you can fully understand the bond between sisters. I can’t imagine my life without her! I would love to be able to give her this necklace, especially since she surprised me with one of your necklaces a few months ago!

  189. kbell says:

    I have a dear friend, who has become like a dear sister me. She has encouraged me to take risks, be real, honest and just me. Without her, I don’t think I could have beat depression. She is the one I can call at a moment’s notice for help and she is always there.

  190. ruthi says:

    I do not have a sister, but God has blessed me with amazing friends who know, understand and love me. One friend, is an only child like me and we have “adopted” each other as sisters – doing all the fun sister things together. She is like a mirror to me… I always know I will get honest feedback from her. She’s the best!

  191. Chickadee says:

    This reminds me that I need to call my friend, Sheri, who lives 2,000 miles away from me. She is a great example of the kind of person I aim to be–someone who serves out of love. And it just comes naturally to her. She doesn’t have to plan it or think about it, she just knows when someone else needs a little love and does it.

  192. kathyl_maxwell says:

    Its my sister-in-law(husbands sister) who I have been blessed to have at this time! I am going through some major health issues with my husband and she has been right there for me and become so close(especially for not talking for 12 years!)that I can’t express how grateful I am to have her back in my life! This necklace PERFECTLY
    expresses how I feel!

  193. The Wiechman Family says:

    There is no Greater Friend than a Sister. I have been truly blessed with 2! It is great having a sister and it’s just as Great to be one! A Sister Just Gets It:)

  194. jmgarnet76 says:

    My friend Eva has blessed my life beyond measure. It is hard to describe the friendship we shared, but I will do my best.

    Eva was an amazing woman. She had cancer of the liver and was given a very short time to live. She was told she would not see her daughter graduate school. She not only surpassed this mile stone .. she saw her daughter get married and her first granddaughter.

    Now this woman was a giver. She was a giver of her time. She was a giver of her spirit. When she was in the depth of chemo, she was hemming pants up for me. She was going to Hallmark when I had a bad day to buy ME a card.

    She bought me the most beautiful angel that plays “You light up my life” and wrote a card that said “this is our song.” She gave me love beyond all measure and there is not a day that goes by that I do not think of my friend Eva.

    Her husband called me the day before she died to tell me she was not doing well and she wanted me to know that she loved me and was glad that she had me in her life.

    At her memorial service (I hate the word funeral), I hugged her daughter who is exactly one year older than me and she told me that I was the only one that could possibly understand the grief she was going through. I purchased us identical angels that had Eva’s name. Ironically the angel was created by a woman who had also died of Liver Cancer and this was an angel for the month of September (the same Month my Eva left us for Heaven).

    I miss my friend Eva, but I know that my friend is with me always and one day we will be together again with her hemming my pants once again. :) I miss you Eva Mae.

  195. Sarah and Matt says:

    I am so lucky to have the sister that I do. We always had a close relationship, but also knew how to fight and argue real well too. Now that we have grown up and she is an aunt to my babies we have become even closer. My daughter, 11 months, was born with a rare form of dwarfism which made life very hard for awhile. Although my sister was states away she has been there for me every step of the way. She knew to make me talk about things even if I didn’t want to because she knew it would make me feel better. She loves both of my children like they were her own. Sometimes I think she carries their pictures around and tells people they are hers :) ha ha. I couldn’t ask for a better sister, friend and aunt for my children. I love that she loves my children, especially my daughter so much despite her ‘differences.’ We are so lucky to have her and miss her terribly.

  196. Soderin Family says:

    The first friend that came to my mind was my friend Jenny.
    I had just accepted the Lord when I started working at Upper Crust with Jenny. I was still struggling greatly with what it meant to be set apart for Christ. I had a past that included much sin, and it was so hard for me to let go of the sin that seemed to pop up again and again in my life, much like an annoying weed in a beautiful garden. I had an instant connection with Jenny. She was honest, compassionate and so fun to be around. She was also the only one that had the courage to bring to light the sin I was still struggling with. She helped me to get plugged into a women’s bible study and gave me the accountability I needed. It is rare to find a friend that loves you so much, that they would sacrafice the friendship to tell you the truth and not what you want to hear, much like Jesus Himself. Almost 10 years has gone by, and many miles now separate us physically, but I still feel refreshed everytime I talk with her. A true friend of gold.

  197. Andrea says:

    My sister Marci is the greatest. She is a loving Mommy, precious listener, and a great friend. We live so very far apart that the distant often makes me crazy! I so love her.

  198. Norma says:

    My sister has blessed me with her acceptance of my crazy ways, support as a pregnant teen, giving of her heart to all, genuine love for family.

