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it’s starting to feel like fall.

October 5th | older posts

after errands this morning, we stopped by la familia pumpkin patch off los osos valley road. it’s really cute, with a few animals, a corn maze, a tiny haunted house and of course a lot of pumpkins!

david and daddy in the corn maze.

matty pushes the wheelbarrow.

don’t be spooked, it’s just david!

matty makes his way through the maze.

family photo

10 Responses

  1. Rachel Shoemaker says:

    your family is always so adorable!

  2. michele says:

    Cute, Lisa! That looks like so much fun. Love and miss you!!!

  3. tania says:

    i just found you through Rachel’s blog and I am putting money on my credit card just to be able to buy a lovely piece of your beautiful jewlery…

  4. Ellen says:

    What a cute little ghost you have! Looks like a fun pumpkin patch.

  5. the Isaacs says:

    I’ve got to ask how you get such good photos that include YOU – I get photos I like of my kids, but I’m always the one behind the camera!

  6. kris... says:

    You have a beautiful family.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Sheesh,you guys make one darn good looking family! So nice that you are out enjoying the change in seasons…that is sometimes rare to experience on the central coast :)


  8. Sarah Markley says:

    so great! my favorite family photos are at the P Patch!

  9. Lisa Leonard says:

    i almost didn’t post the family pic as i’ve got that ‘just rolled out of bed look’. thanks for the sweet comments. i think my fav pic is david’s little head in the ghost cut-out. just wait til i post pics of him in his halloween costume–i can hardly stand it!!

  10. Camille says:

    Great family picture! All the pictures are great (as usual) but that one is my favorite. CUTE!

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