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April 17th | older posts


i found these $5 chairs at the acheivement house thrift store in morro bay.  matty helped me paint them a sweet sea blue.  he was such a great helper!  i thought he would last a few minutes and make a big mess, but he did one chair all by himself (almost).  now they are in the corner of our living room near the front window.  i set them next to our end table–a perfect place for coloring or snack time with a little friend.

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  1. UUHHH dorable. perfect color.

  2. Heidi @ ggip says:

    They look great! And they are so much more wonderful when you have personalized them like that. :)

  3. Lindsay says:

    such a fun project =) your new blog looks really awesome! Seems like the business is doing great, it has been fun to watch it grow. I miss your family and visits to your home, hope you’ve been able to continue blessing other college girls in the same way.

  4. debra parker says:

    I have been a little crazy about this color!!!

    I just posted some diy projects on my blog.

  5. Donna Warrington says:

    Nice job.

  6. Melody says:

    They look great!

  7. Tiffany Gowesky says:

    I just placed an order for my mother for a birthday present
    I am having it shipped to her house
    Is there any way you could please not send any price details with the packing?

  8. Chrissie says:

    Go little Matty! They look beautiful and they are so practical in the front room.
    My girls can’t wait to come try them out for themselves.

  9. PS~Erin says:

    What a deal and they turned out so great!!

  10. Melina says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Love your jewelery and pics…was wondering what paint color this is? I just found an old orange chair at a thrift store and that color blue would look great against my brown wall. Thank you so much! Melina

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