but here I am taking photos of myself wearing my jewelry. I feel like a real dork doing it, but I don’t have any other ladies hanging around my house willing to let me photograph them on a whim. So there you go! Tips for self-portraits
1. Start with a halfway decent camera
2. Take a ton of pictures
3. Choose the best one
4. Doctor it up in iphoto

Okay, the giveaway. I’m giving away two ‘dream BIG’ necklaces (not giving away either boy this month, Penny, but if you’d like to borrow one or both we can arrange that!) Leave a comment telling us what you are ‘dreaming BIG’ about. I’ll choose a winner Wednesday.

The chain is 24″. Not long enough to slip of your head, but hangs at the bust. These will be on sale for the month of Aug. for $32.

Someone asked for a photo of this one being worn, so, here is the oval ‘sister’ necklace with large link chain. It hangs about 16.5″ but I can cut the chain to a longer length if needed. This one is $52

The CdLS fundraiser ends tomorrow and I am so excited that we have sold 46 necklaces. That is just plain INCREDIBLE! Thanks everybody!!