  199. Heidi says:

    It is the first time i have seen your site and i am going to visit again. (smalI magazine) love the jewelry you make. I would like to nominate my friend Cathy, she recently went back to school to get a nursing degree and she is doing so wel. I AM PROUD OF HER !!! Ofcourse she means a lot to me in many way’s but i think that is all in the word friend. (i dont call many people my friend!) Lots of love from a cold and rainy Holland.


  200. Missy says:

    Hi Lisa (first timer here)…
    i love your jewelry and i might just need to break down and place an order… i’ve been looking for a piece for my lil’ sister’s college graduation… she’s 8 years my younger and never had terribly much in common growing up. always at a different point in life. but now, now she’s a woman with a heart filled of desires; she inspires me as she works three jobs (this includes her current internship) and goes to school full time. she has excelled highly; she’s to be valedictorian of her class! she is going to do great things with her life. she is a great aunt too, to my sweet Claire… i love her dearly and she deserves so much. i love this piece especially; its says just the right thing.. she is known, we are finally beginning to understand each other, and we love…
    thank you for sharing your talent and helping to make gift giving a little easier.

  201. alexandra says:

    My sister is a wonderful friend and constant inspiration. She was with me through the birth of my first child, she empowered me, she believed in me. I drew strength from her when I grew tired. After the birth she came over almost every day to help me, even if it was just to wash the dishes or pop in and say hi. Even now, she’s across the other side of the country, we talk every day. When I had my second baby, I thought of her throughout my labour, and again, I drew strength from her, even though she couldn’t be with us for the birth. She is a wise, warm and wonderful friend, I am the luckiest.

  202. bigpinkdaisy says:

    My sister, Deb, has become one of my best friends and biggest supporters as I have grown up. She is 10 years older than me, and was married by the time I was 12, so it wasnt until I was married and a mom that we realized we had much more in common than just our parents! She has been one of my biggest cheerleaders and supporters and I am truly thankful that we have the relationship that we do.

  203. Booklover says:

    My best friend and I found each other at youth group sooo many years ago. It was an instant friendship that has grown throughout the years. Today I call her my chosen sister. She is so amazing and I am so incredibly blessed to have her as my family. Right now she is in another state helping her dad through his chemo and radiation. She is so strong and such an inspiration. This necklace truly brought tears to my eyes.

  204. Cathy says:

    Couldn’t pick one special friend, rather a group of about 5 that have become my “family” over the course of the last 3 years. Our boys play hockey together and I can count on these women for anything.

  205. Kori says:

    My best friend Mabel has blessed my life in so many ways. We have been friends since the age of 12 we have certainly had our shares of ups and downs. The loss of her Mother. being 16 and pregnant one year apart. marrying our soulmates. Dealing with sickness. And now that I live over 500 miles away she still remains my One and Only BestTrue Best Friend. With Richard being sick not only with Cystic Fibrosis but with the Cancer too it makes for some pretty rough days and sleepless nights. And I can alwasy call on Mabel no matter what time of day it is. She is there whether to just listen to me cry or to hear me when I gripe and complain She is there. And I know that when the day comes and my Soulmate leaves my side she will be here to hold me and pick up through the days that follw. She will sacrifice everything and drive the over 5oo miles to be here whenever I need her. Because she loves me and I love her just as much.

  206. Katy Lin :) says:

    my youngest sister kelli is a huge blessing in my life – she’s as sweet as can be and always keeps me laughing!

  207. My Love is..... says:

    I jus tfound you through Small magazine and I can hardly wait to order some of your gorgeous stuff….
    I would have to say that my insiration comes from my baby sister 7 years younger than me she delivers me neverending support and devotion that takes my breath away.

  208. Carrie says:

    Hi Lisa,

    First of all, your jewelry is wonderful and creative. Thanks for all you offer.

    Please let me share my friend Amy with you. Amy and I met in a Bible Study about 4 years ago. Unbeknownst to either of us we were both involved with men who were seminarians at the same seminary. Amy was married and I had been dating my boyfriend, at that time, for 4 years. In our small group prayer time Amy shared that her husband was being considered for a pastor’s position and she wanted prayer regarding her attitude toward the situation. We were sitting next to each other and I asked a few questions, really understanding her hesitance. The two of us discovered in that conversation that we are quite non-traditional and outgoing – really not the “stereotype” pastor’s wife and nervous about the scenario. It was refreshing to meet someone like me, and to feel like maybe I could do it after all!

    Fast forward to last year. We had kept in touch over the years. Amy’s husband did get the job and she had actually really grown to enjoy their position. She still had a great deal of freedom and it wasn’t as restrictive as she had feared. Another thing we shared – freaking out over things too easily! My boyfriend had also since graduated seminary and was actively looking at different positions. Having Amy as a bar was so helpful to me. She was very honest and forthcoming, while being a great listener as well. It was just before Easter in 2007 that I received an email from the seminary that Amy and her husband had been in a massive traffic accident, and within days he passed away. Each of them just shy of 30 years old, having been best friends for over 10 years before getting married just a few years prior to the accident. It was devastating. And it still is.

    I can’t begin to describe to you how brave Amy is. How she has just kept on looking forward, trusting that God has not abandoned her and still has a purpose for her life. She has been a true inspiration to me, and to all the people in her life. Very open with what she is going through, and really wanting to help and encourage others to grieve in the way that helps them pull through the best.

    It was sad to think that some of the things we had anticipated facing together would now be a source of severe wounding for her. A constant reminder of what her life had been, and would now never be again. Amy continued to encourage and press me forward despite her own physical and emotional damage, despite my continuing to tell her we didn’t need to talk about it and I could just suck it up and deal! I am so grateful for her friendship.

    Then, about 6 months after securing a position and after 8 years of serious dating and much planning, my boyfriend broke up with me out of the blue. Boyfriend seems like such a casual title for how serious the relationship really was. It was like getting the wind knocked out of me for a very long period.

    Suddenly Amy and I are back in similar situations yet again. Both of us having supported these men through rigorous studies and job search, coming to peace and actual enjoyment with how we would figure in to the whole pastor’s wife thing, and then each of us losing them – although in different ways.

    It’s funny how we both feel as though we are back at square one. Each of us in our thirties thinking we would be doing one thing, fighting against it, giving in and enjoying it, and then having it taken away – wondering which way we’ll go next. These experiences have bonded us like true sisters. We have laughed together, cried together, talked, listened, walked, ran, movie’d and ice cream’d for hours. She has been a lifesaver to me and I don’t know what I would do without her. We often comment on how no one could understand the varying degrees of loss we’ve faced as each of us does for the other. We truly do know, understand and love one another.

    I know this comment has been long, but it’s as short as I could make it. And I still don’t feel as thought it gives justice to Amy as a friend, a sister and a truly brave and loyal person. She would love this piece of jewelry and it suits her so well.

    Thank you

  209. Jamison says:

    My manager was diagnosed with breast cancer 4 months ago and she is the strongest person I know for having to go though everything she has battled. She is always so positive, loving, caring, and motherly to every single one of us. Her left side of her chest has burns the size of 2 dollar bills(next to each other)from direct radiation because her cancer is so bad. She has lost every single strand of hair on her head from chemo treatments that make her dizzy and sick, and still she shows up for work everyday so she can pay for medical bills and to solely provide for her family. Just a look at her makes you want to break out in tears for knowing how hard her struggle has been, believe me I have shed those tears for her, and with tears in her eyes she said “baby don’t be scared I will win this fight!” for someone to be that positive over having to literally fight for their life every single day is a true HERO. If I won this necklace for her I would want it to say:
    Known, understood, loved.

    For each one of those words has so much meaning to her and her struggle.

  210. Schroeder says:

    my dearest friend Lindsay shares my heart & my head. I turn to her in times for comfort & joy. She understands & just listens. No advice. Just her ear. I love her to pieces. My cup runneth over!

  211. Pinkalicious says:

    I just found your blog and designs this week–I LOVE them. This necklace reminds me of my sister, Krystal. Krystal is a twin to my other sister, Katie. Krystal is single, so she seems to be the one who helps Katie and I out the most. I have a story similar to yours… daughter, Madeline (age 3), has a rare form of dwarfism. We found out just a few weeks before she was born. Krystal was there the second I needed her to support me and remind me that we all would love this baby no matter what. At the time, Krystal was putting herself through grad. school and supporting herself–money was tight–yet she bought me fun pajamas and robe to wear at the hospital when I was post-partum. Just recently, Krystal was on the Oprah show where she gave away her favorite things for the summer. One of the things was a gift card to a Marriott. I am taking my daughter to the LPA (Little People of America) conference in Detroit in just a few weeks. It is held at a Mariott and Krystal gave me her gift card when she, herself, could use to get away. Krystal knows my budget is tight and that this would help with the expense of the conference. She is always so thoughtful that way. Our sister, Katie, has been going through a rough time the past two years with her marriage and Krystal has supported Katie in so many ways–housing her and Katie’s son, leaving work immediately when Katie was in an emotional puddle, and most importantly just listening to her. Krystal is an awesome sister–she defines the word in every sense.

  212. Terri says:

    I would say my beautiful daughter Gabrielle. She is my best friend. She is the only girl among four brothers. She was there with me when her fourth brother was born this past summer. We can say anything to each other. She is always there for me. I love her so much.

  213. ktucker2 says:

    I have an amazing friend who lost her little boy last year to a brain tumor. She has been an inspiration and shown incredible strength as a mother, wife, sister and for me a friend. I would love for her to receive this as token of what she means to me a friend.

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